Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Therapy and Thank-you's!!

To all of those who have inquired, therapy is going well, thank you....
In fact, the therapist recommends viewing the "incident" that formed the subject of yesterday's post in the same detached, third-person, manner as I would a scene from one of the scary movies of which I am so fond; and to "be calm and carry on."
So carry on, I will.....(Ok....No, not THAT kind of "carry on!")

But I do have some more "thank-you's" to attend to!!!
First.....A big, heartfelt thank-you and cyber hug to Barb from Barb's Heartstrokes (again!!)....At the end of June, Barb had a special giveaway celebrating her favorite month, her birthday, and her 1st blogging anniversary. The first person guessing her favorite fruit would win a "surprise" gift.  I guessed Barb's favorite was cherries.  It wasn' was pineapple....But, sweet Barb sent me a surprise anyway because cherries were her second favorite!! (Now, you're talking SWEET!!) (Yes, the person who got it right got a wonderful prize too!!)  What truly touched me is that, before mailing my gift, Barb took the time to look through my blog and choose one of her incredible paintings that she thought would "fit" best in my home.....Here's what she came up with:
(First, though....look how sweetly she wraps things and the wonderful little star magnet tag!):

Love Barb's screen paintings!!!

All of Barb's pieces are incredible, but this one, with the Americana, and the rustic barn wood frame, just fits me like a glove....Barb, this is perfect!!! I LOVE it and you!!! You're a true sweetheart!


Thank-you No. 2....also goes to Barb of Barb's Heartstrokes!! the wonderful team of talented artists at Primitive and Folk Artists (PAFA)!!  They had a truly fun summertime bingo game in which I participated.  100 summertime words were announced on the PAFA blog, and anyone who wanted to play had to choose 50 words as "their" words.  Then, every night they (ok....really, Karen from Cedar Creek Primitives, one of the PAFA team members/artists - thank you Karen!) faithfully and thanklessly called certain words....First one to "bingo" wins....well....I think every single stinking word of the 100 was called before I got bingo....but they told me I won a prize, and not being one to argue, I said YEA!!!  The prize I won (I think 3 total won) was from no other than, Barb from Barb's Heartstrokes!!!

This time, Barb sent me a sweet little kitten painting:

 How CUTE is that???!!!

(Barb knows my address by heart now, and TheCrankyCrow will soon be opening a "Barb's Heartstrokes Gallery"....Gala and opening date to be announced soon....)
THANK YOU Barb, once again - and the PAFA team!!! (PS - PAFA is currently holding a Christmas in July celebration and another giveaway....with LOTS of be sure to check out the fun....Just click on the PAFA link above in this post or on my sidebar...)


Thank-you No. 3 goes to my dear, dear Kat from Primitive Echoes.  A while back, I read in one of Kat's posts that she was stalking complete strangers' fowl for their feathers....When I cautioned her about the wisdom of this, she said if I had some feathers, she'd make me a Civil War journal.....Well, I stalked every fowl with feathers in the Land of Nod and rounded up a bunch and sent them to her.  (Ok - seriously - I begged them off my dear, blogless, but blog-reading, niece, who has a collection of awesome feathers....)  I guess I thought Kat was kidding....but she wasn't ~ and this week, I received this awesome journal from her....that I know my niece is going to try to lay claim to as soon as she sees this post (but it looks so good in MY house Tamara!!):

Kat says she isn't a seamstress....but I beg to differ....This is all kinds of drool cool!

 Thanks bunches Kat!!! You're one awesome cat Kat!


Finally, and lastly....but in no way, shape, or form, leastly....A big thank-you to Sweet Angela from Thru Nana's Window!!!  A while ago, Janice from Prims By The Water had a giveaway for some of her darling little "colonial" peppermint candy sticks....If you referred a new follower to her, you received a copy of her pattern (one lucky person (ummmm...that would be Lecia from Farmhouse Prims!) also received a set of Janice's already-made peppermint candy sticks...)  Thanks to Margie at Hungry Hook Primitives, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the pattern.  Unfortunately, in Nod, we do not have an ample selection of fabric stores....And sweet Angela came upon some fabric that was just perfect for these little candy sticks! She was so kind and generous to share this with a few of us (and with some of us, twice....since it seemed that the first package was lost in the mail, but really wasn't!).....Angela also was so kind to send me one of her finished peppermint sticks (since TheCrankyCrow was having a birdbrain time of figuring out the pattern at first....) and a sweet little card:

  Thank you so, so, much Angela!!! You are a dearheart!!

