Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain: "Autumn at the Table...."


Last week in Miss Misi's continuous display chain....I made it, I made it!!! Yippee!!
(Although Misi will probably kick me out after this week....)

And "whew!" again....Misi really made me work for this one!
This week's theme:  "Autumn at the table ~ One place setting with a yummy recipe prepared and shared....."  You cut me to the quick, Girl.  YIKES!

Confession:  DH does most of the cooking.  It started when I worked full time and he, well, didn't work at all, and we found out he was very good at it.  I have since been relegated to "speciality foods:"  hors d'oeuvres, desserts, foreign food, gourmet, casseroles, my mom's special dishes and....SOUPS!!

And, to me, autumn, in all its resplendent glory, also means comfort food and SOUP ranks at the very top of that category for me....Personally, I think I could live on soup (and a wonderful hunk of crusty bread....Oh...and maybe a slice of a wonderful Gouda.....)

But, again, I digress.....
Here's my offering this week:
Dead Man's Soup A la Crow:

Despite its name (which I WILL explain), it's YUMMY in my book....

Here's how:

2 Tbsp butter
1/2 medium onion (course minced)
2 slices of bacon (I like more...yeah...of course!)
4 Tbsp flour
4-1/2 cups water
5 chicken bouillon cubes
1 can creamed corn (for a creamier soup, run through a blender) (I don't....)
2 eggs (beaten)
1/2 cup milk (to be added last)
Salt and pepper to taste (Caution on the salt, as the bouillon is salty....Start with 1 tsp or so of pepper (yeah, we like our pepper....)

Mince the bacon and onion and place in a dutch oven or stew pot.  Fry until the bacon and onion are done:

Add butter and let it melt:

Sift the flour into the bacon, onion, and butter.  Stir until completely mixed.  (If your roux is too dry, add more butter....)

Add the bouillon cubes and water (a cup at a time), stirring constantly.  When the broth and the roux have been incorporated, add the creamed corn.  Heat to a low boil, stirring occasionally.

Drip the beaten eggs in a narrow stream into the boiling soup that you are constantly stirring:

(Yeah, that was hard to photograph stirring, drizzling, and snapping a photo....)

When you have incorporated all of the egg into the soup, turn off the heat.....

Stir in the milk, and season with salt and pepper (remember - easy on the salt until you taste test it first):

(Note: Shown is a double batch....The recipe is for "soup for 4," a single batch....)

So why "Dead Man's Soup"?  Well, the very first time I made it, the next night my DH asked if there was any "Dead Man's Soup" left.  I asked him why he called it that....He said "Because it really sticks to your bones...."

Bone Appetite!!  (And, no, that's not my DH....He was much taller....) ;o)

I am so blessed....

Go to 1890 Gable House Musings to find out what the other chain gang members have on their autumn tables....

And a huge, big, thank you to Misi for four weeks of fun.....And ensuring my boys are eating well tonight! ;o)


deb said...

LOL...Im so gonna make that soup!!!!!!! LOVE the skellie at the table!!!!!

Robyn ♥ said...

Great tablescape!! So gonna try the soup! Great name for it DH!!

lilraggedyangie said...

OMG QUIT MAKING ME LAUGH IT HURTS!!!! Thanks for the soup and the skelly well he did me in ! lol have a great day , wish I could get soup delivered today Im only allowed clear liquids n miserable but aha at least I can blog and pester my pals! hugs lilraggedyangie

Nancy said...

Bone ah pahteet? Love it. Thank you sweetie for the recipe and smiles. You are very busy!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Giggles~ you kill me!!!
thanks for sharing the recipe~ Good looking Hubby!!!Wow, handsome~but looks like he may need some more Dead Man's Soup ala Crow~
Love~ Love the post!!!

Ronda said...

Yummies...thanks for sharing...you are a hoot!!...Is it guaranteed to make me thin and bony like to model?

Great post

Kim said...

Leave it to you to introduce us to Dead Man's Soup! I love the name. I think your DH must share your wicked sense of humor.
Raw egg, and then turn off heat.....really??

frontporchprims said...

You make me laugh nearly every day. I love soup too. Give it too me with bread and that's all I need. Oh, and pie. This soup looks soooo good. I can't wait to try it. Anything with bacon in it is right up at the top of my list. Love the skeleton. -Steph-

laurie said...

oh my gosh thats funny, better give that guy some more bread,, he needs to fatten up.Thats yummy soup,

BumbleBeeLane said...

Such a silly crow.Sounds yummy.Hugs!~Amy

outjunking said...

