Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain ~ The Squirrel In Me.....

PSSSSSTTTT.....It's back!!!
 The inimitable and ever-so-loverly Misi from 1890 Gable House Musings has resurrected our beloved Tuesday Display Chain for a limited four-week run.

 I was unable to join in last week due to a severe case of Plans Interruptus, but I am tagging along this week.
 The theme this week is inspired by the delightfully charming tree squirrel....and their proclivity to gather nuts for the long, cold, winter.
Misi has asked how we prepare for the upcoming autumn/winter seasons and whether there is something special we do to cope with the cold.

You think, living in the cold, cold, Land of Nod, I'd be an expert on this subject, hey?  Well, in some ways, I guess I am.  I DESPISE the cold and could likely write books about the lengths to which I go to avoid it.
But this is just one blog post, not a book, so you will get a condensed version.

How do I prepare for the Seasons of Cold here in the Land of Everlasting Cold?

Well, while the squirrels are busy gathering up their nuts, I am busy gathering up...


 Anything and everything, wool.

Wool socks to keep my toes warm (yes, crows have toes):

Wool cape to keep my feathers warm and dry:
Woolie mitts to keep my paws warm (well, in case I grow some paws):

Woolie scarf for my neck:

Wool blankies to keep the other parts warm:

Woolie reads to feed my mind:

And a stockpile of pure woolie goodness to feed my soul:

Please check out the other chain gang member's display links at 1890 Gable House Musings and learn about their inner "squirrels."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miss October 31st.....

Good Saturday Folks....
It's chilly here in Nod, with a brisk wind blowing, turning my thoughts to all things black and orange.
Perfect weather for Miss October 31st.

Yet she is restless, and I did not understand why - until she whispered in my ear that it was "time...."
Time for her to be on her way. 
I've grown quite fond of her actually, and will miss her.
But, alas, she's right....
It's time. 

The winner of this humble little giveaway is:

Congratulations, Issy.  I hope you'll enjoy a little added company there at the farm.  Miss October believes it will suit her well.

Please send me your address and I'll get her bags packed hopefully this week.

Many thanks to those who have chosen to follow me on this blogging journey.  You're an amazing group of people and I am ever grateful for you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not Nobody, Not No How......

Well, we made it safely to the Emerald City.....

Only to be met with:

After months of planning, preparation and schedule-rearranging, we were sent away because Little Crow has a small burn mark (from welding) on his leg near where some of the incisions would be made and the surgeon did not want to risk infection.

This now makes twice we have made this long journey, and twice we've been told to "go away."

Next I fear we'll be asked to produce the broomstick from Wicked Witch of the West.

 I want to thank you, though, for all your prayers and good wishes. 
We're packing them away for "next time around."  
After all, there's no expiration date on prayers, right?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

We're Off.....

....to see the Wizard.....


If you happen upon Glinda, please tell her she will find us heading due south of Nod.....
as the crow flies.....

(Please send prayers....)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Cranky Crow Chronicles ~ Or, How This Crow Got Her Moniker.....

Disclaimer:  This isn't going to be nearly as interesting as some of you might think it would be.   So, I'm ok with you not continuing on.....

I have been asked many times how I got my name "The Cranky Crow," and I'm sorry, but the story isn't half as intriguing as it should be.
But, the beautiful and gracious Karen, from My Colonial Home, is hostessing a "post challenge" asking us to share how we came up with our blog name and when we started blogging.  So I thought now is as good a time as any to come clean......

(Painting by Laurie at In my dreams I see.....)

Actually, for me, these two "events" (starting blogging and naming my blog) were, as I'm sure for many, intrinsically connected.  So, let's start at the beginning:

 Back in February of 2011, I fell in love with the wonderful folk art of one very talented lady.....Madalynne from Pineapple PrimitivesI had discovered her work on Ebay, and somehow, found the link to her blog (not having any clue what the dickens a "blog" was, but I found myself there.)  I wanted to leave her a message (...er....a "comment" in blog parlance, I know now), but didn't have any idea how.  Clicking enough times, I realized I could create a "Google" account, and I thought "why not?"  "Google" sounded like a fun enough word.

