Monday, November 22, 2021

Salem and Santa

I'm back....
Hard-drive has been replaced (again), power supply has been replaced (again), and my fingers are crossed (again).

I actually have very little to say, but before I roll it up, I thought I'd share a long-suffering (and I do mean suffering) stitching project that I finally finished up.

I started this at the end of December, last year, and worked on it sporadically.  You may (or may not) recall that this is the one that gave my OCD fits with all the inconsistencies in the chart (spacing, alignment, inaccurate listing of names, the seemingly endless ways the same letter was charted, etc., etc.) 
And then I ran out of Carriage Black floss.
Apparently I was not the only one as it was literally months before I managed to get some more.

But, the stitching is finally done.
The design is cleverly entitled "Witches of Salem" and is by The Primitive Hare. 

{Stitched 1 over 2 on 40ct "Old Massachusetts" linen}

The photo is not the clearest, but the names of Mary Eastey and Rebecca Nurse are done in a darker floss than the other names to reflect my family connection.


And now I have moved on....
It was a difficult decision to put down my needle and take up my hook, but they tell me change is good.

As you can tell by the creases in the linen, this has been packed away for a while.  It is a design by Therese Shick called "Simple Santa."
(What's with these clever names??? 😶)

Compared to other hookers, my works-in-progress always look messy for one simple reason: they are.
It's just the way I do things... I never know when I will need to make some adjustments so I leave messy tails until they drive me nuts.
Santa's coat, in particular, is going to need some serious tweaking in this case.


I have also eased out of the historical fiction genre in books for a wee bit. While I tend to like reading "in season," there isn't much out there I care to read Christmas-wise...and I certainly am not inclined to read about winter, so anything's really game. 

This was a quick book fix from Menard's of all places and I am not far enough along to give a credible review but, so far, it is keeping my attention more than well and the writing is good.  It is a psychological thriller ala Alfred Hitchcock me thinks. (Sorry if this sounds ignorant as I know there is a sticker indicating it is a Netflix film...but I don't have Netflix here in Nod and live under a rock for the most part.  If you've seen it, please don't tell me how it ends.)


I cannot hit publish without acknowledging the horrendous tragedy that happened in Waukesha.  I had plans to go there this past week, but had to cancel.
My heart breaks for those injured, the families of those who lost loved ones or whose family members are injured, for all those who witnessed this senseless carnage and the entire community who will never again be able to experience a holiday parade without sorrow.


Friday, November 12, 2021

Turkeys, Technology, and Tides

{David T. Smith redware turkey}

 I am here, but once again having technology issues.  This time the hard-drive on my pc expired....or, more accurately, I believe the hard-drive on my pc has "expired."
And since I have issues posting from my Ipad, especially with respect to uploading photos, I've been quiet.  But I'm here.

In enjoyable news, this book has been a great escape to a different place and a different time.  It's a debut novel by this UK author, but it's making me think it won't be the last of her works that I read.
 Downside:  Now I want to go to The Hebrides. 
{"The House Between Tides" by Sarah Maine.}

Hope all is well by you.