Sunday, March 29, 2020

A Different Kind of Quiet

It's day whatever of the lock-down in Nod.  Yes, the indiscriminate reach of this new plague extends even to places as cold and forlorn as Nod.  When asked how I am tolerating the isolation, I respond that it really isn't much different for me than life was before the Plague.  I am accustomed to spending my time alone...and, specifically, at home alone, so that is nothing new.  I am also easily entertained and amused and, heaven knows, I have enough projects (fun and otherwise) to keep me occupied for several natural (and otherwise) lifetimes.
And life in Nod has always been, for the most part, quiet. 

But even this Quarantined Crow must admit that it is a different kind of quiet.

It is too early for the farmers to be in their fields and, apparently, we don't have too many "essential" workers living out this way because there are few, if any, cars that pass.
It is too cold to do outdoor things and that "ugly" adolescent-ness of spring is upon us so that nothing is green, but nothing is really white anymore as what snow remains seems dirty and used.

It is as if life was suddenly "paused."

We do not have children here that need to be schooled and I imagine life is quite different and not so serene in those homes that do....but that happy chaos does not reach here.

So, I carry on doing what I have been carrying on doing for so long now.... 
No - no closets emptied, no drawers organized; no purging, no downsizing, no tossing....No spring cleaning, no rearranging of furniture, no painting. No. Nope. Nada. 

I am, after all, a creature of habit.

I have not had much inclination to decorate for Easter. 

But a few things have found their way upstairs....

{Wax chicks by the talented Misi from 1890 Gable House Goodes}

{Felted carrots I made years and years ago in one of my favorite bunnies}

My plan to get binding wool to finish my Gillford runner...and perhaps a new hooking pattern and wool...was thwarted by the lock-down.   So, I have continued to stitch until I get up the nerve to pick up my Welcome Cat rug again.  This week I bit the bullet and actually made this stitching into the pinkeep it was supposed to be:

The pattern is from Scattered Seed Samplers and was part of the Birds of a Feather Handworkes club.  It is appropriately entitled Set Free. 

I know many are longing to be "set free" and my heart goes out to those who are much more affected by this pandemic than I:  Those whom the illness has touched directly and/or indirectly, those who have lost their jobs or been laid off indefinitely (including my Little Crow), those who are on the front lines in health care or "essential" job functions, those who have been thrown into uncertainty of having their life savings and retirement accounts reduced to a mere fraction of what they were, and those whom this plague has isolated.  I worry for my mum and those others who are in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and the like and are not allowed visitors. Dementia is cruel as we know, and my mother can be told 100x a day why no one from her family visits her, but she cannot remember.  All she must feel is total and utter abandonment.  Our economy, our country, and our world will not be the same.  But I hope that some of the "difference-ness" that results will be of the good sort.

And despite all the hardships, fear and uncertainty that has accompanied this plague, I hope a little piece of each of us can be grateful that we live in a place where, despite a pandemic of epic proportions, we can be safe and warm in our homes, work and attend school from our homes, communicate (albeit not in person) with loved ones, and have food in our pantries and refrigerators.

  Maybe not toilet paper...but,'s never gonna be perfect.

Rajah Roo practicing "social distancing"

Stay well and stay safe.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dia Duit

Dia Duit to all my Irish friends....
and top o' the day to all you non-Irish folk.

("Basket O' Luck" from Pineberry Lane's Little Shamrocks)

 There's 3-6" of snow headed our way and I am sick so I will have lots of time to catch up on your blogs....provided I can stay awake for more than 15 minutes at a time.

I hope you are well and safe, and that the day has been good to you. 

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Bits and Bobs

Every now and again, the book I choose to read is by a British author. It seems to happen quite frequently actually.  Among my recent favorites are Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel, both by Daphne Du Maurier.  (Once I like a book, I seem to search out other titles by the same author and read until I am satiated, or get over it.) Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel are not recent books (Rebecca was actually first published in 1938), but well worth the read.  

(Both "Rebecca" and "My Cousin Rachel" have been made into movies....several times)

Anyways...where was I going with this?  Oh, yes....  For some reason, the British version for certain words and phrases resurface in my head at the oddest of times. I find some of their words "boot" (a car trunk), child-minder (babysitter), people carrier (minivan), lie-down (nap) (as in "I think I will have a lie-down") and perhaps that is why they get "stuck" up there in my head; but why they come to mind when they do has me nonplussed.  It seems there is a magnet in my mind that attracts the most useless of information.

So, the phrase that got stuck and regurgitated today is "bits and bobs"....and that's exactly what you're getting in this post: Bits and bobs about what's new in Nod.


Absolutely NOTHING is new in Nod LOL.

  We have had several days of mild weather (today I think we are to break 50°) (aren't you impressed I figured out how to make the "°" symbol??).  But mild temps or not, we still have a thick layer of snow on the ground...and it snowed just this past Thursday.

While others look to cheery daffodils and the return of fair-weather birds as the harbinger of spring, here in Nod, we need to manually push ourselves into spring mode.  So, to that end, I did a bit of spring cleaning...and even a bit of rearranging.  
Unlike most of my blog acquaintances, I rarely rearrange because, despite WWR, our house is still quite small, and there are rooms, such as the living room, where furniture only can go one way.  And, when I find a place for my non-furniture junk stuff treasures, they often stay put....for a long, long, time.  Oh, I change things out for the holidays...(ok, I used to change things out for the holidays) but, for the most part, when something lands someplace, it puts down roots and that's where it stays.

I, however, forced myself out of my "box" this weekend.  I have an old horse tricycle that Daddy Crow bought for me when we were first married.  It is, however, awkward to display and landed in the basement.  While there, it acquired some not-so-happy associations (another story perhaps another time) and so where it landed, it be moved only to another room in the basement as a result of The Great Flood during WWR.

But, I saw it the other day and decided it was time to try to find the joy in it that I felt when Daddy Crow first gave it to me.

It did not work in the space I originally thought it would so, as part of Plan B, I had to move the treasures stuff junk that had "landed" in the space I decided to put it.  And of course that meant finding new "landing" places for those treasures that stuff that junk.

 (Corner between the bathroom and Little Crow's room the guest bedroom)

I am not particularly ecstatic over the end results, but I do like that it opened up a bit more floor space in both spots.  I will live with it a while and see what I want to change .... in another 10 years.  😮
And please don't ask what happened to the treasures stuff junk that was in this corner.


Other than that (and reading too much), I finished the hooking up on my Guillford runner (an Edyth O'Neill design). 

 I haven't located the box I stuffed my whipping wool in don't have any whipping wool, so I will have to wait on the binding of it.  
Please remind me that when I go back to hooking after an unduly long hiatus, NOT to choose a pattern with symmetry involved....particularly when said pattern is not very carefully drawn. Grrrr....


I also finished up a few little diddies that have been hanging around in various states of unfinish for far too long.  This little scissors pouch is a design from Teresa's Prim Treasures.  

I must have been on a scissors kick, because I also finished up this scissors block:

Each side has a different design, but I obviously have a bird thing going. Go figure.

I may make some more of these....If I can find where I stashed the other wood blocks I had made. The design is by La-D-Da.

So, that's a wrap on my bits and bobs for the day.
I hope your week ahead is filled with smiles...and a few shenanigans of course.