Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Marly Kind of Day....

Nod is a considerable distance from any real form of civilization; so, I do my best to conserve trips to town....
But, I was out of SnowDog food and basic food necessities.  In addition, they are calling for major snow by week's end, and, most importantly, I needed some floss to finish this stitch.

Specifically, I needed DMC 730.

So, I begrudgingly started the journey to town... I decided to go to Walmart, since I could get everything I needed in one place rather than multiple stops.  (I hate multiple stops...)  Or so I thought.


Since when does 738 follow 729?  And look as I might, I saw no little cubbie saying 730 anywhere in sight.  Shaking my head, I picked up skeins of two other colors that I need for a different project and headed to the checkout bewildered.

Then....then....you would not believe what transpired.

As I am placing my groceries on the checkout belt, the cashier asks me if I found everything I was looking for.  I said no, as I handed her the two skeins of floss I had found.... I said I couldn't find the colors I needed in the floss.  I then asked her if she knew of any other place in town that carried floss.  She looked at me and says "Gee, Midwest Dental is just across the way, but I don't know if they have the colored stuff or not....I've only ever seen white."

You can't make this stuff up I tell ya.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

An Apology for Ugly.....

When I started The WWR Chronicles, I said I would be interspersing them with "regular" blog posts...and I sorta tried to do that with my last post....but realized too late that the "S" (a/k/a "white") photos were not any more palatable to most of you (including me) than those horrendous pre-remodel photos.

So, this is a sort of an "apology," if you will, for all those awful photos of late...

The annual antique show in the town closest to Nod was this past weekend....and these are a few of the treasures that followed me home.... (I know some of you will find those photos a bit "prettier" than those in my previous 3 or 4 posts LOL....)

(A heart made from old bottlecaps)

(Cast iron shoes.  The gentleman from whom I purchased them speculated that they may have been from a Victorian-era wood mannequin.  And an old shoe oil can because?? Because I love everything shoes???)

(The best find of the show.  This sampler was made by Eliza Staples....when she was a wee 9 years old...)  (Ok Miss Marly - does this in ANY way atone for the photos of the awful s#*t???)

(Old German rabbits.  The one on the right is a candy container and will join my herd of others.... The one on the left is not a candy container, but should blend in with the herd....and I didn't have a white one.)

(Heart in hand....actually an old glove...with a snippet from an old diary that says "I Love But One"....)

(A girl can never have too many chocolate molds.  ;-) )

(Not sure what I will do with this yet....It's an old iron salvage piece of some sort, but the shape and form intrigue me....)

As my daddy always said, ugly is as ugly does; but do not confuse apologies with excuses, nor excuses with apologies. 

Have a great week ahead!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Conspiracy Theory

I know many of you welcome February with open arms and hearts....
And, yes, she does bring us a touch closer to spring....

But I believe that February is in conspiracy with January to drive me mad with whiteness.

And if they do not succeed at first, they entice March to join them as an accomplice.

Today we saw a peek at the sun...at least I think that's what it was....It's been so long since I've seen it that I've forgotten her face.

So fill me with hope of spring, and I may learn to forgive you January and February....and let you off easy as well March.

{For those of you following along with The WWR Chronicles, thank you so very much for your encouragement and kind comments....}