You should take this show on the road you always make me laugh.

prims by olde lady morgan said...


OMG!!! I love this, can't wait to try, love soup & bread anyday, anytime!!!
Loving the new header!!! And I must say... I think hubby can use a few extra "carbs"!!! OLM

Carmen and the Primcats said...

I'm a soup girl too!!! And that looks good.

Love the skeleton! Cracked me up!

Linda said...

Sounds delish and I can't stop laughing at your post...you are such a delight to visit everyday!!

Courtney said...

Dang, girl! You are too funny. I love that skeleton! I could use him around the house!! Gotta try that soup!

Christine said...

HAHAHAHA! I LOVE the Dead guy - you're dead funny!
Thanks for giving us a laugh!

Woman Seeking Center said...

"Crow" you are a treasure! When I viewed your dinner guest my first thought was 'easy for him to find a spot to tuck in his napkin'! roflmBo* (rolling on the floor laughing my BONES off - *halloween variant dontchaknow :-)

Your Soup! Looks so delish I must turn on the stove (not commonplace for me) to try recreating it.

PS Me tooooo - soup & bread and a 1/2 pint of lager or stout and I count myself well and truly supped!

PSS lovely table setting - cozy, yet elegant (shall we consider it coz-e-gant? :-)


bettyj said...

you are so funny! I will make this soup as it sounds delicious. Soup is my favorite thing to cook in the winter.

Vicki said...

This is great! Love your visitor at the table! It looks wonderful!

~Madalynne~ said...

That's my kinda' cooking! I gotta' try that soup! Love your dinner guest :)

Angela said...

Robin,, Thanks for the recipe. That soup sounds great. That poor guy at your table needs more than soup. Cook him up some meat and taters. Have a great evening

jennifer768 said...

Thanks Robin for the chuckle!The soups sounds yummy and just right for a cold night.Hugs,Jen

Rachel said...

You crack me up! Love the skeleton @ the table! lol Your soup sounds yummy~thanks for sharing with us! Glad you made it thru all 4 weeks.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I just copied this one..and it looks yummy..we love soups too especially at this time of year..love the skelly at the end..tell hubby he is a goof ball:)

Sew Many Raggedies said...

Hey Robin, love your sense of humor, soup and especially your dinner guest. So funny!!

Ann said...

Oh, I think the soup sounds good. Love making soup - thanks for sharing the recipe. ~Ann

Traci said...

GM Robin...

awesome recipe share and I like your "Skeleton" dinner guest...I bet he made no bones about it being the best soup ever! We York Mtn people love soup so we'll be trying this..

Hugs, T

Misi said...

Your place setting is abso beaut! & Oh my gosh whoda thought A CREAMY dropped egg soup!.. i love egg drop soup, but would really appreciate more if it was creamy & with bacon too! YUMMO YUMMO!!! This one is defiantly going in my box

Beckyjean said...

Hi Robin~

The soup looks wonderful & love your skeleton at the table!! He must be fun to dine with. Giggles.

Have a beautiful day~Becky

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


He WAS taller ? Hmmm... cute post !

Now that is a different soup recipe ! My dh would probably like it. He is as skinny as the guy in your photo, too ! LOL

guess I will work on looking at the rest of the chain gang posts..

Linda Thanks for the smiles !

Rhodes Creations said...

Thanks for sharing and you are so funny! Blessings, Laura

Kathy said...

What a brew you whip up girlie, I love your guest of honor. I think you need to pack a little more meat into that soup so he can have something that sticks to his ribs.

You are always so clever. Enjoy the hauntings. Kathy

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

A delightful story, for sure.
You know if you added a couple of cubed potatoes, it would be corn chowder.
Soup is good at our house any day!
Love Mr. Bones.

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

You totally made my day...it might even count as making 2 of my days since it's almost 4 am and I just read your post !!! That soup sounds awesome...I LOVE comfort food. I literally could live on bread alone though if the breads good enough and theres some butta ( alot of butta, which, incidently has gone straight to my butt !), although I think rounding it it out with soup and some Gouda..girl you speak my language ! OK, now I might be mad at you...I was suffering from insomnia b4 I read your post and now I am hungry too ...Guess I will sneak downstairs and slice off a piece of the pumpkin roll I have stashed in the freezer ! Yum.

Hugs your crankiness,

~willa~ said...

Hi Robin...First, love the soup, I must try it. But, the guest, well, he needs more than soup.

And, you must check out who won the giveaway on my blog.


Vicki said...

LOL...What a great name for this recipe. You had me at bacon. Saved this one.

Kimberly said...