Monday, September 25, 2023

Olde Witche Mary

{ is washed out a's been very dreary here these last several days.}

This pattern has been in my "gotta-stitch" stash for many years now.  I finally pulled it out and stitched it...and even managed to fully finish it.

The design is called "Olde Witche Mary" by Lori Breclin of Notforgotten Farm.  It is stitched on 40 ct "Legacy" by Picture this Plus with Gentle Arts "Raven" floss.

The pattern, of course, brought to mind my grandmother (7x removed) who was hanged as a witch in Salem 331 years and 3 days ago, Mary Eastey (also spelled "Esty" or "Easty").

After I finished stitching it, however, I thought of a variation to the verse that would have been more fitting for her, but it was too late to turn back.

The past 3 days the skies have opened and released all the rain it withheld from us the entire summer. We had over 3" in a day and a half and it is continuing just as heavily today.
Even our parched clay soil cannot absorb it all.

In between the deluges, though, the magic of autumn shines through.

~Happy Autumn~

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Salem Hill and a Gift from Blighty

September greetings...

Somehow the days are whirling past me as quickly, and as without purpose, as the autumn leaves.

It seems as though this entire past year has been out of focus.
Little gets accomplished...I start one thing, get distracted by another, find my way back to where I thought I was only to have forgotten my original intention.

My plan to fully finish some of the things I had finished stitching or hooking before starting new projects went the way of the scattering leaves.
But I did manage one finish: "Salem Hill Sampler" by The Scarlett Letter. 

My talented sister-in-law finished into this beautiful trinket box.

I stitched this last year on 40 count "Salem" linen by Fiberlicious Yummy Fibers, 1 over 2 (some limited 1 over 1) with the called-for overdyed floss and some (unintentional) color changes in the pumpkins.

{It looks a bit wonky in these photos, but that is due to the wonky skills of the photographer - it is actually straight as it should be.}

The only other bright spot in my mostly otherwise dull days was the arrival of a wonderful gift from a dear blog buddy (Jean from Shrimpton and Perfect) from across the great pond in England - a/k/a "Blighty."

It arrived wrapped so charmingly, and with the most beautiful card. I had to pause and savor the fact that it had traveled so many miles.

And nothing could be dearer to my soul than an old book.

"Silas Marner" by George Eliot (the pen name of the Victorian era author, Mary Ann Evans).
This is a treasure to me.  I have just started it and I am already smitten. I feel like I have dropped into a different time, in a country I don't know but which is instantly, uncannily, and eerily familiar to me.
Thank you my friend. You know me well even though we will likely never ever meet.

I do believe that joy finds us when we most need it.