Sunday, March 3, 2013

Emmaleigh's Shoe ~ "The Rest Of The Story...."

No, I didn't overdo the pain meds, and yes, I'm sorry to have left you hanging with that strange, strange, post a few hours ago.

In my defense, however, I had originally intended to do things all in one post; but then decided it would be too lengthy....So, then, I decided I'd do two, back-to-back, posts....Well, I did one, and the 'puter went funky.  (STILL is funky and making me very, very, cranky....)

Ok...the point already....

The "story" of Emmaleigh's shoe is, just that....a story.
Not very cleverly crafted or artfully told, I confess, but, you see....


It goes back to the Merriment Chain hostessed this past holiday season by the lovely, inimitable, Misi from 1890 Gable House Musings and the equally lovely, and ever-so-charming, Robyn from Primlish.

As if the chain weren't gift enough to those of us who participated, the fun-infested hostesses sponsored a participant "game night" afterwards to usher in the new year.

For once my computer cooperated, and I had a few surviving post-holiday brain cells left to work with, and actually won a "game" or two.....

And, despite my recent "no mail receptacle" issues, a most glorious package found its way to me a week or so ago....

Larger than it should have been (as I was told I had won gift cards), it was still unassuming in its size.

Upon opening it, however, it was a gift that filled a room - and a heart....

 Look at that beautiful envelope....and, inside, and even more-than-gorgeous card:

But, it was the shoe....the glorious, wonderful, SHOE that crept inside my soul and heart and stole the lot of them.  (If you know anything by now from following my blog, it ought to be that I have a serious "thing" for shoes....especially, "old" shoes, and even more especially, for "old, children's" shoes.....)

One sole (no pun intended), lone, little, shoe - tattered, and carefully, sweetly, the most gorgeous russet color...."Misi-fied" to perfection with with grass nesting and a wee little gourd egg.

Of course, then the wheels started turning in my little birdbrain....thinking about that shoe.  Where it had come from....where had its mate gone....who would keep only one....who had mended it so carefully and creatively?

When I thanked Miss Misi for my generous gift and suggested that she somehow "got" what exactly would "get" me, she wittingly (or, would that be "unwittingly?") responded that she had thought this little shoe "needed a story" and suspected that I might appreciate its past enough to give it one.

Little did she know, that it had been given several already.  Emmaleigh's was just the "latest" one that happened to spew out when I sat down this afternoon to do this post.

And I am most certain, it won't be the last.  (But, lucky for you all, I'll spare ya....)


So, thank you again, Sweet Misi.  Like I said - you so, so, "get" me....And, Robyn, thank you for your part in the gift of merriment that has kept on giving all these months.
 For those of you who were patient enough to read through my little indulgence with Emmaleigh's story (and actually leave kind comments) - wow...I owe you big, big, time!!


marly said...

Tell us another story! As adults, we miss out on fairy tales and fables.

Primitive Stars said...

Ditto, please keep up the wonderful the little shoe story, and what a sweet old shoe,so prim putting a gourd eggy in it........Hope you feel better, Hugs Francine.

Primlish ♥ said...

I am SO glad Misi asked you to give her gift a story!! I am in love! Don't you dare stop telling them!!!
Hey, if you have to, create another blog just for stories and I'll follow that one too. No pressure, just when you have time to jot down a chapter or two.
Are you irritated with my badgering..?

Karen said...

Morning Robin,
Well if I had read this post first I would have known about 'the shoe'...but hopefully you will embellish further for us - you are a wonderfully creative writer.
Such beautiful gifts from Missi...she did know you well.

Kaisievic said...

Well, I loved the story and your very atmospheric pics.

jennifer768 said...

Loved the story!So glad that Misi blessed you with the little shoe.It is gorgeous and yes she knows you well.Hugs,Jen

Prims By The Water said...

Great story and also a much well loved old shoe! Hope things are going better for you in Nod. Janice ps. and yes you are forgiven for that last giveaway blunder. ;0)

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am so happy you finished the rest of the story. You had me totally befuddled.
Hugs :)

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

I loved the story...after all...isn't that why we all love the old, well worn treasures we collect? We all wonder about the life they led before we found them!! ---Jan

bettyj said...

It is a beautiful story, from a wonderful shoe. I am waiting for more.

Cindi said...

I want to read more stories too! I thought it was so good, so good in fact that when I went to bed I thought about little miss Emmaleigh! You are very talented Crow and oh so not Cranky, give yourself credit. Praying for you health!
Be blessed,

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Such a wonderful gift and inspiration to write a story ~ so loved it. Do tell more!!!
Prim Blessings

frontporchprims said...

Robin, it was a beautiful story. Every piece from the past has several, if only we could know the truth. Please write another for you have such a sweet way with words. The gift is a glorious one from a friend who love you lots. -Steph-