Saturday, June 13, 2020

Fur, Fin, Feather & Flora

I know it's been a while...or at least it seems like it has been.
Who really knows these days...

There isn't a great deal newsworthy here in Nod (other than they want to use ankle bracelets on COVID "offenders"), so you're stuck with my random thoughts once again.


(A new twist on "bowl fillers.")

(...and basket fillers....)


I thought that watery wench would be undoing...well, this whale is going to undo what little she left me with.

A little fur and fin:

(Cat is for size reference only. 😉)


Witch Robin....get it?


The Clematis is doing well...although I originally planted (and repeatedly "replanted") the deep purple "Jackmanii" variety next to this one, this one apparently doesn't care to share its space with Jack.


(My little "woodland" area between the house and garage. I love, love, love ferns....)

(Fur and Flora)

So there you have it....a whole lot of nothing.

It's going to be a nippy one tonight. I already have 2 sweatshirts on...may just start a fire.  
Enjoy what's left of the rest of your weekend!