Friday, December 2, 2011

December Blessings ~ Updates, Thank-you's, and What-Not-Have-You's....

Merrie December Goode Folkes.....
I hope the dawn of this new month is finding you well and blessed, blessed and well....

My son had his surgery on Monday and things went fairly well. (Sorry, no photos for this me, you should be thanking ME for that decision....) It was an entirely new type of procedure (the surgeon had never done this before and it was also the first of its kind to be done in this area....hmmmm...that would have been good to know going in....) - so we won't know for some time how well it actually worked.  Although my son was under general anesthesia, they also gave him a nerve block, which was intended to numb his entire leg for several days. Apparently, however, that is not a precise science, and they think they missed the nerve, so he woke up in immediate pain.  It's been a rough several days (growling, gnashing of teeth, etc.) And now we start a grueling physical therapy routine. Looks like I best be getting my snow wings on.....
Again, to all of you who sent up prayers and good thoughts, we are so appreciative.
A very special thank you to that special elflike lady, Linda Parker from Parker's Paradise.  On the day of the surgery, I received a special care package from her with this darling pillow she made:

Now that's a LOT of stitching! I LOVE it Linda my friend....those crows...oh - those wonderful, wonderful, crows....I can't tell you what your thoughtfulness means to me. Thank you....


And, for other thank-you's (again, delayed)....Kim at The Barn Hollow recently had a giveaway and I was the fortunate winner of this wonderful snow couple she made:

The tag says "Faith Family Friends" - What a glorious holiday season it would be if we kept that first and foremost, hey? I'm smitten with the incredible detail of their little faces - and the tea light looks great lit up - especially at night, but, duh - I forgot to turn it on for the photos....
Kim also generously included these sweet little ornaments:

 All kinds of adorable! That little snowman head is actually on a teeny, tiny, clothespin....Love it!!
Thank you so much Kim!!! These will truly be treasured additions to my holiday decor...
Kim recently opened an Etsy Shop too and has lots of fun things to tempt you. I'm sure she'd love for you to visit.....

I also won Kendra's first and last (as in "most recent" not never to be done again) giveaway at The Stone House Primitives.  A whole box full of fun:

An iron stand with "Faith" and "Hope" stitcheries; an AWESOME metal crow bowl; a quilted str pillow; some old bobbins with thread; a courting candle; cookie cutters; and some berry garland.....
LOVE this crow bowl:

(Right now I just put some wooden apples that Sweet Renee from Recollecting the Past sent me and a piece of greenery the Snow Dog so lovingly brought me this morning....But I'm thinking of Christmas greens and (fake) snowballs....)

Kendra may be somewhat newish to blogging, but she's got the "spoiling" part down pat....Thank you so much Kendra!!! I'm giddy with happy!

Kendra's doing another giveaway right now for this adorable stocking garland she made:

As much as it pains me (because these are so stinking cute), I'm sitting this one out since I just won Kendra's first/last, all the more chance for you to be lucky!!! Go pay Kendra a visit - you'll like it there, trust me....She crafty, thrifty, and primlish....just like we like 'em..... ;o)

And, since blessings come in threes....I was also one of the 13 lucky winners in the giveaway recently hosted by the talented artists at TDIPT ("To Dwell In Primitive Thymes").
I won the gift from Sweet Pea at Whimsical Endeavors.  Pea makes some wonderfully magical creations and has more talent in her little pea-picking finger than I could ever even imagine.  She's been featured in PRIMS magazine and offers some of her delightful creations in her Etsy shop, Pea Pickers Primitives.
Pea wrapped my gift so beautifully:

Look at the beautiful clip package tie:

And my gift....A wonderful snowflake garland:

I put it on my little dining area tree - which hasn't been decorated fully yet, and not sure if this is where it will stay, as I have several places I would love to tuck it....(Sorry - lighting wasn't conducive to great photos this morning):

Thank you so much Pea - I LOVE it!! And thanks to all the artists at TDIPT for another amazing giveaway....The TDIPT team is also having a Winter Wonderland celebration on Ebay.  To see some of the wonderful creations, just click HERE!


