Sunday, February 12, 2017

An Apology for Ugly.....

When I started The WWR Chronicles, I said I would be interspersing them with "regular" blog posts...and I sorta tried to do that with my last post....but realized too late that the "S" (a/k/a "white") photos were not any more palatable to most of you (including me) than those horrendous pre-remodel photos.

So, this is a sort of an "apology," if you will, for all those awful photos of late...

The annual antique show in the town closest to Nod was this past weekend....and these are a few of the treasures that followed me home.... (I know some of you will find those photos a bit "prettier" than those in my previous 3 or 4 posts LOL....)

(A heart made from old bottlecaps)

(Cast iron shoes.  The gentleman from whom I purchased them speculated that they may have been from a Victorian-era wood mannequin.  And an old shoe oil can because?? Because I love everything shoes???)

(The best find of the show.  This sampler was made by Eliza Staples....when she was a wee 9 years old...)  (Ok Miss Marly - does this in ANY way atone for the photos of the awful s#*t???)

(Old German rabbits.  The one on the right is a candy container and will join my herd of others.... The one on the left is not a candy container, but should blend in with the herd....and I didn't have a white one.)

(Heart in hand....actually an old glove...with a snippet from an old diary that says "I Love But One"....)

(A girl can never have too many chocolate molds.  ;-) )

(Not sure what I will do with this yet....It's an old iron salvage piece of some sort, but the shape and form intrigue me....)

As my daddy always said, ugly is as ugly does; but do not confuse apologies with excuses, nor excuses with apologies. 

Have a great week ahead!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, ET ~
You done good!!! What wonderful finds. Of course I love the sampler and your papier mache rabbits. That must have been a great show.
Happy Valentine's Day :)

village folk art said...

Wish we had shows like yours...we get nada.
Love your Dad's philosophy.

Enjoy next week...Peace and Love for ALL,

bayrayschild said...

Good Day Robin, what wonderful treasures you bought home with you!
I especially love the iron shoes and the sampler.
I don't find too many things in my area to get excited about. It seems I always have to go out of town or shop online.

Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Robin,
This is certainly a "Swoon Worthy" post, my friend!! Such wonderful treasures you found!! I think I would actually brave the cold temps of Nod to go shopping with you!! I love everything and each photo caused an Ohhhhhh, or an Ahhhhhhh!!
So happy you could find some special things to brighten those long cold days!! Enjoy each one!!
Heart Hugs~

Prims By The Water said...

That sampler is a keeper for sure! Love that red bottle cap heart. Great idea!! You love shoes and I love sewing related items. I also would like to start collecting those German candy rabbits. Have a few small chocolate bunny molds. You also inspired me to start collecting old mirrors. I want to do the same thing in our bath as you did. I even found one last weekend. Take care my friend...Spring is around the corner. Janice

Farm Girl said...

What a great show!!! You found some treasures. Everything around here is so expensive.
I love everything. I liked your pictures of your remodel. :)

marly said...

Well, this is the third attempt at commenting. Windows 10 Windows Hell. Can't believe there is an antique show in the middle of winter in Nod. But obviously it's true cause you found some nice items. Love that cap heart and iron salvage. So much better than white crap.

Cindi said...

Oh what a fun post!! I love all that came home with you but I think my favorite is the iron architect piece...also the sampler...oh heck all of it! Since your last post the weather here in Minnesota has gotten a lot has been quite warm and we even have lost most of our snow...I love that!
So glad you are blogging again!!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Happy Valentines Day Sweet Crow, I love all your treasures. That sampler is such a treasure and rabbit mold so very sweet. I enjoy seeing what others buy, all a treat.Hugs Francine.

Dicky Bird said...

Great finds. I didn't set up this year. Missed seeing you tho.