(Pinkeep by Shirlee at The Easily Influenced Stitcher.)

So, a Google account it was. Then....."it" happened....I saw that button box that said "Create Blog."  What? ANYONE could "create a blog?"  Really???
Things I said, and pictures, and what-not would show up on the world-wide web???
Well, curiosity got the best of this cat crow....and I clicked on that button....just to see what would happen.

(Pinkeep by Pamela at Our Pioneer Homestead.)

And then....then, I had to type in a blog name.
I tried using the same name I had chosen for my Google account...No luck - "taken."
I tried several more.

(Pattern/design by Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.)

Then I reached back in my mind and thought of my love of crows.....
(They truly are remarkable creatures, you know....)
And started typing....

"The Dancing Crow...." Taken.
"The Merry Crow...."  Taken.
"The Merrie Crow...."  Taken (Huh?)
"The Blackest Crow....." Taken.
"The Humble Crow....."  Taken.
"The Laughing Crow....." (At which point I WASN'T!)....Taken.
"Poe's Crow...."  Taken.
"The Olde Crow....."  Taken.
"Shakespeare's Crow...."  Taken. (WHAT?!)

(Crow box by Marly at Samplers and Santas.)
And then.....and then.....it happened....
Punching the keyboard a little (ok, a LOT) harder than I should.....I typed:

The Cranky Crow

It worked!  I "officially" had a blog!
Yay!  I think??? 
Now....what to do with it....???
So, ever so tentatively, I typed the following message:

"Well, this ought to be an adventure....I am forcing myself - ever so slowly- into the 21st century.  I haven't yet mastered following blogs, so I'm not entirely sure why I think I can actually create or maintain one of my own, but I was up for an experiment today.  We'll see how it goes!  Wish me luck!!

I clicked on "Publish" at 3:05 PM CST on February 22, 2011, and the rest is, well, as they say, history.
I had a blog.
I had done a blog post.
 No photos (ummmm, at that point, I didn't even know how to get photos from my camera to my computer)....no fanfare....no nada.

  (Painting by Laurie at In my dreams I see.....)

The next day, I had my very first comment...from none other than the amazing (and ever-so-dear) Teresa at deppenhomestead1862.  And, I had my first taste of the kindness and kindred-ness of the blog community.  An awkward and impetuous experiment that set me a-sail a journey like none other ~ one I shan't ever regret.  Each and every one of you who have joined me have made my life fuller, "wholer," and richer than you will ever know.

Thank you so kindly....and Miss Karen, thank you for making me take pause to remember and appreciate. 

Yours Ever So Crankily, 
The Crow

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Humble Harvest

As in other parts of the country, this drought-ridden summer has been a devastating one here in Nod.....

There will be few crops to take in. 


Few leaves left to turn and dance on autumn winds.


No late-September lawn mowings.

No third crop hay.

 Irreversible losses.

It is certain to be a humble harvest.


For my faithful followers, this is also a humble little fall giveaway.  Miss October 31st.  I realize she is quite "prim" and may not appeal to all of my followers.  For that, I apologize.  But if she appeals to you, let me know in your comment and I will put your name in for a chance to adopt her.  (And I will not feel badly if she's not to your liking....)  I'm truly sorry I didn't have the time for anything hand-did....I did not make her....in fact, I'm not positive she is even handmade....I purchased her at my favorite (i.e., the only) prim shop in these parts this past weekend.  
This is for current followers only please, and I ask that you do NOT post this on your blogs, etc.  Yes, it is open to my followers outside of the US. 
I will leave entries open until September 21st and draw a winner sometime after that date.  I will, however, ask your patience in advance in announcing a winner and in mailing, as the prior week will be a chaotic one here in the nest.  But rest assured, she will be to you before All Hallow's Eve.