Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yesterday's Child

I've never before participated in the Tuesday Display Chain (normally hosted by Misi at 1809 Gable House Musings (http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/), and now, on an interim basis, by Amy from Bumble Bee Lane (http://bumblebeelanecottage.blogspot.com/) Thank you, Amy!!).....
But Amy's theme this week embodies everything I so love....
So, I thought I'd give it a try.
My photography leaves so much to be desired...wish I could blame it on the camera, but I can't....so, I'm considering this practice. I will try to learn to be better....Thanks, friends, for your patience 'til then.....

Yesterday's Child:

Old dollies and shoes on an old child's wagon seat
(Pillows by Traci at York Mountain Primitives http://yorkmountainprimitives.blogspot.com/):

My old teddy:

Watermelon gal:

Old school pencil box:

More old shoes (I have a real THING for old shoes...):

Old wooden tops:

Old clay marbles:

Greiner doll:

More shoes....


Teddies in an old wagon:
(The one on the left recently arrived from "across the pond" from Angi at Drakestone Primitives (http://drakestoneprimitivescountrycabin.blogspot.com/)....   The other two are little mohair ones I made a long, long, time ago....)

A few samplers (LOVE me my samplers!):

 Isn't she lovely?

Ta Da!! That's it....and that's me....
yesterday's child!


rachel said...

Wow~ you did a great job with you pictures! I love all your old tops & marbles!

michelle said...

You did an amzazing job with your photos!Everything looks so beautiful!Have a great day!hugs michelle

lilraggedyangie said...

Wow great pics , thanks for sharing! You have some really gorgeous stuff , Im glad you joined in today ! I think the pic of you is my fave , how darling! Enjoy your Tuesday! hugs lil raggedy angie

Deneen said...

Love all this stuff! Precious!

The Cranky Queen said...

You have some wonderful collectibles! Thank you for sharing! Tiffany

Courtney said...

FUN! I used to collect tops--not just antique ones but all kinds. Then I took them to school and the kids went wild. They loved them! I really like antique marbles...only the big collection I had as a kid was swiped by my brother's friend...then a year ago(!) he returned them...but without all the old clay marbles...hmmmm
You have some wonderful stuff there and did a fab job with the theme. Your pics are just great as well!

cottageprims said...

Love your displays sweetie.Oh the shoes one of my weaknesses..So glad you joined in this week.If this goes through you know it worked with the pop up.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Breataking displays, PRIMITIVE PERFECTION!
I love your blog and you are a sweetheart!!!
May Blessings,

Beckyjean said...

Lovely displays!! I love the old pencil box!!

Have a wonderful evening~Becky

Traci said...

Hi Robin.. I think you did an awesome job with your photos, looks amazing! Love your collections..and are you skating in the last photo?


renee said...

I think they're all wonderful! Just lovely, and I like the first picture too! Reminds me of some of my Amish prints.
Thanks for sharing,

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, my! Your pics are great! I am loving the clay marbles. How on earth did you come across those?
Glad you joined the chain!

~Madalynne~ said...

Wow! Wow! and more WOW! You got some great stuff! I gotta' say the pencil box is favorite!

I have a THING for shoes too! But mine is for the new "big girl" kind . . . not the old "little girl" kind :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Robin ~
You've been holding back on us!!! I love all your collections and they are perfectly displayed. You MUST show us more of your house. I'm sure the rest is wonderful, too.
LOVE those samplers, and the tops, oh and the marbles, oh yes, the bears.....
Hugs :)

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Robin~ Yeah, I can finally leave comments!!! so excited!!!
I am in awe over your pics!!! But I adore the pic of you~ so sweet!!!
Wonderful displays!!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hey Robin
What's wrong with your pictures ~ they are wonderful!
Your collections are awesome, if you ever tire of them I'm right here!
So enjoyed!
Prim Blessings
My Friend

Margie said...

I just love getting to see all your goodies. I have never done the display chain thing myself, but I do enjoy seeing everyone else's. I just LOVE all your items.

Have a blessed day !
Grace to you,
Margie at Hungry Hook Primitives