Friday, November 25, 2011

Anybody there???

Remember Me???
It seems like so long....
I've tried to keep up with you all in some way ~ commenting as I can, but often just reading....a shadow, a whisper, you may not see or hear....
But each of you were counted among my blessings in my Thanksgiving heart....

Not too much to report new here....
My syllabus is done, but my readings, class plans, assignments, and exams not so much.....And, yes, there are still pumpkins and black cats about....
I did finish up this punched piece.
I punched it last Christmas, but never "finish" finished it; I finally decided I needed some kind of craft fix tonight:

 (This is "Christmas Eve" - a design by the talented Shawn Williams of Threads That Bind.....)
(You can't really tell, but Santa's beard, tassel on his hat, and the snow are all done with a deeper thread length so they are more dimensional....yeah - my photography skills have NOT improved since I last posted....)

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes - for my new "vocation," my son's knee, and the Snow Dog....My son's surgery is scheduled for this coming Monday afternoon....The Snow Dog isn't doing the best...he just started round 2 of 4 of medication and seems to be worse than he was when he started - but we're still hopeful.

Hoping you all had a blessed and joy-filled Thanksgiving (yes, even my Canadian friends - even if it was almost two months ago...) and that all is well in your worlds....

Hugs & Smiles......


annie said...

I love your Santa, he's wonderful! Hope all goes well with your other work!

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

Well Hi there! How is everything? Glad to see your post :)
I have never attempted rug hooking, but I hope to learn, maybe this year? Who knows. Yours is very beautiful. Hope You had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that all is well with school :)

Rhissanna said...

Hooked rugs. Big craft in the north of England. Like, not a trendy craft, it;s actually how a lot of people make rugs.

We missed you, Miss Crow. Good luck with Son's coming surgery and I hope you bring better news about snow dog. My thoughts are with you with the school work. It's hard.It gets better though, It really does.
*big rabbit h Long nights up typing and printing and sorting...

Big Rabbit hugs!

Deb @ Crows on the Cupola said...

LOVE the punch! Great job! Hope your son's surgery goes well. Happy Holidays!!

Kaisievic said...

Your Santa is stunning. Good luck with the exam and report writing - I remember doing that - no fun at all.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Christine said...

So good to catch up with you, Robin!
I can just see the depth in the snow and the tassel on Santa's hat are deeper. You have done such a great job of it that I clearly need lessons on how to do punch needle more effectively!
You've been busy too with your new 'vocation' and I hope all goes smoothly for you!
I hope your son's surgery will be a success and Snow Dog gets better.
Thanks so much for visiting and making my day with your fun comments!
Best wishes

Shirlee said...

Love the Santa & the way you finished it! Glad to see you posting : ) Blessings, Shirlee

The Farmer's Attic said...

Glad you were able to take a little time to do what you love! Your Santa came out beautiful!!!!

Will be praying for your son on Monday!

Enjoy your weekend.


Courtney said...

Love you Santa...especially on that board! Glad to see you're sneaking in some crafting! I'm supposed to do my report card this weekend, but instead, I drew up a little Christmas mat and have been hooking away. I have 2 days and counting to get to the grades....arrghhhh
Have a grand weekend and I'm wishing your son the best on his surgery.
Hugs and Prayers!!

Vicky said...

Robin that's a gorgeous punched piece! Sorry to hear about Doggie:( Hoping he can withstand the meds and come out better for it. Prayers all around for you and your family!

laurie said...

oh its so good to hear from you, I hope all goes well with son and pup, your new header is lovely, your work is even more lovley, santa is beautiful, I love the way you displayed this peice,

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Robin, I know what it is like to be busy, so understand fully. I read alot of posts also and just don't have the time to comment. But us prim friends are always here for each other. Love your Santa, awesome job. And am thinking of your son and doggie. Bunches of hugs, Lecia

tamera-country at heart said...

Hello Robin, your punched piece turned out great. I haven't tried that craft yet. It probably takes lots of patience which I don't have.
But it is nice to finish a project that has been sitting for awhile. I have plenty of those. Maybe I should dig them out and work on them.
Country at heart

myomyohi said...

Love the santa.

I know exactly what you mean about sometimes needing a craft fix. I get grumpy and depressed if I don't get to be creative at least once a week or so.

Sounds like you have a lot going on right now. I wish you well.


Me and My Stitches said...

Love your Santa - and I have one just like it! My aunt made it for me a few years ago, but it is in a picture frame. I love punch needle, but refuse to learn how to do it - I can not handle another hobby!

Cabin Fever Primitives said...

Crafting is great food for the soul, I too did a little creating on Wednesday. Made some prim paper ornaments, felt good to be creative even if for just a little while.
I have been wanting to to try needle punch, your Santa is adorable.

Raymond Homestead said...

What a cute Santa, love it!

Dan said...

