Sunday, June 20, 2021

Icebox Hotdish

Sometimes, when growing up, we would have "icebox hotdish" for dinner.  My mother would go to the icebox and pull out whatever leftovers and bits in there and combine it into a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-replicated, casserole.  (We called them "hotdishes"..."casserole" was a bit too formal a term.)  

And since I have nothing of substance to chat about, that's what you're getting in this post: Just a bunch of "this"-es and "that"s.

About the most exciting thing going on (and this says a whole lot about my uneventful life) is that my wisteria is finally blooming.  I love my cornzebo for many reasons, but one of the primary ones is that it serves as a support for two of my favorite plants - bittersweet and wisteria.

There is much to be said for cherry blossoms, but they seem so flighty.  They are so quick to run off and leave you.  And then just when your regrets are the strongest the wisteria comes into bloom....
{Murasaki Shikibu)

I know in more temperate climates vegetation like wisteria sometimes does not know its place and can overtake entire structures.  But I live in Nod and nothing is invasive here other than the snow and relentless cold.
(Something tells me I just may regret saying that at some point.)

We had some storms come through a little more than a week ago that brought damaging winds (I heard, through the grapevine, that we lost several trees at the lake) and heavy, heavy, rains.

This little hummingbird was marooned on my wanna-be porch during a particularly heavy downpour.

I don't know what I was thinking when this happened, but I DO DEFINITELY know I WILL regret it:

This beautiful butterfly comes to visit every sunny afternoon...I love the blue on his wings.

I have found more time than motivation to stitch some.  I finally finished (re)stitching Centennial Eagles (a design by Tina Woltman), but I am undecided about whether to finish it as a pillow (it is rather large actually) or frame it...or just file it.
(Sorry for the has not yet been pressed and was simply roughly folded.)

I also finished stitching this little piece - It is part of the "Sea Ornaments" pattern by The Primitive Hare.
(Again, apologies for my lack of ambition in pressing it before taking the photo.)

Of course I did not notice the misspelling of "whaling" until I had stitched the first three letters, so had to frog them all to adjust the stitch count.

I am somewhat wishing I had stitched this one over one but too late for regrets...the wisteria is in bloom.

There is still nothing on the rug hooking frame.  Sorry MD.

Well, I am thinking you've had about enough fun with me for a Saturday night and enough icebox hotdish for almost any night (my mum had an incredible gift for making anything taste good...but you really never knew what was in there and I was always the wary skeptic).

Our weather is supposed to turn, with rain tomorrow and then highs in the 50's for the beginning of the week.  I think it's time for a baking day anyways.  Good thing I have long johns right next to my tank tops.


Kate said...

It's always enjoyable to read your posts. Icebox Hotdish sounds much more interesting than casserole. ^^

Dicky Bird said...

I laughed as I read your description of "hot dish" I too had my belly full of repurposed meals. You know there is an actual "art" to pulling off one that is actually tasty. I guess, my grandma, mom knew what is was like to be hungry so they never let a morsal go to waste. I've whipped up a "hot dish" or two for my family as well. I'm thankful I have chickens so that I don not have to feel "guilty" for not using the 1/2 C mashed potatoes, 1/4 C corn, 1 left over hamburger know that would make a shepherd's pie for one. My friend has a rustic cabin on the Flowage litte north of Tomahawk, her once hidden log cabin is now very visable from the road. She was so sad. They can't even find someone to clean it up, as everyone is busy.

Saundra said...

My mother was also very good at making delicious meals with leftovers but we did call them casseroles. One particularly delicious was when she had left over meatloaf and mac and cheese (not from the box kind). She would chop up onion, add tomatoes, mix together and bake again. Years ago I tried to make that and it just didn't taste at all as good as mother's.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

My Mum couldn't cook for toffee and my Dad never cooked us a meal at home. But when we went on a camping holiday he would make a 'lash up', quite revolting when I think back on it, but at the time we loved the novelty of it. Usually all tinned food heated up together, baked beans, Spam and potatoes. It's amazing that I can cook at all. Jean. x

Lady Locust said...

