Monday, May 30, 2011

Changing of the Seasons....and Changing of the Rug....

WooHoo!!! I think spring has finally found the cold, cold, Land of Nod!
Today we finally went over the 70 degree mark without being blasted by tornadoes!!  (Actually, I think we topped 80 degrees!!)
I got to open the windows for the first time....

(Sometimes we miss spring and go straight into summer....this may be one of those years....)

Puppies dreaming of the dog days of summer (well, ok - maybe The Snow Dog isn't....):

The crab apple tree is finally blooming....

And the lilacs won't be far behind (can't wait!!):

And so this also meant I had to pack away my bunnies, my yellow chicks, and my other Easter fun, and risk life and limb once again to change out my rug at the top of the stairs (on the holder that still doesn't work so great as a holder for rugs.....)

The frogs are singing....and I'm a happy gal....


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Prim Swap Box Blog Swap & Other Goodies!

I recently participated in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prim Swap Box Blog Swap (I can't even say that once LET ALONE three times fast!) hostessed by Deb at Crow's Creek Primitives.....

Deb started the box off by putting five items inside, and sending it to Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies.
Wendy chose what she wanted from the box, replaced the items she took with others, and sent the box on to Tam at A Primitive Place.
Tam did likewise, and then the box came to me....

I would've loved to have kept EVERYTHING.....but didn't think it fair that the next person in line would only have my stuff to choose carefully chose these:

A sweet little doll made by Tammy:

And a wall box also made by Tammy:
(Complete with fillings!!)

And, lastly, this little nest with eggs from Deb:

The Sisterhood box is now on its way to Mary at Marmmies, Mammy's & More.
Hope she finds something to love in that box!!


And, on top of THAT fun, I got this in the mail today:

Traci from York Mountain Primitives had an awesome "Name-That-Bear" giveaway a while back.  She kept the fun going for an entire month or more by continuing to draw names from the entries each week.  And I was lucky enough to have her draw my name this past week and won this wonderful penny pillow made by Traci....I love this, Traci! (Sorry - not the best photo....the colors are truly richer in person.)
Traci also sent me some bird and butterfly wildflower seed mix  :o) .....

Can't wait to see what comes up with that!!!  I LOVE flowers - and wildflowers even more so!!
Thank you SO MUCH Traci!!! You're a sweetie and then some!!

Smiles & Hugs, Robin 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger Comment Help ~ If You're Interested.....

Let me preface this by saying I am NOT a computer expert.....
Not even computer saavy by most accounts.
However, I have figured out a couple of work-arounds that have, at least, worked for me in Blogger's latest "hiccup."  So, if you're interested, I'll tell you what I've discovered. If not....just skip this post...

The Problem:  Some folks cannot leave comments on some other folks' blogs.  Other folks, however, appear to have no problems whatsover.  The key word in the first sentence is "some." It appears that those having problems leaving comments can, in fact, leave comments on blogs that have certain comment settings.  So, here are two work-arounds for you to consider if you're as addicted to blogging as I am and this is making you a wee bit cranky....

1.  THIS WILL ALLOW EVERYONE TO POST COMMENTS ON YOUR BLOG (This will NOT enable YOU to post comments on EVERYONE ELSE'S blog, however, unless you have also done work-around "2" below):  This work-around will allow EVERYONE (not just some) to leave comments on YOUR blog (NOTE - it will NOT help you to leave comments on others' blogs who have not done this also....)
Go to your Dashboard;
Click on "Settings";
Then click on the blue "comments" tab (if you're using Google Blogger, it's the one in the second row - not the big "comments" tab in the first row;
Then go down to where it says "Comment Form Placement" and select "Pop-up Window";
Then click on "Save Settings"

EVERYONE should now be able to leave comments on your blog posts....but like I said, if you've been having problems, this won't fix the problem of leaving comments on other people's posts unless they, too, have changed their comment settings.  And, you can always "undo" this fix and go back to your original settings if/when Blogger gets around to fixing the issue.  (All this really does is change how it looks when people leave a comment - a separate window opens up instead of a box below your post....)

2.  THIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO POST COMMENTS ON EVERYONE ELSE'S BLOGS (It will NOT enable others to post comments on YOUR blog if you haven't done work-around "1" above):  This work-around is a little more ambitious, but appears to fix the problem more completely.  Apparently, the problem has something to do with the web browser you're using (problems paricularly with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.)  So, if you access Blogger through a different web browser, the problems go away (and I suspect that is why some people are having no problems commenting on everyone's blogs).  For most, this would mean downloading a different web browser.....sounds scary - but really isn't too bad.  I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and am accessing Blogger through that and, voila! problems resolved.  You can download Firefox here:

So....I'm off to post some over-due comments!

Hope this helps someone at least.  Any questions, I'll be happy to try to help...


UPDATE 5/28:  As Blogger attempts to resolve this issue, some improvements have, in fact, been made.  For some, the following fix works to allow both you to leave comments on everyone else's blogs and for everyone else to leave comments on yours.  Try this before #1 or #2 above, as it is the easiest fix (if it works):
1.  Sign out of Blogger (I had tried this numerous times and it would not let me sign out - but that has been fixed in recent days);
2.  Sign Back in to Blogger, but be sure that the box "keep me signed in" is NOT checked.