Gotta fly....hoping all is well with you all. They're predicting a weekend full of snow here (and pretty likely they'll get it right when they say 100% chance....).


Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

such beautiful decorations!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Snow? Oh my it's chilly and sunny today but rain tomorrow. It was a delight to read your newsy post today. Lots of love in those darling winnings you received. I love your tree! I must go visit all the links you gave to these talented folks. Keep warm and blessings to you and your son. Be well.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Such beautiful gifts! Hope your son feels better soon.A little scary that it was the first time I wouldn't want to be that person.Hugs!~Amy

Kim said...

I'm sorry your son had such a rough time. I hope the "new" surgery was successful and worth all that pain. (Thank you for not showing the stitches!!)
Your goodies are gorgeous. I need to start thinking about that kind of stuff. Sheesh December already!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Robin,
So glad your son came through the surgery and will keep him in prayers for the pt! May he have the strength to persevere and be back on his feet soon!
Congratulations on the wonderful wins too! Each one a special reminder of such great, giving gals in blogland to a great, encouraging gal...YOU!!
Many blessings my friend, and wishing you MUCH WARMTH~~

HomeSpunPrims said...

I'm so sorry to hear how much your son has suffered. I pray he will improve daily and his pain will be eased. Will also remember you in my prayers. I know it's not easy to see your child suffer no matter how old they are.
You are one lucky gal! You sure win lots of goodies.
I haven't even looked to see if we are to get snow this weekend. It would be ok with me. I've got plenty to work on snug in my little house. Take care Robin. Hugs, Lori

Traci said...

Sending wishes for quick healing to your son, I hope the procedure turns out to be the first and !best! by the good doctor.

Love all your special gifts...

Hugs, Traci

Christine said...

I know it doesn't help your son, but I'm wincing in pain along with him - I've had knee dislocation probs for years.
You received so many lovely and precious early Christmas gifts, I love them all and your little tree just sparkles with festive fun!
Have a great weekend!

Raggedy Creations said...

Everything is so pretty Robin. Glad son is doing good. yeah you're getting snow, wish we would.


Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

Well arent you just the luckiest crow of all ? Wonderful wins and sint that Linda just the sweetest...almost makes me want to get sicker just to get a package from her..haha, kidding ! Glad your sons surgery went ok...keeping you in prayer during his will need it !!

Grace to you,

Nicole said...

Love all the decorations, they are oh so festive!! No snow yet in NC except for in the mountains. I love it but in small batches. Have a great weekend!!


Shirlee said...

Snow??? Get the guest room ready for me : ) What wonderful things you have won/received lately! Couldn't have happened to a nicer crow : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Tolentreasures said...

You have to be the luckiest person that I know! All great items! Good for you. Sure hope that your son gets along well with the therapy!


Raymond Homestead said...

You are a pretty lucky person! Lots of neat creations to enjoy! Hope your son feels better each and every day!

Sherry Sutherby said...

Prayers for your son, Robin. Nothing is worse than seeing a loved one in pain. I hope he will find relief soon. Blessings to you sweet lady...


Wow, you have been lucky. And snow, too! Send some my way. Hope your son gets better soon. Stay warm.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Lucky cranky crow ! Congrats, yet again, for your wins !

May you son's knee heal quickly and painlessly !


MJ Ornaments said...

Hi Robin,
I hope your son is feeling better very soon! Lovely gifts you won. xo martha

The Barn Hollow said...

Hope your son gets to feeling better soon. And I'm glad you like your snow couple so much, they are my favorites this year (only have one left!!).

You have to be the luckiest person I have come across with all these blog wins of yours - maybe you should play the Lottery!! LOL

Hope your holidays are everything you dreamed of.

Warm Wishes,

laurie said...

so glad to hear your son is on the mend, beautiful gifts, just lovely .Try to keep warm this weekend,

Ronda said...

Nice to hear from you dear friend..glad things are on the mend. You have to be the luckiest lady I know...enjoy!..


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Wonderful treasures!!

