Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain: Sprucing & Springing

It's Tuesday again....My beloved display chain is in play....but my offerings for this week's theme, "Sprucing & Springing," are pathetic.
 Unfortunately, here in Nod, there isn't a whole lot of either going on.
Not much "springing" because, although, like many of you, we have had unusually mild temperatures of late, you must keep in mind that we are, after all, in Nod.....Spring finds us very, very, slowly here.
Not much "sprucing" because I've been spending most of my time between nursing homes, hospitals, doctor offices, and ERs.....I'll try to provide an update soon.

But, here we go.

What's springing up:

Tulips (So far, The Cranky Crow 1: The Resident Tulip-eating Rabbit: 0)

Daffodils (NO!! They're not blooming yet - and this photo was taken this morning!)

Lily of the Valley (Gotta look close - they're there, I promise!!)

Rhodedendrum (lots of buds!)

 If you look close, there are buds on this Viburnum....and spruce trees in the background....hence, "sprucing & springing...." Ok...I know - boo, hiss - that's a real stretch.

Likewise, with our May tree....."Springing" in the foreground, and "sprucing" in the background....

When I ventured out to see what might be "springing" up, I saw something in the bushes around the pool, so thought I would do some "sprucing" and throw it away.  But it was part of this bird's home construction:

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the plastic is actually wound into the nest, making it part of it - but there is definitely more at the top.  Perhaps it's that bird's idea of retractable roofing?

Other than that, there's bunches of bunnies springing up as I spruce our nest for spring....And, of course, that means it's time for the ceremonial "changing of the rugs...."  (Yup, Traci, this is for you....)

I know, I know....a sorry display all around.  Promise I'll try to do better next week.  Thanks for your patience with me, and for the visit.....
I've visited one or two of the other chain gang's posts already and they're definitely more fun than mine - hope you'll go to Misi's at 1890 Gable House Musings to find the links to everyone else's posts.....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bottom-of-my-heart Kind of Thanks.....

I have (almost) recovered from my online birthdaypalooza.  Holy cats. I don't even know where to begin....For a cranky crow who really wanted to forget her birthday just this once this time around, and who had sat on her porch the morning of, wondering if she were too old to run away from home, you all really made things special.  I don't even know where to begin the list of "thank-yous" (or who to blame first for publicizing this, although I have some pretty good ideas, and a pretty long memory) - But, for all your emails and comments with wishes, the posts (Wow!), wonderful poetry (I've never had a poem written just for me!!), and cards, I am so truly grateful that I am (almost) speechless. Thank you....from the bottom of my little crow heart.

As frosting on my (almost) birthday cake (can you believe I didn't get CAKE??), I received some very special gifts. It doesn't get any better than this (no "almost" involved....)

An extra special gift from my extra special "girlfriend," Robin, at The Primitive Hutch:

I call it "Robin's Spring...."  Robin - you have a heart of pure gold that never ceases to touch mine.  And you do the most amazing things with thread and needle.  Your workwomanship is impeccable....I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And.....just when you thought I had enough sheep.....meet my newest addition:

Come on....who could have possibly resisted??  Isn't he adorable??? (Might be wrong - might be a "she," but sure looks like a "he" to me.....) "He's" the incredible work of Laurie from when the bough breaks and when I "met" him, I knew he had to come live with me.  GORGEOUS, no?!!! Laurie is one of the most wonderfully gifted souls I know - what she does with paper and paint - and with words - is amazing.  And, Laurie, knowing that I like nests (almost) as much as sheep, also sent me this:

Three eggs....My interpretation:  Papa Crow, Mama Crow, and Little Crow....  ;o)

They'll be off for framing soon - please excuse my inadequate photography...
Thank you SO MUCH, Laurie!!! I am honored to have some of your wondrous art work in my humble home.

Lastly, but not leastly - hugs and thank-yous to Carol, a/k/a, the The Firecracker Kid.  Recently, she has been (sneakingly) doing impromptu giveaways on her blog.  Being as forever behind as I am, I have missed out on entering most - but was lucky this time....and doubly lucky to have been the winner of this great rolling cookie pin:

Thanks so much Carol!!!

Front and center of my "collection...."  Hmmmm....I just may need me one of those FKP rolling pin keeps.....ummmm....and a wall to put it on??  Timmy - do you do walls??? ;o)


Have I told you how much this has meant to me???  Well, I'm telling you now....thank you so very much......You all are the very bestest.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Lion and The Lamb: Tuesday's Display Chain

Yippee Hurray!!! It's BAAAACK!!!
Misi's from 1890 Gable House Musings has brought back the beloved "Tuesday Display Chain."  This week's theme is "The Lion and the Lamb" (or, in prim parlance, bring on "The Cats and the Sheep")..... 

 This was tough....so many sheep; so many cats....where does one begin?

Hooked Sheep:

 (One of my very first hooked rugs....Pattern by Log Cabin Rugs.)

"Curly" - Pattern by Log Cabin Rugs.

Punched Sheep:

  Pattern/Design by Brenda Gervais of With thy Needle & Thread.

"Shear Pride" design by Shawn Williams of Threads That Bind.

"Greener Pastures" design by Shawn Williams of Threads That Bind.

"Have Ye Any Wool" Pattern/Design by Brenda Gervais of With thy Needle & Thread.

"Proverbs 31:13" Pattern/Design by Brenda Gervais of With thy Needle & Thread.

"Woolsey & Friend" pattern by Homespun Elegance.

Stitched Sheep:

Pinkeeps are a Pineberry Lane design stitched by Pam from basketsnprims and primitive basketcase.

Felted Sheep:
(Created by Teresa from Teresa's Primitives Treasures.)  

The Lil' Prim Cabin

basketsnprims and primitive basketcase.

Painted Sheep:

Painted by Kimberly Edgerly.

Cathy's (Tolentreasures) work.....

Painted by Kimberly Edgerly.

Miniature Painting by Kimberly Edgerly.

Steiff Sheep:

Just Sheep:

 Chickadee and Sheep by Madalynne of Pineapple Primitives.  (We miss you Madalynne....where ARE you???)

Lil Raggedy Angie's raggedy sheep.

Our Neighbor's Sheep:
So.....now are your ready to see my cats???
No? Really? All sheep-pooped out already?
Yeah...me too.  Would you think less of me if I told you I have more?
And trust me, I have almost as many cats as I do sheep.....

But I'll spare you...and my weary camera.  I'll leave you with just a very few....seems my cats come in twos:

My two favorite big cats.....

Ummmm....yeah, she's cross-eyed....and likes dirty laundry.

He's my clean laundry cat......

The infamous Welcome Cats rug I'm "working" on.....

Oh....and how about a lion ON a lamb???  Or.....a cat on a sheepskin rug (look close....you might even find a Shih Tzu.....):

If you stayed with me through this, you are a tenacious soul....Aren't you glad I don't do this very often???

Please stop by 1890 Gable House Musings and pay a visit to the other chain gang members!

Happy, Happy, Spring!