Saturday, March 26, 2011

STOP!!! THIEF!!! Help ~ I've Been Robbed....By a Carrot Burglar!!

Remember that bunny bucket with the needle felted carrots I showed in a post a few posts back???  Well, this morning, after stumbling around for coffee, etc., on the way to letting the snow dog out, this is what I saw:

Mind you, I'm not caffeinated yet....but I definitely had more carrots in that bucket than that....!

Hmmm.....The brain is starting to warm up and process things....

I begin to look at the "big" picture....and notice, yes, that's a carrot on the floor!

Still trying to process where my stupid carrots could have gone, I make my way to the bathroom to find:

(It's really too early in the morning for this...!)

Then, the pieces start to fall in place when I go to feed the kitties....

This guy looks a little guilty, don't you think???

And while I'm 100% positive he is, in fact, responsible for putting that carrot in his food dish (because HE is the only creature other than ME who puts things IN his food bowl....), I'm not entirely convinced he's the culprit behind this heist.  But, then my ever-quick (!) legal brain recalls someone who has a fetish for all things wool (BESIDES me!)......And, I think I eventually caught the little thief with the goods in paw:

No wonder she's sleeping - she must have been up half the night hauling those carrots around!!
No sympathy here....I'm still down a carrot or two....I'll let you know where they turn up if they ever do!!


Courtney said...

Funny! At first I though that you had encountered "Bunnicula" from the kid's book series! I guess cats need their veggies too!

Ronda said...

Too funny...aren't they great!...the kitties and the carrots!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

That's so funny.
Too Cute!

basketsnprims said...

I love it and am surely hoping one doesn't turn up in the litter box, haha.

tlmann217 said...

Oh my heck - that's hillarious! Them naughty cats!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Too funny~ Gotta love the cats~ little bad eggs aren't they!