Thursday, February 24, 2022

Playdate at Red Barn Rugs

{The red barn at Red Barn Rugs}

Somewhere down the back roads of the farthest reaches of Nod, during the cold, snowy, and blustery days of February's end, seven (somewhat) like-minded people came together for three days of camaraderie, shenanigans, wool fondling (a LOT of wool fondling), shenanigans, amazing food, shenanigans, and a little (rug) hooking.

I am not sure why I didn't get better photos as I certainly wasn't busy hooking, but I am sharing what photos I did remember to take.

Cindy's start on "Cabbage Rose" (a Red Barn Rugs design):

Cindy was also working on a tribute rug to her furever beloved Holly:

A close-up:

Barb was building a fluffy sheep:

Although she was one of the main shenanigators, she had made good progress by the end of the three days:

Nancy (a native South Carolinian who came all the way from Minn-eh-sota) was also a main shenanigator - but she also got top honors for wool fondling (and thievery).  She was working on Cathy's (the genius behind Red Barn Rugs) new "Colonial Eagle" design:
{Sorry for the wonky photo...Nancy's from Minnesota don'tcha know?}

She also got some help with finishing touches for her "Winter Berries" sheep:

Just look at that face!

Mel (mostly) behaved and so got a lot done on "Bossie."  I love her spotted cow (a tribute to the famous brew from a certain brewery in New Glarus.  Hey, it's a Wisconsin thing.)  (And Mel, you are so right: Dogs ought really not have 5 legs. 😂)
{"Bossie" by Jill Peterson}

Lisa joined us on the last day only.  I know she brought more rugs with her, but these were the only two I caught photos of:
{Does this look familiar?? It's an antique adaptation that Saundra of Woodland Junction (relatively) recently hooked and she drew this pattern (which she calls "White Horse With Scrolls") for Lisa.}

{A Carol Weatherman (Pine Island Primitives) design...not sure of the name.}
{LOVE that walkway wool!!}

Cathy (in the rare moments when she was not quelling shenanigans helping the minions or busy making the best "lunches" EVER) was working on her newest design, "Colonial Eagle:"
{I am so doing this one!!}

My sincere apologies to Ellen....I did not get a photo of her rug, but she was also working on Cathy's new "Colonial Eagle."

As for me, well, yes, I was one of the main wool fondlers but I KNOW someone (you know who you are) will ask what I worked on.  I am not sure there was actually any true progress since I spent most of my time trying to figure out if the wool I had stuffed in with this project (the many years ago I put it aside) actually went with this project.

Oh...and there was a wee bit of puppy fondling going on too.  🐶
{Cindy snuggling with Cathy's Raffi}


I have neglected to mention my "reads" in the last few posts and know I have missed some...but this is the one I just finished up:

Jodi Picoult is one of my very favorite authors.  I was riveted to this book as tightly as I have been to her others but, in this case, it was likely more because of the setting and backstory: Egypt and Egyptology.
(Archaeology/Anthropology was one of my very first loves.  It was my primary degree in college and I actually toyed with Egyptology as a specialty - but that, once again, is another story for another time.)
As with her previous books, Picoult takes on a timely social issue in The Book of Two Ways:  In this case, she centers the plot around the ancient Egyptian "Book of Two Ways" often found in ancient tombs which is essentially a guidebook or map for the afterlife, but makes it a metaphor for the choices we make while on earth.
Would I recommend it? Yes...but with the proviso that you might not like it as much as I did unless you, too, are a closet Egyptologist.


Now...back to the shenanigans.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Are You There Tina Grace??

Three days have come and gone and an email has gone unanswered with no response from the winner of the giveaway (two posts ago).  While it is virtually impossible that any recipient-to-be will receive the heart before Valentine's Day at this point, I have, nonetheless, drawn a new name from those who originally entered. Hearts, after all, aren't just for Valentine's Day.
The name drawn was Tina Grace.
Tina, if you are still interested in giving the pink heart a home, please contact me at your very earliest convenience.  To be fair, I will give you 3 days as well, but if I don't hear from you by then, I will move on to Plan C.

I hate when things get to Plan C.

Hopefully once this giveaway business is settled, I will be back with a proper post.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Pretty in Pink

{"My Dear Hearts" by Blackbird Designs...Stitched on 36ct "Tango" by Picture This Plus}

I stitched this little heart is from "My Dear Hearts" by Blackbird Designs last year but just now got around to "finally" finishing it...and, no, it was NOT a WWR casualty.  When I got done, I decided it is definitely "pink-ish." 
 I may have to stitch this one again on a red linen like Aztec Red. (Ha! Yeah right!). Until such time, if any, that THAT happens, I just may have to reconsider my relatively recent (last post recent) dislike of pink.

But, for now, it is Thursday.  And, as promised, I have drawn a winner for the needlepunched heart in my last post.  The winner is:

Although not exactly the same as the first, I did have another of the hearts and decided to draw a second winner.
The second name drawn was:

Congratulations to both Teresa and Marshel.  Please contact me within 3 days with your mailing address and I will get your heart in the mail.
Thanks to everyone who played along.

 I wish now I had more hearts.