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi, you lucky crow!!! Congrats on your winnings and your surprises!!! Never saw a crow bowl before!! Have you tried to say that 3 times???? lol
Glad the surgergy is over for your son and hope he is on a speady road to recovery. Will be in my prayers for both of you.
Take care,

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Your poor boy! And men can't stand he must have been in a bad way. He's in my thoughts and prayers!! It's so hard to see our boys down and out. You have had the luck of the Irish Crow and then some...but what fun stuff you have to play with!!
How's the job going? I got through my observation pretty well...I'll have the final meeting next week, but she did email me to thank me for having her and that she couldn't tell I'd been robbed the day before!! Was I expected to wail in front of eight year olds? LOL
Hey, keep those pics coming of your holiday decor...even if you're too busy to post!!
Cheers and good old hugs, my friend!

Constance said...

I'm sorry that your son had such a painful experience I will keep him in my prayers. I loved all of your treasures. Please take care.

Constance said...

I'm sorry that your son had such a painful experience I will keep him in my prayers. I loved all of your treasures. Please take care.

Constance said...

I'm sorry that your son had such a painful experience I will keep him in my prayers. I loved all of your treasures. Please take care.

Constance said...

I'm sorry that your son had such a painful experience I will keep him in my prayers. I loved all of your treasures. Please take care.

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Robin ~ so sorry your son is going thru such a painful ordeal and prayers being said for a quick and less painful recovery. Love all of your gifts! Good to hear from you.

outjunking said...

Notice I left off cranky! Your son is in good hands with you, I'm sure, sorry he has to be in pain though!!! It looks like Santa has already been to Nod. You lucky girl.

PEA said...

I hope your dear Son heals quickly. I know how hard it can be to take care of the men when they feel icky. Fun days;)
Thank you for letting me know it arrived and the lovely post. It looks like it was made for your home and I am honored you display it.
Thank you again dear Lady. May you be blessed!

Beckyjean said...

Hi Robin~

Sending prayers for a quick recovery for your son.

You sure received some wonderful goodies!! You've got to be the luckiest crow ever!!

Have a wonderful evening~Becky

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Glad to hear the surgery went O.K. ~ I hope everything turns out fine.
Oh ~ physical therapy ~ Good Luck with that!!! No Pain No Gain!!!
Congrats on all those wonderful wins!!! ~ You can always regift!!!
Have a great weekend!!!
Think No Snow!!!
Prim Blessings

tamera-country at heart said...

Wow, looks like Christmas came early at the crow's nest this year. I love all of your goodies. Happy decorating. No snow here yet, but flurries are possible the first of the week.
Have a nice weekend.
Country at heart

Rhissanna said...

Ow! That leg surgery sounded really painful, poor bunny. Is the rehab going ok? I feel for both of you.

And oh, your winnings! Such darling things! The snow couple are precious and the snowman head on a clothes peg? I'm going to steal the clothes peg idea right away!

That amazing metal crow come with rabbits?

Congratulations, dear Miss Crow and I hope the physical therapy and everything goes ok.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS 'WOW'....CAN I COME AND RUB YOUR HEAD FOR GOOD LUCK!!!! You have been one lucky lady and the treasures are awesome!!! Way to go girl.
Goodness that stocking garland is adorable!

Oh I pray your son recovers quickly - we hurt when our children hurt - there's not getting around that. Seems the cord is always attached no matter how old they get. I guess it's like we wish we could take that pain ourselves.

Chat later lady!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
You still are the luckiest person I know!!! Great new treasures.
I hope your son improves quickly. Like Karen said, no matter what their age, as a mom it is so hard to see your child hurting!
Pug hugs :)

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Robin
My thoughts & prayers for your Son's healing~
Wow, many winnings~ awesome goodies!!!You so lucky~ giggles~ but still think it is the witchcraft~ giggles~
Hugs to you my friend~

Orange Sink said...

Hi Robin,
Oh there is nothing worse than knee pain! I sure hope your son is feeling better and able to withstand the therapy. Hope the new procedure proves to be a good thing!
I see you have a lucky streak going! I have been winning a couple myself lately! It sure is exciting! LOVE all your goodies and the way you display them!
We are getting that snow sure as Christmas is coming!
Take care and speedy recovery wishes for your son!
Cathy G

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Oh MY MS! CRANKY!!! You are one lucky gal these days!!! HOW!!! FUN!!! Love all your goodies!!!

