Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Catching Up ~ Fluffing the Nest....

Hello goode folk....

I promised I'd be back with an update...and, ready or not, here I am...

I don't even quite know where to begin...While the beginning is usually a good place, I'm not even sure where that is any more.
So, I'll just jump in....

In so many ways, the past 8 months have just been a blur.  As most of you know, we had to put my mum in an assisted living facility around Christmas time this past year.  Not an easy transition for her...and certainly not for some of the rest of us either.  :o(  As we can no longer maintain the upkeep on her home with her limited income going to her care, we have made the painful decision to sell her home....And that means first selling her personal possessions.  Ouch.  Each piece you pull out comes with a memory....and that's hard to say goodbye to.  Anyways, we had a "living estate sale" a few weeks back, and a great deal of time was committed to that and its preparation (and it's not over yet....).  On top of that, as most of you also know, I got ill right at the first of the year and had some other things go throw in too many doctor appointments and medical tests, and, yeah, "blur" is a good way of describing 2013 so far. I did mention a few posts back, I managed to sneak in some "therapy" time with a good friend.  I fear, however, that I left some of you hanging.  I mentioned that I brought back a treasure, but it was, at that point, hiding out in the garage....I promised to show it "later," and then disappeared.  So very sorry.  Well, here it is:

 (Please excuse the kitty butt....)

She's a little rough...and a whole lot of primitive, but that's the way I like it.
It didn't take me long to fill it up....

Not saying this is how it will stay decorated, but it was what got thrown in at the time.....  (And, gee, do I spy an OLM jack???)  ;o)

Besides the mum stuff, and the medical stuff, I've been slowly (and I do mean S-L-O-W-L-Y) trying to finish the bath "re-vamp" that we started....hmmm...a year and a half ago???  Still not done, but progress is being made.  (At least the boxes of bathroom stuff is once again IN the bathroom and not in my dining room like it has been for months....).

 (Not the best photo, but the vanity is intended to look like an old apothecary cabinet....I would have liked to gone more primitive, with a painted cabinet, etc., but with all the woodwork in the room and the rest of the house, it would have stood out like a red-headed stepchild....So, I compromised....)

 (Some of my hand mirror collection....yeah, I need another....)

I will try to remember to share some more photos if when we get it completed.

Anywho....that's a start on the updates.... No crafty stuff going on with me these days....but I SOOOO need to work on getting back to something. I need that balance right about now.

 Be back soon.....


Laurie said...

so sorry to hear your mum had to leae her house but younever know she may flourish with more people her age around. Maybe she will love it in time!I hope your health troubles have worked themselves out and I admire you for not divulging too much info, I regret ever saying anything about my health on my blog, I truly do, take care my friend , I have thought of you often,

marly said...

You've certainly had a rought time of it, but that fantastic cupboard should make you smile. It made me cry.

bettyj said...

So sorry, Robin. It is sooooo hard to sell things that have memories. Curtis and I did estate sales for others and even though I didn't know the people, it was hard to do. However, your bathroom vanity is perfect. So is that dry sink. You got some goodies, girl, hope they make you smile. They did me.

Linda said...

So sorry to hear about everything, Robin. It is so hard when our parents get older and can't live on their own...or even with us. I hope things turn around for you and your is your son's knee doing? Love both the bathroom vanity and the dry sink!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
SO GOOD to hear from you. Life sure can be hard at times and I'm hoping yours can get back to normal...whatever that is.
Hugs :)

Heather Wise said...

Hello, Robin,
Gee, I am so sorry about everything! I will be praying! Thank you for updating us! I can't imagine the difficulty that was. I remember how hard it was moving my grandmom into my parents' home. I imagine I will be the same, if not worse. Memories are precious.

Okay, now I must say, that cabinet rocks! Oh my! And I love the crocks! And an OLM. I need to get one of those guys...

And the bathroom- I must say... wee bit envious. My bathroom is beachy for my husband. Quite the transition from the living room to there.

Love and hugs, Friend!

PS- I noticed the mirror thing too. I just didn't want to say... ;) Love it though. Awwww...

Susannah said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom. I know how hard it must have been to clean out her home and sell it. I have been there.

I love your bathroom. So timely and just what I would have liked. I think the hand mirrors are wonderful.


Penny said...

I, too, am sorry to hear about your difficult 2013 so far.... I have had a rough one, too. Being ill and letting go of all your mom's possessions must be terribly difficult for you. Let's hope that the remainder of the year will bring us both happy times!!
Love your dry sink and all the goodies you have placed on it!! I have a few of OLM's pumpkins and just love them!! Your apothecary sink cabinet is fabulous.... great idea!
Hang in there, and as my mom used to say.... Better days are coming!!

Raggedy Creations said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom. That would be very difficult. I haven't reached that point with my parents yet. Glad you're getting better and zowie I love that dry sink with all the crocks in still my heart.

And that bathroom....sigh. Is that stucco sanded down a little then stained? Whatever it is I love it too.

Glad to see you back Crow. Please come back soon


Ronda said...

Better times ahead!....thinking of you...

