Thursday, December 29, 2016

The WWR Chronicles ~ Part I

{In 2014, we undertook a HUGE remodel project.  During (and since) that time, several followers asked me to post photos of the remodel project (yes really).  I never have...for the following (among other) reasons:(1) the project isn't really and truly "complete;" (2) I didn't have the sense to take good "before" photos; (3) I doubted a lot of people would be interested; (4) I really didn't know where to begin; and (5) By now, it's old news and I thought that most of those followers who had asked had long since drifted away. Well, with regard to the last point, I may be mostly correct, but there is, in fact, one faithful follower who still asks...and so begins the WWR Chronicles.  These will be divided into separate posts, and clearly labeled as such, so if you have no interest in WWR, you can pass over quickly with my blessing.  I have no idea HOW many segments there will be at this point (heck, they, like the remodel project, may never end)....but I do intend to intersperse "regular" blog posts in between the chronicles so as not to completely drive you all away. Oh...and if you're wondering what WWR stands for:  WHEN WE REMODELEDTo first-time visitors and passers-by: this is really not my typical blog fodder LOL.....}    

Once upon a time, in the cold, cold, land of Nod, there was a teeny, tiny, house.
Mama and Papa Crow had purchased the little house when they first married and thought it would be a great starter home.  And, indeed, it was:  the little house kept them warm and (mostly) dry, saw the addition of a Little Crow, and, overall, was cute as a bug's ear.  But, alas, over the years, the little house was stretched to the limits of its square footage and, in time, became far too small for the Crow family...especially since Mama Crow was somewhat of a collector gatherer hoarder.

For years, Mama and Papa Crow dreamed of finding a nice piece of with more acreage and lots of woods, but still somewhat accessible to civilization...and building a larger house.  But every piece that fit the Crows' (somewhat particular) criteria did not fit the Crows' (somewhat limited) budget.

Well, as things go, when Little Crow grew older, he developed an affinity for taking things apart and putting them back together....rather large things, like cars and trucks. And not just the Crows' cars and trucks...but a lot of peoples' cars and trucks....neighbor's cars and trucks, friends' cars and name it's cars and trucks.....
This put a strain on the little house's little, eventually, Papa Crow built Little Crow a separate garage....complete with all the accouterments a young mechanically-inclined crow could ask for.

(Little Crow's "garage/shop" is to the left and behind the main house...far left building in this photo.... The building to the right is the original (detached) garage that came with the little house.)

This kept Little Crow mostly amused for a good long while.  But inside...ahh...inside, the little house was still a little house....And it was becoming a TIRED little house...sporting the same wallpaper that the owners before the Crows had put on its walls 30 years ago and that no longer even covered the entire walls as the Crows had replaced the little house's windows somewhere along the way.

Mama Crow suggested that the wallpaper be removed, but if that was done, it only made sense (to Mama Crow at least) to replace the leaky outdated calcified gross kitchen faucet...and...maybe....perhaps....the outdated fake wood countertops... But Mama Crow's suggestions went no where....

Until the day the toilet in the little house broke....

{To Be Continued.....}