Sunday, October 31, 2021

All Hallow's Eve Tidings!

{"Oct 31" by Blackbird Designs.  Drum finish by my sweet and talented SIL, Debbie. I'm not sure why the photo makes it look washed out; it really isn't in person.}

May your night be filled with many happy haunts and magic of the very best kind.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Losing October

Happy FriYay everyone!

I promised I would try to work a few more posts into this enchanted month but, like everything else, October is slipping by me. This, therefore, will be brief.

Our weather has turned.  Last night we had a hard frost which was the end to the remaining outdoor vegetation, and today has been moody and dark...kind of like me.

{Cement Ghosts...remind me of all the mothers who tell their children that their faces will stay that way if they make an unseemly face.}

The photo below was taken a few days ago.  This beautiful tree is now almost bare.

{The lady in black carries a lantern with a candle that lights at night.  Unfortunately, in this photo it is hidden behind the rock.}

No spooking season is complete without some lights:
(Yes, yes, you grammar Nazis (you know who you are) - I KNOW the apostrophe should not be there...but I did not make this sign.)

Fingers crossed that this video works...I've had issues getting them to work here:

If it doesn't work for you, this is a still shot...but it is sooo much better if you can see the light dance.
{"Girls' Night Out" from 1890 Gable House Goodes}

And since it was so gloomy, it was a perfect day for baking something pumpkin.
These are streusel-topped pumpkin muffies.  (In case you aren't familiar with the term, "muffies" are muffins that are baked in special tins so you end up with something that is like just the top of a muffin - the best part as everyone knows.) 
{Not the best of photos....they aren't flat like a cookie, but they are definitely not as thick/high as a regular muffin.}

That's it... Short and sweet.  (In case you missed it, the "sweet" part of this post was the muffies LOL.)  I am off to get a fire going and cross a few stitches.
And when my eyes start to cross from crossing stitches, I will spend too much some time lost in Pendle Forest. 

I'll be back!....Maybe...

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Things Forgotten and Found (and Other Stuff)

I had thought of titling this post "The Things You Find," but since Lauren just did a post by that title, I thought the plagiarism would be a bit too obvious. So you get this instead.

First, some of the "other stuff":
I thought I had posted these in previous posts, but I am not finding any mention of them...not even in the post dedicated to vintage Halloween.  Strange...but, in any event, this is my (very small) collection of vintage black Steiff cats.  (There are more than 3 so, yes, I can properly call it a "collection.")  I haven't met many vintage Steiff animals I don't covet, but the black
I wish I had a whole herd of them

Many think they all look alike, but not to me.
And, yes, I have them named.  
Some other "other stuff":
I finished hooking "Jack's Crow" (design by Terri Leamer of Winter Cottage Studio).

I mentioned in my last post that Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) thinks hooked loops should look like little soldiers standing side by each...and her army is one of the finest in the hooking world.
Mine, not so much.... Not only are they all different heights (like REAL soldiers Lauren!), mine, sadly, look like they went on a bender the night before.
But, it is what it is.  
Now to whether to finish it with the simple fold forward method Terri used in the original design, a whipped edge, or a wool binding.

As for the "things forgotten and found," please don't judge me...
There are several boxes still unpacked from WWR ("When We Remodeled"). The other day I was looking for something and opened one marked "law books."  Inside there were, indeed, law books...but also a mittful of things I had stitched and/or punched, and other pictures.  (In my defense, I did NOT pack, nor label, that box.)
The scary part? I had not "missed" these things (that I recall) - I apparently just "forgot" about them.

The contents were representative of all the seasons/holidays...and then some, but I will share with you only a couple of the Halloween pieces.  I truly apologize to the designers of the patterns, but I do not recall them and so am not crediting them here. However, if anyone is interested in knowing the particulars, let me know and I will open another box.  I'm sure the patterns are in there somewhere.

The two pieces above are punched (and thinking of it now, am pretty sure they are by Brenda Gervais of "With Thy Needle and Thread").  The piece below is stitched:

Finally, as promised, here a peek at what's keeping me company nights:
{I love this of my favorites.  I've read it before but picked it up again as I was trying to recall a passage that kept creeping around the edges of my memories (yet another "thing forgotten").  Once I opened it, I decided to re-read it. Yup, I like it that much.}

This time around you are getting a two-fer since the above book is one I've already read and I may (or may not) have mentioned in a post somewhere along the way already, and because this book below is just a short "novella."

{This one I did not "love."  It held my interest (after all, it was only a novella and I still have some type of attention span), but....I found it a bit predictable and distractingly sophomoric. However, I do adore the artwork gracing the cover.  It is by Tina Lewonski of 
The Burlap Owl.}

I will try to sneak a couple more posts in yet this month...Until then, be well and good.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Merrie October

October is, by far, my most favorite month of all...albeit a very bittersweet pleasure.

The fall leaves dance their last dance, the autumn winds conspire, shadows linger a bit longer than they should and magic comes a bit easier.

It is a month-long celebratory preparation culminating in one of the best days of the year.

{"Oct 31" by Blackbird Designs}

Nothing that has come before it, nor anything that comes after it, is ever quite as good as October.

I finally picked up my hook and started working on "Jack's Crow" by Winter Cottage Studio.

Yes, Lauren, I agree....Loops should be like little soldiers one by each...but just remember: Not all soldiers are the same height. 🤣

Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) and Saundra (Saundra of Woodland Junction) hooked this little mat last year...or the year before??? ...Whichever, I nonetheless am late to the party.

And remember I said I'm over the mermaid thing?  Well, I lied.  (Get used to it, I'm an attorney.)  
I stitched this last year (or the year before??) but never fully finished it.  I kept looking for the right frame or right something on which to mount it and never found one.  So I decided to make it a practice piece for a flat-fold finish.

It is difficult to see/photograph, but it is finished somewhat like a book which you pull apart to stand.

(The above photo was taken before I decided to make some cording and add it around the edges.)

(Backside of piece folded...again, before cording was added.) (And no, I am NOT a purple just went well with the linen....and it was intended for the lake house.)

For many reasons (aren't there always "many reasons" in my world??), I will not be decorating for my beloved Halloween this year.  (Ok...I did pull a few things in easy reach out.)  So, I decided that I will share with you a photo of some of my "Halloween Pasts" each post I do this month.  (Yes, my intention is more than one post this month unlike prior months.) 
This is my collection of vintage pulp/papier mache Jack-o-Lanterns....probably one of most favorite things:

I also thought I would start sharing what I happen to be reading at the time of a posting since it is an addictive escape for me.  I likely won't always remember and I know it won't be something everyone cares a rat's gray hair about, but I have learned, over the years, there are many of you who are fellow book addicts.
This is currently what I am engrossed in:

Just as I prefer hooking/stitching/punching "in season," I also prefer reading "in season" as well....although I confess that I do not limit my intake of books regarding the Salem witch trials to the fall.  Given my connection, I devour whatever I can get - both fiction and non-fiction - whenever I can get it.
Hmmm....perhaps I will share with you "A Witch's Reading List" sometime...

Until next time, be well, be safe...and enjoy this month of magic.