Friday, May 25, 2012

Sweet Surprises: Uncle Sam and The Crows

I love me my surprises....
And this week I had two of the most wonderful sort.

The first one was this primsically wonderful Uncle Sam that I received as the winner of Sara's giveaway at Salmon Falls Prims .  :o))))))
And what a giveaway it was!!
Besides the most wonderful gift, the best part was that Sara kept what the winners (yes, there was more than one) would receive a secret....
All she said is that it would be something Americana.....
What she didn't say is how amazing it would be!!!
(And, yes, she taunted and teased with photos of all the gorgeous crafts she was creating while she kept everyone guessing....)
Luckily, she used priority mail so we didn't have to agonize too long (Nod is a long way from California).....

My "surprise" was this wonderful Uncle Sam.....

He's HUGE!!! (Note awesome crow on his hat brim....)  ;o)

(My photography stinks, so I "borrowed" the above photo from Sara so you could see a bit better Sam's detailing.....)

Thank you SOOOOO much Sara!! He's absolutely, positively, delightful!!!
Like I said, Sara has been busy making some really fun Americana pieces....If you want a peek, check out her blog or her Etsy shop.  She has some fun, fun, stuff.....and has a crazy talent with wood and paint. 


My second surprise came when the recycle basket I ordered from dear Ann at 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets arrived.

Of course the basket was amazing (you put your plastic bags in the large opening at the top, and can dispense them one at a time through the smaller opening in the wood bottom):

(Ann's photo)

But I expected that - I've seen and heard of Ann's legendary talent.  What I didn't expect was that, in addition to the basket, Ann also included a whole bunch of wonderful crow goodies she had been collecting for me.  How stinkin' sweet is that?!

An "olde crow" plate:

A metal crow hanger and a teeny, tiny, little sign that says "no crows allowed" (What???!!)  ;o)

A little crow hanger thing:


And a darling crow tin:

 Thank you so very much Ann!  Nobody - but nobody - does baskets like you do.  And I am so very touched that you would have been collecting crow things for me.  I truly love everything you sent me.  Now let the tweaking begin! :o))

In addition to her selling blog, 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets, Ann has a great Etsy shop and another blog, A Hole in the Basket Primitives, where you'll find a little bit of everything - fur babies, hooking, stitching, antiquing, and even baseball.  (And conjunction with the summer celebration her Etsy group, The Old Farmhouse Gathering, is hosting, Ann is giving away one of her incredible Ball Mason jar baskets.....)  


Happy Memorial Weekend!


Woman Seeking Center said...

I am 'caw caw caw-ing' with envy!
You can be sure I'll be checking out these gals blogs & shops.
PS yes I AM happy for you (inbetwixt & between my prim envy)

Shirlee said...

What wonderful goodies! You deserve 'em all : ) Will email soon!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

What wonderful goodies you have received! Love the basket and those crows are awesome! Have a wonderful Memorial weekend!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Great goodies you got there, my cranky but sweet friend!!Saw one of those beautiful baskets on the web earlier today--great idea to hide those yucky plastic bags! Hope things are better for mom, little crow and pup---Jan

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

I love everything!!!!! crows are by far my favorite bird!!!


Anonymous said...

you love crows so much, its amazing, such beautiful work.
I have finally got my new blog running, I have called it In my dreams I see, I hope you will find me, if you click my name on this comment it will take you to my profile then you can click on that name, I hope you will visit me, its been a very long haul!

Anonymous said...

thankyou so much for finding me! will you join as a follower? I lost all my followers with my blog, I'm starting fresh, thanks again!!

marly said...

Coongratulations on your win! Great basket too. The mailman has been good to you!


All I can say is Wow, your goodies are the "best". Enjoy!!!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Bet you're not too "cranky" today with all those great goodies! Beautiful the bit of red.
Have a great weekend,

Rhissanna said...

You're a very lucky girl. I love the rustic bag dispenser; better than the heap of old supermarket bags I have stuffed in the corner. And the wee little crow hook, wonderful (no crows allowed? lols!).

Would it be ok to mention I'm having a giveaway, too? My first? Please come and join, Miss Crow. You might win a Bag O'Bunnies (Hubby's idea) and some Chinese flowering tea and all kinds of wee bits and pieces.

Angela said...

Love all your goodies. That Uncle Sam is so neat. Loving the basket for the bags. Never seen this before. Prim perfect. Hoping you have a great holiday weekend.

Prims By The Water said...

Great goodies you have Robin. So glad that tornado did not claim your house even though it came close to you in Nod. Hope you have a great holiday weekend! Take care, Janice

BumbleBeeLane said...

Wonderful goodies sweetie.Surprises are always fun especially that feeling knowing someone took time out of their day just to think of you.Hugs!~Amy

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
Great new goodes!
I'm happy the tornadoes didn't get any closer to you. Scary stuff.
Happy Memorial Day!
Hugs :)

Barb said...

Love your Uncle Sam and the basket!! Fabulous goodies, Robin!
Enjoy your Memorial Day!

~Sara said...

So glad that you like Uncle Sam. How nice to receive so many goodies.
you are one lucky girl!
Blessings ~Sara