Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fruit of the Vine and Something Simpler: A "Maynia" of My Own Making

Those of you in the "stitchy" world are probably very familiar with "Stitch Maynia."
I am not going to define it for you because I am not entirely sure there really is a definition.
It was started several years ago, and, at that point in time, those who participated started a new stitch (or other craft/sewing) project every day for the entire month of May.
Crazy in and of itself if you are me....me who gets a bit "phobic" when I have more than 2 or 3 WIP's going at one time.  (Hey....it took me a long, long, time before I "therapied" (my word and I like it) myself enough to allow myself to have 2 or 3 projects of each type of craft in progress at a given time.)

Now I understand "Stitch Maynia" can really be whatever you want it to be....Start or complete projects... Whatever number you choose....1 each day, 19 for "2019," stitching, hooking, punching or a combination, although it appears the cross-stitchers were the originators of the concept and continue to be the most populous of participants.

I don't participate.  Enough said.  

I'm manic enough if you ask Crow Daddy.

(I had a dickens of a time getting representative colors in the photos....It is, after all, once again raining here in Nod.)

manic:  mental illness marked by periods of great excitement or euphoria, delusions, and overactivity

So, ok...after re-reading the definition, I guess he is, in part, correct.  Not so much in the "euphoria" or "overactivity" departments, but I was, indeed, "greatly excited" to finally finish my "Fruit of the Vine" needle roll.  It is the first project in the "Birds of a Feather Handworke" Club series by Tammy Black of Scattered Seeds Samplers.  It was stitched on 32 count "Country French" Golden Needle linen using the called-for DMC flosses, 1 thread over 2 and, GAH! (read on), 1 over 1.  I had to brush up on my Symrna stitch and stem stitch, but, hey, I remembered.  I was also "greatly excited" that I actually completed it prior to getting the second club installment even.  And, ok, truth be told, I was perhaps a bit "euphoric" that it turned out quite decently if I say so myself.

Ok, ok...it's 99% finished.  See that little triangular pinkeep in the floral fabric that is at the end of the needle roll in the photo?  It is supposed to be actually attached to the bottom of the needle roll and 2 ribbons (matching the needle roll ties) attached to either side.  I, however, couldn't quite decide how best to attach it and as I pondered it, I began to consider that, perhaps, I didn't really want it attached.  Time will tell.

As for the "delusions" part of that definition, I have always admired the beautiful pieces that many do using 1 over 1 (i.e., 1 strand of floss over 1 thread of linen for you non-stitchers who are graciously still with me).  BUT, after doing the little "needle number labels" for the needle sizes 1 over 1, I swore (really SWORE in language that would put any sailor to shame) that I had to be nuts to think I could do 1 over 1 on any large-scale project.

After all that "stress" of 1 over 1, counting endless threads between stitches and to the edges to get a perfect 3//4" seam allowance, and recalling almost-forgotten embroidery stitches, I decided to treat myself to something much simpler.

 This quick and easy stitch is by the talented Tina Woltman ("Early America, The 1815 Shoppe").  This is stitched 2 over 2 on 28 count natural linen.  (I really prefer 2 over 2 for the simple fact that it is so much easier, not to mention quicker, to start a thread.)

So there you have it....a "Maynia" all of my very own making.
Now on to those "delusions of overactivity".... ;-) 

(P.S. An interesting tidbit:  Both of the designers mentioned above, Tammy and Tina, are from Wisconsin.  Hmmmm...methinks some of us make better use of those long, long, winters than others of us.)

(P.S.S.  To those wondering about my missing hooking mojo:  I am getting closer...really I am.)