Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some Very Special "Thank-you's".......

The blessings continue....

I was very fortunate, honored, and blessed to win a WONDERFUL giveaway from Sweet Tricia of Hillcrest Home Prims.  Once she reached 400 followers (which she did in no time flat), she had a "surprise" giveaway.  And, YIPPEE, YEA!! her (also very sweet and wonderful) hubby, drew my name!!!  Tricia didn't divulge what exactly, the winner would get - although she gave a couple of hints....but if you know Tricia....and her impeccable decorating just knew it was gonna be something very, very, special....
And, folks....IT WAS!!! I LOVE it!!!  A darling hand-done "1810" penny rug done up in all the colors I love best......

(Note colors in the background rug....unh huh...a perfectly, glorious, match!!) 

I truly love this Tricia!!! Thank you (and your dear hubby) so, so, very much!!! (And you're right, I'm gonna be dancing for a while!!) ;o)
If you're not familiar with Tricia, check out her wonderful blog - you'll not find many sweeter or dearer than Tricia.  She and hubby also have a wonderful on-line store, Hillcrest Home Prims where you'll find beautiful prim and colonial items - and truly reasonable prices.....


And the fun continues.....
Several weeks ago, I received an email from Renee at Recollecting the Past and nae-naesfolkart.  She said she had a "surprise" for me.  We didn't know each other all that well at that point, but she said she knew I loved Halloween and that I was cranky (OK....she didn't SAY the cranky part!) and that she was trying to find "homes" for some items....She is trying to organize some spaces, and had some items still from when she had a prim shoppe....This week, I received a box from Renee:

A really big box.....containing all sorts of fun, prim, Halloween goodies!!
(My heart kinda skips a beat at the sight of black and orange....)

Eye of Newt:

Wing of Bat:

Witchie Poo:

Wooden apples:

Awesome little ornies:

 Halloween tree for afore-mentioned ornies:
And my "Pumpkin' Gal" (this I actually purchased from Renee...isn't she sweet? Handmade by Renee....)

THANK YOU so much Renee!! That was so very sweet of you to think of me!!!

Happy, happy, times at the Nest.....Thank you Tricia and Renee....for blessing our nest some more!!


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Hi my friend,

Thanks you for the sweetest comment that your posted on your blog!
I think you are sweetest too!!!!!

I am SO HAPPY you love it!!
You are a truly special gal!.
Summer Blessings my friend,

michelle said...

very beautiful sweetie!I love all your halloween goodies too!Have a great day !big hugs michelle

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Honey, Those are some awesome gifts! Great giveaway win and Renee really treated you right!
You must be happy as a lark! lol

jennifer768 said...

Robin love your new goodies! Bet you were doing the Cranky Crow twist when you opened those wonderful packages.Love the penny rug from Tricia !The colors are perfect. My oh my but you sure were blessed with some of the coolest Halloween goodies.Have a great evening ,Jen

lilraggedyangie said...

Woo Hoo glad to see another not SO CRANKY CROW day yet again ! :0) You sure got some special prim goodies from two super special sweet Prim gals , those too are the Cats Meow ! Fudge loves both their blogs and their goodies!tee hee! Enjoy your goodies my deserving lucky friend! Hope you have a great evening! hugs lil raggedy angie

Deneen said...

Robin love all your surprises! You deserve it! I love vintage Halloween!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
For sure you need to change your name. With all the goodies you have been receiving/winning, you better not be cranky.
Pug hugs :)

~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

Look at all those wonderful goodies! Love them all and you are one lucky Cranky Crow, lol!
Hugs, Trish

renee said...

Hey girlfriend!
I LOVE that pennymat that Tricia made for you! How sweet! And I am glad you like your goodies, I know what it's like to have the Halloween bug! I am just a big kid!
Love the cranky crow~ although I don't think she's cranky that often! LOL!

Sheila said...

Hey lucky girl! Love that little pennyrug Tricia made and you certainly scored with all the Halloween goods from Renee. We were swap partners recently and she sent me some darling prim dolls and can't wait to put my witchy-poo out!!!
I'm working on Fall and Halloween and I got so excited today when I found a huge tote full of orange and black stuff! They won't be all so prim but they will be darn cute arrangements!!!

Firecracker Kid said...

Oooh, I love those colors too. Lucky you:) Tricia stayed silent to the end to give you a real surprise;o) Good for her.
Then double the excitement from your blog friends. How fortunate you are Robin, but you know that:)

Tolentreasures said...

You are really on a roll! I think that you should head to Vegas while you are on this lucky streak!


cottageprims said...

I adore Halloween too..My heart skipped a beat seeing your little witchy poo..LoL...All such wonderful goodies.Enjoy!~Amy

Traci said...

Hey Robin... look at all the wonderful goodies you received from Tricia and Renee...lucky you! I think a name change to something like The Cuddly Crow is in order....


Courtney said...

I think it's time to get a lottery ticket, lady! What wonderful goodies. I love penny rugs. That one is a beauty. Plus, all the Halloween stuff! Makes me long for fall...well, almost, anyway! ~grin~

jules said...

What awesome treasures! You sure are in a winning streak.

outjunking said...

You are the luckiest crow I know.


bettyj said...

Wow you got some goodies! Enjoy

Gatherings said...

Looks like you hit it big! Wonderful new items for the next season!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh my gosh girlfriend
What wonderful goodies you got.
When you tire of them ~ you know where you can send them!!!
Prim Blessings

TheRustyThimble said...

OH My Robin love that penny rug Tricia is such a sweetie, and oh my goodness look at all the halloween stuff wonderful goodies
love them all

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh I'm so happy you won Tricia's give away. I know Trish and she's a doll! And very generous in her heart. Beautiful Penny Rug.

Wow, Renee was a sweetheart too! Love your treasures.