Saturday, November 11, 2023

Lie Light

I've always had an affinity for tombstone angels (truthfully? ...tombstones of any sort) and the moment I saw this design I knew I had to stitch it.

It is called "Lie Light" from CozyEgg Designs, The Nocturne Collection.
What drew me to it was the fact that the verse is an adaptation of a poem that Mark Twain had engraved on his (favorite) daughter's (Susy Clemens') tombstone when she died in 1896. 
The original poem, by Robert Richardson, is entitled "Annette" and appeared in a book called Willow and Wattle published in 1893.

I stitched it on the called-for linen (40ct "Eastwick" by Needle & Flax which was gifted to me by a kind blogger friend...thank you Edgar!) with the called-for floss (Fisherman's Wharf by Gentle Arts.)

This is a photograph of Susy's gravestone:

In other news, a few of you have asked for updates on little Mia.  
I've forgotten to whom I've responded so will just update here.
She is doing well and seems to be thriving.
She was not feeling well on Halloween so her first Halloween outing to Gigi's house was canceled, but she made the cutest little bat despite not feeling well.

And because her hair cracks me up, here's another photo:

That's it folks... There's other news, but nothing fun so not talking about it...hoping that by not giving it breath it will go away.

Oh...and Cathy (Acorn Hollow Blogspot), this one's for you:
I see you your moose and raise you a lamb??  😂