I am so sorry your son's block didn't work, that is just no fun in anyway shape or form. Here's hoping all goes much better from here on out! OLM
PS...Keep that snow by you!LOL

floweringmama said...

I sure hope your son gets some relief soon. Post op is not fun, especially when you throw physical therapy into the mix. Hopefully he'll be feeling better in time for Christmas!


Pam at Antique or Not said...

Robin, I'm so sorry that your son's having a tough time after his surgery. I know how much that must be hurting you, too.

As for your winnings, you are one lucky gal! Christmas came early at your house, didn't it? LOL

I know you're gnashing your teeth over the snow this weekend. If you want, you can send some of it this way, I'm happy to share it with you. We haven't had any at all since the two feet we got a while back.

Big hugs,

Vicki said...

Hope your son feels better and his pain eases very soon. That is no fun for sure. Not for you either
I am sure. We all send you blessings and well wishes. Hope you don't get the snow they are talking about!

Ann said...

Glad to hear that your son's surgery is over. Sorry to hear that the pain is intense...grouchy men....good luck with that one! You've certainly won and received some nice items recently. Thanks for sharing photos of them. ~Ann

Stacy said...

Prayers for your son, I know it is hard to see them in such pain.
I am loving all your new treasures!! I see some of those black cats were traded for snowmen and snowflakes hehe
Hugs friend~Stacy

Tallowberry Primitives said...

Robin, So glad the surgery for your son is over, I'll keep you both in my prayers. I hope the physical therapy helps.

You are one lucky crow when it comes to winning giveaways. Loved seeing the pics of your recent wins, wonderful goodies!

Enjoy the snow...better there than here!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

So sorry your son woke up in pain, dang it! Hope he is healing fast. So many wonderful goodies to ring in the season. Good luck with the snow - we have much rain here ~*~Lisa

Barb said...

Hi Robin,
Catching up on all the doings.
First congrats on the new "job"!
Sorry to hear about you Snowdog and super sorry to hear about your son and surgery. No one wants that for sure. Hopefully he is over the worst of the pain.
You will be a busy gal in the new year! Better than bored....
Enjoy your day,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

So sorry for your sons pain! Hoping he continues to mend.
Your still so lucky on the give-aways, I must find your secret!
Your tree is so pretty too. I am loving the snow right now but by January I will be sick of it!
Hugs to you,

Sweet Bear Creek Whims said...

How can one person be so lucky! We need to know your secret... looks like you have a lot of fun goodies, congrats on all the wins...

Angie said...

Hope your son is doing better~love all the goodies~thanks for visiting my blog!

deb said...

what wonderful goodies!!!

glad the surgery went well...but sad about the pain:( hopefully he will heal fast!!!!!!!!

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Loving all your new goodies.

And Praying for your son to heal fast and furious!

Carmen and the Primcats

Siobhan said...

I hope your son is healing well and quickly!

LOVE all the goodies--lucky you! :)

A Primitive Homestead said...

I was wondering how your son made out. I somehow missed this post earlier. Oh my the science should be worked out. To wake in such pain after being told there would be none would be scarry. So glad he is home & has mom to take care of him. Be sure & get rest for you to. Prayer lifted. You got really wonderful goodies. Blessings!


Carolynn Cecilia said...

Fingers crossed for a quick recovery for your son and Happy Holidays to one of my favorite readers!

Carolynn Cecilia said...

Fingers crossed for a quick recovery for your son and Happy Holidays to one of my favorite readers!

Mary said...

Hasn't your lucky crow gone bald yet from all that rubbing you must do? I am exhausted just from reading about all your winnings. What glorious goodies.

Farmer's Wyfe said...

Hope your son is feeling better. That had to be rough seeing him in such pain. I would have a hard time not getting perturbed at the dr's who didn't put the nerve block in right!!! I guess they are human too, but, yikes!! I hope and pray he's feeling better!!