There!! I feel much, much, better....

Think snakes sleep at night and it's safe to go out "there"???

Wishes for a wonderful tomorrow!!  
The Crow 


Farmhouse prims said...

Robin, I love all your new goodies, you sure received some wonderful things from some talented girls. Hugs, Lecia

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Wow, you sure got some wonderful things!! I really love that Cival War Journal! I've given up on blogger letting me know when you post so I'm just going to have to keep jumping on here to see when you post. You have such a touch with your hooked rugs, I really want to learn more...I've only done one little one form a kit. Maybe you could tutor me?? Have yourself a wonderful day and watch out for those snakes!!!! ~Kriss~

Deneen said...

I don't like snakes either!!!! You got some great things to keep your mind of of them!

lilraggedyangie said...

Whoa Crow, I think we are gonna have to come up with a new name for you...all them new goodies and all your recent wins ...there is no way you are CRANKY anymore! All wonderful ! Barbs paintings are phenomenal as always and shes so super sweet, and Kat Im with the crow on this are so talented ...Im gonna have to sneak out and pluck my sisters chickens bald while they sleep those journals are Prim Perfection ! and Angela well shes way too sweet , dont we just know some of the sweetest most talented ladies there are in blogland? Hope you are sleeping well today is a new day and I sure dont want ya waking up Cranky after all them goodies! lol :0) hugs lil raggedy angie

Me and My Stitches said...

Love all of your new goodies - you are one lucky girl (except for the snakes, of course!)

The Moonlit Stitch said...

All of these ladies are so thoughtful and talented! Enjoy your goodies! You deserve it! ~*~Lisa

Traci said...

Oh, you lucky dog.........rrrrr, I mean crow! Such wonderful goodies from sweet, sweet ladies!

Blessings ~n~ Hugs,

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Wowzer! Looks like you hit the jackpot! Blog friends are the best!
I thing snakes only sleep when the weather cools off......

Courtney said...

Wish you lived closer...I'd rub you for good luck! You are amazing with all these fun wins. Isn't it cool how many talented people there are in blogland? I'm constantly impressed.
Have a great snake free weekend!

Jennifer said...

What wonderful goodies!!!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Awesome Goodies!!!
enjoy your day~ not going to mention the "S"Word LOL~

~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

So many wonderful goodies! Luck you :) Will you pass on your god luck to me? lol. Enjoy them all and you have lots of wonderful, sweet blogging friends!

Hugs, Trish

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Now I have to say I am starting to get jealous! You are winning blog give-aways like crazy!
Congrats on all the wins!
And the story below oh dear, I am glad that wasn't in my yard!
things like that usually are.
Oh and my brother is wearing a tie for his Coast Guard retirement party. We don't dress up for camping! LOL.
Have a lovely weekend too,

Barb said...

That barnwood frame looks wonderful. Now I can sleep at night knowing that it works so well in your home! Even the kitty goes to a great home!
Thank you for such a sweet write up about my work.
Your other goodies are fantastic too.
I do expect to see your name on my next giveaway going on now. Run with the Luck while it is with you!!
Enjoy your weekend and therapy,

Donna said...

Hi Robin.... I do'nt know whats been going on,,but yes I left you yet another message on the old messed up blog.I also sent you an Email back when you sent me the first one in reguards to the items you inquired about.And I even sent you a second one in between asking if you still wanted me to make them.I dont understand whats going on.But yes If you want them ..I can make them for you,i remember it being the Hanging 1803 Tealight Lantern.And the Early Lantern light that you asked if it were a Muffineer.I will make them and send them to you please just send me your address via Email.Then the problem will be solved..and you will have your! Do'nt worry about paying for them.

renee said...

Oh my gosh! How did I miss all these posts? LOL! I never saw them!
What wonderful things you have been blessed with, and I was looking at your other posts as well. What a handsome son you have there!
It's hard to watch them grow up isn't it?
Thanks for being a good friend and visiting me, I am trying to have a good time! Have a good night.