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Dear Robin, so sorry to hear about all the pain your heart is dealing with, sure hope all goes well for you from now on......Sure do love the prim piece you found, beautiful....and so are your mirrors, great collection, and yes we need more.......So nice to see posts from you, missed you dearly, Hugs Francine.

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Robin, so sorry to hear about your mother and that you have been ill. Hope things will start going better for you. Love your cabinet, prim perfect and your bathroom cupboard, such a nice mirror collection, love it. bunches of hugs, Lecia

Mugwump Woolies said...

So happy to hear from you this've been missed. Your dry sink is wonderful and you have filled it perfectly! Gorgeous crocks...and a little pumpkin too...aren't we all ready for those!
Bathroom looks terrific...the vanity works so well with the woodwork...great job.
Sorry to hear about the "Mom transition". My sister and I did this years ago and it is so very hard....emotionally,'s draining. Hope your mother settles in and enjoys her new home.
Hope you are getting a bit of a breather now and that you are taking care of yourself.
Sending you a big hug, my feathered friend,

Raymond Homestead said...

So sorry you have been going through some rough times Robin. You are such a sweet and thoughtful person, you can just feel the kindness and sincerity in everything you post. Hope things get better each day. Love your cupboard, very primitive, just the way I like it! :-) Your bathroom looks so nice, our bathroom severely needs a makeover but it just seems to keep being put on the back burner.

BumbleBeeLane said...

It's just so good to hear from Day by day friend. Big hugs and prayers sent your way. Amy

annie said...

so thankful to hear from you, Ms. Crow. We went through the same exact thing with my Mom, hugs, and prayers. Hoping the medical goes better. Fall coming up soon, and Mr. OLM Jack fits right in with that wonderful collection!

Roberta said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. We went through that with my dad a few years ago and it was a blessing that he was ready to let go of the house and its upkeep. Your bathroom re-do turned out great--love the details with the night light, little box etc. and I always love it when you share photos of your collections. Know you are a big fan of fall and hope it is a season of renewal and restoration for you. ~Roberta

Rhissanna said...

It's nice to see you posting but I'm really sorry to hear you still aren't well. I admire your perseverance in still turning up to blog. I hope your mother is feeling settled where she is. I love your chippy treasure and I really love your bathroom. pretty and sweet.

Mary said...

Red headed step child is one of my hubby's fav lines.

That dry sink is a treasure. I'll gladly swap my tassel baby boots you covet for it. ;)

steph said...

Every time we go home to visit my mother she always brings up the subject of her death and how she wants us all to sit in each room of the house together and divy up all her things equally without any squabbling and fighting. My heck the woman is just barley in her sixties!!! I know it's a hard thing. I watched it happen with both my grandparents and thier children. I am sorry that was something you had to go through.
I was surprised, but not so surprised, to see that your new cupboard and display had been pinned on pinterest about a hundred times just the day after you posted this blog post! It's beautiful. I need to move back east where I can get my hands on some awesome prim items. Idaho is lacking in that department (unless you like antique farm equipment).
I hope that your newly found medical history is looking better. I know that having a bad streak in your health can be the most stressful trial ever. It can consume you.
Your bathroom is beautiful. Of course:) The mirror collection has my special interest. How wonderful.

Karen said...

Oh Robin I must say your life sounds much like mine minus the sad part about your mother - I so pray she will find peace in her new living arrangement and you as a family will as well. This has to be the most anguishing decision that children of a parent must make.
And to sell her lifes treasures - how heartbreaking. I hope for the most part you are all beyond the sadness that came with the day of the 'sale'.
Your new cupboard/dry sink is absolutely one picture it looks like Oyster Gray but Goldish in the other. No matter...IT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL and you added beautiful touches. of my hardest rooms to 'love'...I just don't know how to decorate one. Yours is looking mighty fine and the mirror collection is a wonderful touch.
Health problems in abundance here as well but working through them as you are. Praying you are feeling much better now. And your son too...hope he is doing much much better.
Blessings and come for a visit and see what has been happening in my world of late.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Been some time since I blog visited. I had a chuckle. Red headed step child. The cabinet is a prim treasure & what you have done with it is perfect. Sorry to hear about your mum & your health issues. It was so sad to see all of Pap & Grams belongings be sold. I was lucky enough to get most all of my wish list filled & memories to put in my home. I so hope you are better. Lifted a prayer just now. Blessings!

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Hello Robin! Thank you so much for your lovely post and for finding me. I love this blog hop because its led so many wonderful people to me that I might have missed!
Your post was heartfelt, we are kindred sisters indeed. I am also a descendant of one of the victims on my mothers side, Sarah Good. Keep in touch, and good luck in the blog hop!

A Magical Whimsy said... have not had an easy year.
I can relate as I had to care for my hubby's invalid mother for two years in our own home, with my health not being the best. But we do what we have to do and plod along.
I really like what you did with the bathroom cabinet. It looks really nice. And your mirror collection is lovely.
We have lots of American oak antiques, and two homes, one of which is called Laurelwood a reproduction Victorian period home which was in the making for 23 years by a gentleman who passed away five years ago. I do have a few lengthy posts on my blog but you have to 'hunt' for them.
I am becoming a follower.
Take care!
Teresa in California