I like the name Icebox Hotdish :-) When my brother and I were in the house and Mom needed to clean out the fridge, she would have my bro. sit at the table and serve him every this and that until the fridge was cleaned. Teenage boys seem to have a hollow leg.
Ah, the wisteria is blooming.

Farm Girl said...

I always love looking at your house and your handwork. What a bit of nice sharing. Its nice to see what is going on in Nod.
I hope you have a very nice Sunday.

Julia said...

Your stitching is amazing. The count looks so small that it would probably pull my eyeballs out. I've never tried to grow Whisterias here as it gets pretty cold here but yours looks like it's doing well.

I love that sweet patio and I can see that you have a lot of work ahead of you with all the planting. I hope that you'll show us the fruit of your labor.

Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

We have wisteria but it did not behave it's self I cut it all back and it never bloomed. I love bittersweet but not what it does to the trees in this area. I have been finding some and I pull it every time I see it.
You have some planting to do!!!!
When we have lots of left overs we have an apps night we pretend that all the bits and pieces left over where meant to be appetizers, light a candle, a glass of wine and it's all very elegant lol

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a gorgeous brick patio, but WTH were you thinking???
My wisteria was drop dead gorgeous. Brought a start from my parents' farm. Invasive is to put it mildly. It could not be controlled. It was cut down several years ago and I am still trying to get rid of it.
Lovin' the cross stitch. I may have to consider Tina's design.
If you like to bake, maybe we are not related after all ;-)

Hill Top Post said...

I especially like the "old" Nantucket piece...great look! I always enjoy taking a look around your lovely outdoor spaces. Gorgeous!

Prims By The Water said...

Usually when my mom needed to clean out the fridge of veggies, we would get either a soup or a boiled dinner as she called it. Some kind of meat boiled with a broth and veggies. This would be served with either egg noodles or potatoes. Bob does not like leftovers, so I have learned to cook for 3. I like to eat my leftovers for lunch the next day. Oh how I wish you would be able to mail me some bittersweet seeds. They grow here in Michigan, but I have yet to find any in the wild. Lots of flowers to plant I see. Good luck with that. Also love your latest stitcheries. I am currently stitching up some Halloween pillows which will be for sale in our gift shop. Janice

WoolenSails said...

I do that a lot too, hate wasting food so I make something new with what is left.
Love your yard and that outhouse is too fun.


Olde Dame Holly said...

Oh boy, you went berserk at the garden center, evidently. Well, get busy digging and just jamming those little darlin's into the ground before the rain sets in again! I love the cornzebo! And of course, wisteria, and bittersweet. Is it the name, the scent, the bringing of true spring, or just WHAT that makes one WISTFUL about wisteria? It can almost make me cry. And sometimes I do, reaching up and pulling down the flowers to smell...

Janice Hebert said...

Your patio is wonderful, I'd love a fireplace outside! That poor little hummingbird, but so cute to watch. I'd love a wisteria but you don't know how lucky you are not to have to deal with bittersweet! It is so invasive here in MA, it's everywhere. Everywhere!!! That and poison ivy... anyway, I need to get some annuals too. I love my hostas and hydrangeas but definitely need some color in my borders. I hope all is ok at the lake. Jan in MA

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So strange to see a hummingbird not flying. I like your hand pieces and the outdoor area is so nice. I can’t grow wisteria but in our former home I had trained bittersweet up an arbor and it was a sight to behold! Fall is my fav time of year♥️

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Looks like you have been busy. Love all of your creations. Have a wonderful weekend.

yaya said...

The picture of your beautiful patio with all the plants looks like mine does when I make that nursery visit. Somehow I just can't help myself only this year with my surgery I had to get my Granddaughter and others over to actually plant everything! In the 50's? Brrr! But I prefer cool over hot and muggy! Anyway, have a good July 4th weekend!

Laurie said...

I have never seen a wisteria if real life, I can’t see yours either but I can imagine it’s amazing! You are the most prolific stitcher I know, such a talent, I’ve missed visiting , I truly have,