Good luck Blogging Pals! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yesterday's Child

I've never before participated in the Tuesday Display Chain (normally hosted by Misi at 1809 Gable House Musings (, and now, on an interim basis, by Amy from Bumble Bee Lane ( Thank you, Amy!!).....
But Amy's theme this week embodies everything I so love....
So, I thought I'd give it a try.
My photography leaves so much to be desired...wish I could blame it on the camera, but I can', I'm considering this practice. I will try to learn to be better....Thanks, friends, for your patience 'til then.....

Yesterday's Child:

Old dollies and shoes on an old child's wagon seat
(Pillows by Traci at York Mountain Primitives

My old teddy:

Watermelon gal:

Old school pencil box:

More old shoes (I have a real THING for old shoes...):

Old wooden tops:

Old clay marbles:

Greiner doll:

More shoes....


Teddies in an old wagon:
(The one on the left recently arrived from "across the pond" from Angi at Drakestone Primitives (   The other two are little mohair ones I made a long, long, time ago....)

A few samplers (LOVE me my samplers!):

 Isn't she lovely?

Ta Da!! That's it....and that's me....
yesterday's child!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've Been Pug-Hugged!!!

Well, not literally.....but I still got the warm-fuzzies!

I have met some truly wonderful people in the less-than-4 months I have been blogging.  One of them is Lauren, from Rugs and Pugs.  She is a wonderfully talented person, with a heart of gold.....
A bit ago, Lauren made some necklaces and I commented on how much I liked them....
Well, in yesterday's mail, I received this:

Isn't that just the cutest dang thing??!! Lauren - I LOVE it!!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!
If you don't know Lauren, check out her blog at
She truly is a wonderful person, and does some remarkable work with pug rescue dogs..... need to get my hooking mojo back.  I'm hoping this necklace holds special powers, because I've been in a funk lately.  I told Lauren that maybe the "happy" on the necklace will help to remind me that this is supposed to be fun and help curb the muttering under my breath....
This is currently what's been sitting on my frame (I'm not even going to pretend to say "working on") lately....

It's an adaptation of an antique rug that I've always loved, but it's a bit more challenging than I thought it would be.  I'm trying to hook directionally as the original was done and it's just plain WEIRD....From what I can see of the only photo I have of the original is that parts of the rug are hooked horizontally (top and bottom) and the middle is vertical.  Yikes....I think the lady who hooked this did it this way just so she could mess with my head 100+ years later!

Anyway...there you have it.  Hopefully posting this will prompt me to try to make some progress on it to show from time to time.  Then, again, maybe not. :o) No matter what - THANK YOU, Lauren! You're a true sweetheart!

Have a great Sunday all!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I WON, I WON, I WON!!!! And Some Very Heartfelt Thanks!!!

Fridays the 13th kinda spook me.  I haven't had the best track record with them....(How about missing your Greek & Roman Mythology final exam because you got your curling brush completely and hopelessly tangled and stuck in your hair as just ONE example??? Ok....let's not even go there...)
And, as I've mentioned before, I don't have the greatest relationship with Lady Luck anyway - so, I just have never really trusted Fridays that land on the 13th of the month....

But this time around, I'm trying to be very proactive and optimistic....
So, I thought it would be very appropriate to share some of my recent wonderfully GOOD luck on this Friday the 13th (see....I'm not even afraid to say it anymore....)

A bit ago, I won a wonderful giveaway hosted by Lori at Midnight Farm
(Same Lori as from Notforgotten Farm)

Lori gave me this sweet little trick or treat pinkeeper she made:

I LOVE all things Halloween and this is the cutest little thing ever!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH, Lori ~ LOVE it!!! It will have a treasured place in my collection!
If you haven't been to Midnight Farm, you need to go....It is such a fun and inspiring place to visit!!

Now, I would have thought that I had been lucky enough, but I also won a giveaway from White Flower Farmhouse:
Look at this awesome little sailboat made of driftwood and linen:

(The first two photos are the one I received; but I was having problems getting a good picture - so I borrowed a photo from White Flower Farmhouse to show you how cute these things are....)

THANK YOU, Lori & Lisa!!!  Too, too, sweet! This is going into my son's new bathroom as soon as we get it completed! Check out White Flower Farmhouse's online shop ~ so many unique and wonderful finds!

Did you notice there were three "I won's" in my title??? Yes siree sir!!!
I CAN'T believe it!!!
Sweet Dee from IceHouseCrafts ( had a giveaway....
As an extra "surprise" gift, she drew a name from among those who had posted her giveaway to their blog.....
And it was my name she drew!!!  YIPPEE!!! :o))
This is what Dee made for me:

(Not the best photo, I know - but she had them wrapped so dang cute I had to show you....Almost didn't want to open them...NOT!!) 

Adorable little beeswax hangers:

This little willow tree has a tag that says "Blessings"

And this little pineapple has a tag that says "Welcome"

I LOVE them Dee!! Thank you, Sweetie!!  That was so very kind of you!!

So....YEAH!!! I'm am still squealing over here!!! Even if a mirror breaks today (yup, that happened to me too on the same Friday the 13th I got my curling brush stuck on my head), I won't give it a second thought....(well??)
Right now, even though it's rainy and frigid, I'm going outside to do my happy dance.....

A GREAT BIG heartfelt THANK YOU to Lori, Lori & Lisa, & Dee!!!