I love the Santa! You did a wonderful job on it! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Well, my feathered friend, I have certainly missed your wit! Love your new header. Your color is so vibrant and I like that!
Love your needle punch. I think it would be a bit stressful on my pre-arthritic hands... I am feeling more like my Grandma every day. Does this happen to everybody?Big hugs,

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Robin, I've caught glimpses of you around blog land, and of course there are the absolutely wonderful comments you leave for us.....thank you for that.

I know, life gets busy, but I am so glad that we still have you shadows or not. What a lovely job you did, show more when you get time.

Wishing your Son a speedy recovery.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Ronda said...

So glad things are going well! I remember ole crank...never forget the punch santa!..


My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Awe..Our Feathered Friend has come Flying by..leaving us a Splended note to say hello..
Good to hear that your syllabus is finished. With worry about your sons surgery takes priority, I think once that is behind you all that other stuff will fall into place..
LOL..I still have pumpkins and fall decorations up & will for a while till I get my Christmas decorations from Carmen's house. that might take a while..
Maybe I'll just start fresh & create new decorations for the tree..
I love your Santa Punch it turned out great! A little creating can go a long way to soothe the soul, calm the weariness and stress we feel..
Prayers for Snow Dog..God willing his meds will work..
Prayers that your sons surgery goes well..
Take Care my dear feathered Friend..

Hugs and Blessings from my house to yours!

Nancy said...

Yuppers still here! Your santa looks great after you 'punched' him last year and 'punched' to the finish now :)
I could tell the 3D, very neat. All my best for your son and snow dog. Are we ready for winter and Christmas hmm? It must be hectic for you....hugs.

oldgreymare said...


After 58 years, I have finally realized that most of us are dancing as fast as we can and we need to be more gentle with ourselves. There are no more additional hours in the days. We have not evolved into humans with three hands or two heads.

We may all be rushing way too fast but if we stop and breathe for just a moment the clarity comes. Family, friends, our home, our work... You will find
balance and peace in letting go.

I will hold prayers for a safe surgery, and better health for snow dog and holiday calm for you.
You are dedicated to your new position, it will be rewarding and with a sense of humor and patience, another balance to your life.

VIsit when you can...No one is going anywhere. <3

I am so enjoying your music this a.m. I may just leave it on. My playlists refuse to play for months. I have pushed it to the end of my list.... for now. :D

Kim said...

Santa is adorable. Doesn't it feel good to finish something? Lol

earlene said...

Well wishes for all of you.
Enjoy your weekend.

Woman Seeking Center said...

Wing~Wave to you dear "crow"!

A lovely piece you've created....
I'm uber-pleased to read you've stolen a pocketful of moments to renew yourself with art/craft/soul replenishment. Not only important but essential, yes?!!?

SOMEhow I've missed the news of your recent family events - you know before I even say it my heart is with you as both (so different yet both heart-held) unfold.

I'll join the chorus of 'thank you for your comments every now and again'! It's also warming to know you're reading and sharing even tho not always able to leave crow-tracks in the cyber comment snow....

And your 'only when you find time' posts in the midst of life as it evolves for you just now makes them all the more prized :-)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I love your santa and reindeer you do nice work sista...glad you had a nice thanksgiving..have a great weekend.:)

basketsnprims said...

Well, hello there! So glad to hear from you, Robin. We miss you but totally understand the commitments of "life". I love your Santa & what an awesome finish. Will keep your son and furry friend in my prayers. No snow here yet, how about in Wi?

Kendra said...

I want to learn punch needle so bad. There are so many beautiful things that you can do with that craft. There is a woman 2 towns over that said she would teach me. She is at an old barn where they teach many primitive and old time crafts. I have made a laundry basket and caned a chair over there already. After seeing your piece I may finally get it in gear to call her and schedule that class for myself! Kendra

floweringmama said...

Beautiful, beautiful Santa. We put our tree up yesterday along with my ever growing collection of nutcrackers. Congrats on getting the syllabus finished -- that in itself is a big deal. Prayers for your son and Snow Dog.


Love, love, love your punched piece, he is fantastic!!!!

Joanne said...

Love this santa pattern and love how you put it on the wood! No worries - my black cats and pumpkins just entered their resting place until next year last night around midnite!

Beckyjean said...

Hi Robin~

Glad to hear from you. Love your punch piece on the old wood!! It's fabulous!!

Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

renee said...

I am here!
LOL! You are one inspiring crow! Love the Santa, he looks wonderful on the board!
I am sure you will do great at your new position. It is hard to balance, but hearing from you from time to time will be wonderful!


The Moonlit Stitch said...

It's ok to have the black & orange out all year! No worries! Love your punched piece - especially displayed on the wood! Best wishes for your son, snow dog and assignments. That's a lot on the plate-hang in there! ~*~Lisa

deb said...

that Santa is just the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so good to see you post!!!! sending prayers for your sons surgery and for snow dogs complete healing!!!!!!
oh..and your assignments!!!!!!!

Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

I'm thankful that I've met you through your blog and visits! Every time you share a photo of your work it's wonderful. You are so talented. I like Shawn Williams too. How sweet is that little reindeer! All the best to your son and snow dog this week. ~Roberta

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
LOVE you Santa!!! You do good work girlfriend. How is you antique cat rug coming
Belated Thanksgiving greetings.
Hugs :)

Mary said...

Hi Robin...after seeing your beautiful santa I'm going to have to get out the needles and start you so many unfinished projects..hope your son's surgery goes well.

lilraggedyangie said...

what??? who???? hmmm I SURE DO MISS YA!!! O and you can certainly send that santa my way , ya know I wouldnt want him gettin lost in a sea of orange and black :0) Im thrilled your crafting but UHHHHUMMMMMMMMM you better be a cracking them books soon MIssy!!! Aww poor snow dog and wishing your son best wishes and speedy recovery with the surgery ! And for you my friend , just know Im missing ya and not a day goes by that Im not thinkin bout your cranky tail feathers! hugs your lil raggedy buddy

A Primitive Homestead said...

Your Santa is wonderful. Prayer lifted for your son. No matter what age a mom will worry so I am also lifting you in prayer. We will trust for a speedy recovery in the days to follow. Your new season of life requires much effort to prepare but I am sure you will be ready at each point you reach. I am excited for you & grateful We have shared bits of our lives & friendship from afar. Blessings!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh my gosh girlfriend ~ I Love your Santa punch needle!!! You did a wonderful job. I really have to learn how to do that.
Will be thinking about your son ~ Hope everything goes well tomorrow.
I was at Country Freckles on Sat. Joni says HI!
Prim Blessings

frontporchprims said...

Glad to hear your trudging through your work just fine. Still here, but life seems so busy that it's hard to visit with all I want. Family comes first and they need a lot of attention lately. I love your punched rug. It's thoughtful that Santa would be looking at the Nativity star reminding us all what Christmas is all about. I hope your son's surgery goes well today. It's always hard as a mother to see your children go through things like that. No matter how old they get. You love them just the same. Take care. -Steph-

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

Missed you my dear cranky friend...nice that you were able to post, but I have been pretty naughty and been offline myself lately. Keeping your son in my prayers and just wanted to say I miss you.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Robin, it pleases my heart to know that you are finding time to do something so creative. LOVE that Santa! Now how is your son and your snow dog doing? I am catching up little bit here and there and just read about this. I will send a prayer to Heaven for both to get better really soon.


Bittersweetfolkart said...

Your santa is wonderful ..I would love to learn to needle punch one day .
wishing you and your son ..all the very best !

Siobhan said...

Oh my gosh--how cute is that santa?! I love how you finished him off, too. Great job!

I hope things settle down for you, and I'm thinking of The Snow Dog--hope the meds help.

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Robin, You are the winner of my giveaway. Congratulations!!!! Send me an email with your address.

Linda said...

Love the's wonderful!!Great finish!! Prayers are still coming your way for your son's recovery...and Snow Dog too...our fur babies are our children too!

By the way...yes..all the men were related in the photo you saw...and the gals too...that is part of Don's family...he comes from a family of 10 kids...yes...his Mother was a saint!!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and enetering my giveaway. I look forward to getting to know you. Your santa is wonderful!!

leLoops said...

Thinking of you and hope all is improving. The Santa is wonderful, the way you displayed him, perfect! Lee

~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

Hi Robin! I am finally able to comment :) I have been trying for a few days now but blogger won't let me :( You did a wonderful job on your Santa, I would love to be able to do that kind of thing. Keeping you , your son and your doggie in my prayers and hope you are having a wonderful week!
Hugs, Trish

Suzanne said...

Oh,Santa is adorable! Love him! Good for you, finishing a project. I have a few you can finish for me. :)

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Astridbears said...

Your Santa is wonderful, I love him!

Penny said...

I'm so glad to have discovered your blog!
I love your Christmas Eve punch needle!
Hoping everything went well for your son and that the medication will help The Snow Dog.

Vicki said...

I love your Santa punch! Glad things with the job planning are going well. So much work. Wishing the best for your son's recovery. How did he do with the surgery? Poor snow dog...stay hopeful. Animals can be so resilient. Hugs!

Kimberly said...

Great job on your Santa!!! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish your son a fast recovery and Snow Dog a better today! Hugs to you, Wishing you and your whole family a cozy, warm & happy weekend! All My Best ~Kimberly

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Beautiful Santa~How is the snow pooch~ oh, poor pooch~
Wishing him better~
Some sad news today~ Pumpkin Pie & Gray are headed to the vet~ Pump got sick Friday night~ Gray yesterday~ they are lying around sleeping not doing anything~ ugh~ yes~ these animals take a toll on me~
How are you handling your son~ I bet he is fit to be tied~ boys sure don't like being down~ hoping he is on his way to a full recovery~
Are you getting excited yet~ on teaching?? Oh, you are going to be great~ you know how to capture~reading comments from you~ you care & are so sincere~ they will love you!!!

hugs to you~ see I have missed you~ to busy to e-mail but a long post~
okay I will get to work~ giggles~