Thursday, October 27, 2016

Home for Halloween

Some say all hearts come home for Christmas....
While I dearly love Christmas, it is Halloween that steals my heart and calls me home....

And no matter how long I've been gone or how wretched of a blogger and follower I am, Blogland is my "home" when it comes to social media.  The friendships made here run deep and last longer than any I've made elsewhere...

And we have had us some amazing Halloween fun along the way....Halloween blog hops, scavenger hunts, 13 Days of Halloween post challenges...and more.  So, I guess it really is no surprise that my thoughts turn to Blogland during Spooking Season.

I haven't decorated a great deal this year either despite my best intentions. Some life-altering events have seen to that (more on those in another post, another time)...but I thought I'd share a bit of what I did manage.

(In my laundry room)

(Dolls from Kimberley at Red Cupboard Post; punch needle by Debbie St. Germain at Woolensails; "All Hallows Eve" tuck by Robin at The Primitive Hutch; Blackbird tuck by Jen at taylorsfarmhouseattic; and other stitcheries by Susan Hoover at Olde Threads....and you thought I didn't remember.... ;o) ) 

(My dear skelly girl from years and years ago....Pumpkin by Old Lady Morgan)

(Some of my vintage papier mache jack-o-lanterns)

(Black kittehs by Dru at Cinnamon Creek)

(Laundry room)

(One of my very first Halloween he definitely qualifies as "vintage")

Thanks to all of you who "left the light on"....this prodigal child is home for now. 


marly said...

I'm not much of a Halloween gal. But I sure do like to see your decorations for it. You have the best goodies but more importantly, the talent for display. And in the last photo, what a great floor.

Prims By The Water said...

Love what Halloween decor you managed to put out. Happy Halloween dear friend. Someday when Bob and I visit Nod, we will need to look you up. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

"Some" of your vintage mache lanterns??? I'm jealous.
I hope your life altering events were positive.
Happy Halloween, ET.
Hugs :)

Mugwump Woolies said...

Great goodies for the skelly lady! Glad to see you posting once again. I have been away from blogging for a few months and am trying to get back to it. Hope to see you around.
Happy Halloween!

Earlene L. said...

Great primitive and Fall decor and keep on enjoying!
Love the music too!!!

Karen Anne said...

You have some wonderful collections! Happy Halloween!!

Unknown said...

Your decorations are fabulous! There seems to be one holiday that everyone gravitates to.
For me it's Thanksgiving. I love the squash, pumpkins, gourds and bowls full of pinecones.
Have a wonderful week.

Penny said...

Always love seeing your decor, especially for Halloween! Everything is perfect! Hope all is well in Nod....

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Sweet Crow, oh how I enjoy your posts and miss you here in blog land. I love all your Halloween treasures, those black kitties stole my heart though. Also the pillow tucks and paper mache pumpkins are awesome, your collections are so wonderful. Happy Halloween to you,Hugs Francine.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Robin,
It is always so good to see a post from you, no matter how long the time in between may be!!! Love all of your decor and you sure do have an amazing collection of lanterns!! Wonderful!!!!
Also, thank you soooo much for all your sweet comments on my blog posts!! They all brought a smile, my friend!!
Hope you enjoy your weekend!!
Heart Hugs~

Farm Girl said...

I just love seeing your decorating. Its always nice to see a post. Have a great weekend.

Cindi said...

I always think of you at make an impression...a good one! Love the decorations you have managed to get out. Your first decoration reminds me of the monster in Where The Wild Things Are. Many good wishes!

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