Thursday, April 18, 2019

Has Anyone Seen My Mojo??

As some of you who know me perhaps better than others know me, know that I used to do a lot of things that I no longer do.
And while it is perhaps good that I no longer do some of the things that I no longer do (let's not go there), other things that I no longer do were "good" things....and I miss them.

Hooking was one of those "good" things that I miss.

( "Spring Chicken #2" Pattern by Ginny Glover ~ "Cabin Fever Rugs"....available online at am including the link as it is difficult to find doing a simple Google search....)

I've theorized about what happened.... The blame first fell on WWR ("When We Remodeled") and the Great Flood that occurred during WWR because virtually everything in the teeny, tiny, house in Nod was packed into boxes and put into storage and, of course, I was more than preoccupied with figuring out where outlets needed to be placed.
But WWR and even the Great Flood are long since behind us (although the outlets still aren't every place they should be.)

(Pattern by Cathy Stephan ~ Red Barn Rugs)

The second theory was that, like with most of my pastimes, I tend to become a bit compulsive obsessive... When I read, I READ.... When I stitch, I STITCH.... When I punch, I the exclusion of everything and anything else.
But I've managed to work back into reading, stitching, and punching (albeit in somewhat "diet" form)...just not hooking.

I even theorized that my long sabbatical from hooking had paralyzed me into thinking that, perhaps, I had forgotten HOW. 
But that was just silly. (Wasn't it?)

So, I have come to the conclusion that I have simply misplaced my hooking mojo.

(Pattern by M. Shaw)

I have looked left and right, and I have looked low and high....
Wait....that's a Dr. Seuss rhyme.
Anyways, you get the gist.
I have yet to find it however.

So, a day or so ago, I forced myself to go down into the maze of rooms known as the basement of the teeny, tiny, house, and go through some of the boxes that have remained untouched since WWR.

(Pattern by Cathy Stephan ~ Red Barn Rugs)
(Chicks are hooked Waldoboro style)

Specifically, the boxes containing my hooked rugs.
(Trust me, it took some digging, but I found them.)
In some ways it was like looking at something from a whole other lifetime.
Some made me smile....some made me wonder what the heck I was thinking when I hooked it, and others I had forgotten I had even hooked.

("Hare Heist" Pattern by Ewe and Eye)

Bunny tails are hooked Waldoboro style - you can see better in the photo below (Guess I was on a Waldoboro kick):

I brought up the ones that I had typically displayed for spring/Easter, and those are what you see here.

Funny, even though the teeny, tiny, house is much larger since WWR, I really don't have more places or space to display my rugs/mats.  I guess that's partly while they remained in boxes.

In any event, I still haven't found my missing mojo.  
Maybe next week, I will tackle another box.
Then, again, maybe not.
In the meantime, if any of you find my mojo, please return it to me asap.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Child's Play

I don't remember all of my early childhood years vividly...or even remotely clearly, but I remember kindergarten.
Perhaps it is because it was the first time I really was exposed to a much larger, and very different, world than to which I had been exposed in my 5 years up until then.

Oh, I had seen and learned a great deal in those years...but never before had I been in a place that had a round fountain in the bathroom where you could make water for your hands come out by stepping on the floor.
Or a place where you could take a nap every day on your very own, bought-just-for-you, floor mat.
Nor a place where they would dim the lights at nap time and play a phonograph record with a man reading "Peter and the Wolf" in the best story-telling voice I had ever heard.

I have been thinking of that place recently...and it brought back the urge to play with scissors, paper and glue.

(Remember paper dolls?? This one is compliments of Misi from 1890 Gable House Musings)

And something else I learned in Kindergarten:
(The last three baskets are from a pattern by Cinnamon Creek)

Sometimes "simple" soothes the soul more than anything else can.