Sunday, February 23, 2020

Silent Words

Actions speak louder than words, so it is said.
But the Yupik (Eskimos) also believe that thought is equally as important as action.  Just because something is not said out loud doesn't mean its intent is not articulated or received.  In other words, silence is an act and you don't have to talk to say something.

So there you have it.... Just because I have been silent does not mean that I have not thought of you...for I have....and my thoughts have spoken volumes.  

Not buying it, huh?  Ok...well, consider it your anthropology lesson for the day then.

In any event, I am truly still here...although most days I feel like this.

It is winter in Nod, and I hate winter.  'Nuf said.

Late summer this past year, we purchased a (vacation) home on a lake "north of Nod" (yes, there is, indeed, something north of Nod).  We had little time to enjoy it before winter was upon us, but I still go there when I can to hear a different silence.  I need to make the house of it more "me" and so have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out which me that's going to be, since it seems to change on a dime. Those of you who recall "The WWR Chronicles" may remember that I have a devil of a time "visualizing" and that attribute, like so many others, is not improving with age.

Aside from that, I have done a bit of stitching....and a bit of hooking.  (I sincerely hope Lauren, Saundra and Kim were sitting down for that last part.)

I was trying to recall what I have stitched but it occurred to me that, while I have finished STITCHING several (small) pieces, I have neglected the "finishing" part of them.  I did, however, (really) finish this little needle roll:

A BlackBird Designs pattern from their "Ooo La La" booklet

I had to laugh because when reading Marly's post from yesterday, she mentioned a counting error she had made.  As I told her, usually I am a stickler for exact counting...I count several different ways from different reference points so no errors are made.  Except...near the very end of stitching, I realized I had made a 1-stitch error in this one.  I wasted 2 good nights of stitching time looking for it.  When I finally found it, I realized I would have to literally rip out everything other than the last motif since the mistake was in the bird with which I had started and used as my main reference point for the first motif... I knew that much ripping would test even my patience and likely ruin the fabric.  Since I intended to actually use this piece myself and it is, after all, a "primitive" piece, I threw exactitude to the wind and finished up the final motif and moved on to the border.

It was then that I realized the 1-stitch error made in the beginning would affect the border.  But I forged on, compensating for that first error  with another stitch adjustment.  So 1 stitch off, became 2 stitches off.  (You know where this is going, right??)  Then, when I got to the next side, it had to become 3 or it would not work..... And one error compounded into I think 5 or 6 by the time I was done. 

It would not have been so bad, but I had to stitch the piece together so the borders were next to each other.  Holy Hallelujah. 

Well, guess's done.  And done is good.

But, when I look at it, I always feel the need to confess my mistake(s).  Guess it's somewhat like a lie that compounds itself until there are so many the liar has no idea of the truth anymore.

I also finished up this hooked snowflake: 

Pattern by Catherine Stephan, Red Barn Rugs

and this little hooked heart pillow:

Pattern by Catherine Stephan, Red Barn Rugs

I managed to cover my own little button for the flower and, while my backs are nothing like Lauren's, I did manage a little "fru fru":

Well, that's all for the written words and thoughts for now folks.  Remember that your silence make sure all your words..and thoughts...are kind ones.

"Kind Words" by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm