Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Been A While.....

It's been a LONG while since....
well, everything.
...since I've posted, since I've visited/commented on blogs,
since I've hooked, punched, or had anything fun or good to post about.

It's been a long while since I laughed, really laughed....
....went for lunch....or went anywhere just because.

But I did yesterday....
Yesterday, I went with my hooking pal, Cathy from Red Barn Rugs, to Country Freckles and crashed their little Thursday hooking group.
Me, well, I didn't get much hooking done, but it was good to catch up on the fun stuff at the store and all of the new Red Barn Rugs' patterns.

Since it's also "been a while" since I've shared some hooky stuff with you, I decided to today....

(Unless otherwise noted, these are all Red Barn Rugs designs/patterns, and were all hooked by the proprietress thereof (i.e., the talented Cathy) herself....)



(Red Barn Rugs' design/pattern hooked by Mary Jo)

 (Lib Calloway design/pattern being hooked by Kris)

(Red Barn Rugs' design/pattern being hooked by Joy)

(Cathy's newest pattern and current project)

 Gee, all this hooking makes me want to play hooky.   (Get it?)  Ok....sorry.  Back to the books for this crow.

Hope all is well in your worlds...and will try to check in soon! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pictures On My Windowpane.....

Someone painted pictures on my windowpane last night....

Willow trees with trailing boughs and flowers, frosty white.....

It's a mystical, magical, place this land of Nod.....

Friday, January 4, 2013

Raggedy Blessings....

Happy, Happy, Friday!

Brrr.....Baby, it's COLD outside!!!

(Love the little red apples against the icy branches....)

It's getting on time to take down the "merriment" of the season.
I struggle with this each year. 
While most of you are anxious to take it down and start fresh, I cling to the the magic of twinkling white lights, winter greens, and the warmth of all that is Christmas.

As I ponder the task (note - I did not say "start the task"), I can't help but smile when I see the treasures that I've received from friends.  I've shared some of my Christmas gifts in recent posts, but there are a few more I wanted to share today.....from my lil' raggedy friend, Angie.
These are no means all the things she sent (she's a generous one that one), but a few that caught my fancy especially well today:

A wonderful OLD book by Martin Luther....(it's the one on the bottom)
I adore old books - especially old leather ones, old bibles, old hymnals, old photograph books......This one is from 1866 and fits right in with what I love best.....

If my German serves me correctly, I believe this is a book of homilies....

It's a little rough and raggedy around the edges, just like I like 'em.....

A wonderful salt-glaze jug:
And some of her wonderful hand-did's:

Decadent chocolate truffles:

  (Ok, ok.....these are long was taken the day they came and were "thawing out."  Long story....)

As I said, these are just a few things she sent me. In addition to the gifts she sent me "for" me, she also was a lifeline and came up with several gifts for me to give to others on my list. Thank you Angie....for all my raggedy blessings! You're one-of-a-kind raggedy amazing!!! (Please keep Angie in your thoughts and prayers as she is facing another upcoming surgery on her back....)


Happy weekend to you all!  Stay warm.
Time for this bird to hit the books....