Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Whilst The Bittersweet Blooms...

"I shall not go into town whilst the Bittersweet blooms...." {Author Unknown}

I love bittersweet....and it is starting to turn.
Our evenings and nights have a chill to them, requiring a change of clothes when the sun descends.
Some trees have started trying out their fall wardrobes and a few leaves have already begun to fall.

Autumn is, hands down, my favorite-est season of all.  But given what follows it....and how cruel that "what" can be here in Nod, I am in no hurry to pack Summer's bags.

{I adore the combination of the smells of Angelonia and Snapdragons}

Besides, the Hibiscus have just begun to bloom.  They are Summer's most loyal companions.

Like handmaidens, they stand in the shadows until Summer beckons them.

Then they rush forth, colorful and bold.

As they scream Summer's name in almost garish manners, you know when they arrive that Summer has beckoned them because she is making ready to take her leave.

So I treasure her company while I can.

In the quiet corners of my world.

And while the evenings are growing longer, I have not made much progress on the Beast.  However, I suspect some of you may be wondering, so here is where I am at....Not much further along than the last time you saw him.  (In my defense, I did redo several letters....)

The temptation to begin fall projects is sometimes overwhelming, but I fear if he is put aside, he will join the ranks of "skeleton rugs" in my closet(s).

So, I enjoin Summer to prolong her stay, although I know her presence will do nothing to change the passing of days.

How can it be that things can move by so quickly when we are really just standing still?

(PS...Yes, Marly....I can accidentally grow zucchini out of petunias LOL)

Sunday, August 9, 2020

A Walk With Snowdog

I am, by my very nature, a very terrestrial being.  There is nothing even remotely amphibious about me (although a bit of mermaid might inhabit my soul).
The woodlands and upcountry have always been my familiar haunts.
While I sometimes question those ties whenever I am near an ocean, the numerous lakes in our fair state have never held much allure for me.

However, that all changed a year ago.
While on a boat ride with friends, we passed by a property that captivated me. I begged our friend to get closer and there it was: a "for sale" sign.  I cajoled a bit more and our captain docked and I set foot on a place that would soon own me.

(This photo is from that day and that first glimpse....)

It is private and secluded....surrounded by water, except for the causeway that connects it to the rest of the world.

(I believe I first posted about it here...and mentioned it again here and here.)

Each morning we are here (weather permitting), Snow Dog and I go for a walk along the trails in the woods.  
I thought you might like to join us on this morning's walk....

Are you coming???

The pines grow tall here...and the squirrels climb high...much to Snow Dog's chagrin.

(Look up.....that's a huge eagle's nest up there....)

It is my little piece of paradise and the spell it first cast still clings to me like a net.

(PS to Saundra....I am doing this post from my Ipad (hence, completely unedited photos LOL).  As I said, I just use my Chrome browser and then go to my home page on Blogger, and click on "new post."  No app required....However, there are weird little things I don't like about doing it on this...e.g., no photo shows up in the reading list for some reason.)