Wednesday, September 23, 2020

And All At Once...

 ...summer collapsed into fall.  (Oscar Wilde)

That's pretty much how it happened.

I spent the better part of the past week at the lake.  When I first arrived, one could catch glimpses of trees that had turned overnight...apparently too shy to change into their autumn attire while anyone was watching.

But each day, it seemed more and more of the less shy decided to don their dress for their final farewell dance with Summer.

The weather was moody for most of the time I was there.  The wind whipped the lake into white-capped tips, and the pines that normally whisper moaned in protest.

The day I left, however, the wind relented, the pines sighed in relief, and the lake returned to her placid self.

I was surprised to find that there was even more autumn gala preparations being done here in Nod than North of Nod.

Little to no progress has been made on the Beast. Or anything for that matter.

I did comment to some that the only thing I have accomplished recently was putting together a jar of werewolf fur...which prompted some raised eyebrows. (Well...ok, questions....I couldn't see their eyebrows.)  So, I am supposing an explanation is in order...and here goes:

A while back, I had an auction selling group on FB.  Mine was a bit different as it had a storyline, each auction had a "theme," and each item had a "storied" description.  In its heyday, it was quite popular...and I made/repurposed several things to sell. When I once sold a dead snake, my husband said "too bad you can't sell dog hair." (Snowdog sheds horribly.)

Challenge accepted.

To be fair....two separate vets concur that Snowdog is part the "wolf" part isn't truly an untruth.

I really can't say how many of these I have made...each different of course...but a bunch.  I hadn't done one for a while, but someone who had one of my first ones asked for another, and Snowdog had wolf fur to spare....

So there you have it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A Break From The Beast.....

Well, I will be off shenaniganing the next several days, so thought I would try to sneak a post in before things get out of hand.

Except, once again, I haven't much to say (and am fearful that, even if I did, I may get it all written and then run into the dreaded "New Improved Blogger" issues of which so many of you have lamented.  (So far so good....perhaps the spell I used is working???)

Anyways....I have worked a bit on the Beast (see previous posts), but not enough to warrant me attempting to balance on a step stool with my phone to take a photo.

I did, however, take a wee break from hooking to finish up a stitch I didn't get done in time for last All Hallow's Eve. 

This pattern is called "All Hallows Eve" and is by the overly-talented and ever-sweet Theresa Meloon from Dulaney Woods Treasures.  You can find the pattern here in her Etsy shop.  It is stitched on the called for 32 count "Aged Saffron" from Dames of the Needle - From the Cauldron, using Valdani and GAST threads.

It is actually a pinkeep/scissors keep:

If there were Mulligans in stitching, there are things I would have done differently ~ like move the placement of the JOL up a bit more (although the photo makes it looks like it is in/on the seam, it really isn't...but it still bothers me); be patient and search out smaller beads for his eyes; and perhaps "stuffed" it a little fuller (in my defense, I ran out of sawdust AND balsam shavings...and obviously, once again, PATIENCE).

But it is done....and a wise woman once told me "done is good."

And this post is now DONE...Fingers crossed that the spell holds as I hit "publish"....

I am off now to soak in the beautiful full Corn Moon.  

I hope she is shining wherever you are!