Monday, November 22, 2021

Salem and Santa

I'm back....
Hard-drive has been replaced (again), power supply has been replaced (again), and my fingers are crossed (again).

I actually have very little to say, but before I roll it up, I thought I'd share a long-suffering (and I do mean suffering) stitching project that I finally finished up.

I started this at the end of December, last year, and worked on it sporadically.  You may (or may not) recall that this is the one that gave my OCD fits with all the inconsistencies in the chart (spacing, alignment, inaccurate listing of names, the seemingly endless ways the same letter was charted, etc., etc.) 
And then I ran out of Carriage Black floss.
Apparently I was not the only one as it was literally months before I managed to get some more.

But, the stitching is finally done.
The design is cleverly entitled "Witches of Salem" and is by The Primitive Hare. 

{Stitched 1 over 2 on 40ct "Old Massachusetts" linen}

The photo is not the clearest, but the names of Mary Eastey and Rebecca Nurse are done in a darker floss than the other names to reflect my family connection.


And now I have moved on....
It was a difficult decision to put down my needle and take up my hook, but they tell me change is good.

As you can tell by the creases in the linen, this has been packed away for a while.  It is a design by Therese Shick called "Simple Santa."
(What's with these clever names??? 😶)

Compared to other hookers, my works-in-progress always look messy for one simple reason: they are.
It's just the way I do things... I never know when I will need to make some adjustments so I leave messy tails until they drive me nuts.
Santa's coat, in particular, is going to need some serious tweaking in this case.


I have also eased out of the historical fiction genre in books for a wee bit. While I tend to like reading "in season," there isn't much out there I care to read Christmas-wise...and I certainly am not inclined to read about winter, so anything's really game. 

This was a quick book fix from Menard's of all places and I am not far enough along to give a credible review but, so far, it is keeping my attention more than well and the writing is good.  It is a psychological thriller ala Alfred Hitchcock me thinks. (Sorry if this sounds ignorant as I know there is a sticker indicating it is a Netflix film...but I don't have Netflix here in Nod and live under a rock for the most part.  If you've seen it, please don't tell me how it ends.)


I cannot hit publish without acknowledging the horrendous tragedy that happened in Waukesha.  I had plans to go there this past week, but had to cancel.
My heart breaks for those injured, the families of those who lost loved ones or whose family members are injured, for all those who witnessed this senseless carnage and the entire community who will never again be able to experience a holiday parade without sorrow.



acorn hollow said...

I love your stitching piece and I do remember all the issues you had.
I love your santa and mess or not it looks great.
The parade will always be so sad. I heard on the news tonight he was out on 1000.00 bail for running over the mother of his children. Some Judge needs a talking to this is happening way more than it should. In mass this woman tried to get a restraining order on a stalker the judge said no he shot her. Now maybe a restraining order would not have helped but may it would have.
I had to turn the new off to much sadness for me.
I hope you are cozy and safe in nod.

Saundra said...

Do remember your issue with the stitchery and your family connection, tho I do not believe they nor you are a witch. I think your simple and primitive Santa looks great, including his coat; leave it until you hook more then decide. Also like your swirl of wool for the background to give the background movement. Mummy dearest approves.

Sheesh, believe I have seen that movie but cannot remember how it ends but recall it keeps you on the edge until the end.

Julia said...

Your Witches of Salem cross-stitch is really beautiful. I'm glad that you stuck with it considering all the difficulties and irregularities you encountered with this project.

It's remarkable that you have some family connection with these poor souls who were innocent and went to the gallows.

Your Santa is looking great even with the little tails. You do good work so I will not criticize your style of working.

My blogger friend Carla, from Wisconsin, mentioned the terrible event at the Santa parade. It's so very very sad. The memory of this horrific event will stay for a long time and Christmas will not be the same. he's ruined a happy event and has caused so much grief for the community. My prayers and thoughts are with all these people and the community.

Stay safe Robin,

Lady Locust said...

I like both of your needle/hook projects :-) A good Christmas story if you can find it is "Christmas Eve in the Mountaineer's Home" by G.W. Lose. It's not long but is one of my favorites.
Happy Thanksgiving dear friend~

Prims By The Water said...

I thought of you, Carla and Jacky when I heard about Waukesha. I thought to myself, not another tragedy in Wisconsin. You have gone through enough. Am so glad you finished your tribute stitchery of Salem and loving your new hooked Santa...tails and all! Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving my friend. Janice

WoolenSails said...

I love your stitchery, beautiful work and wonderful piece.
Your Santa is coming out beautifully, sometimes I think I might do some more hooking, need more time in the day.


Dicky Bird said...

Your Witches of Salem piece turned out great! That sounds like an interesting book. I should do less Netflix and more reading, felting, cleaning...all the ings...ahahah. Yes, that was a terrible thing!

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Wonderful projects. I'm glad you went back to the Salem piece and finished it's top notch. I keep promising myself I will start one of the many crafty kits I have, but I'm always too busy with other things. I am crocheting a zesty housecoat at the moment, kinda making the pattern up as I go along. And also painting kitchen cabinets. I shall post about those soon. take care. Jean xx

NMK said...

I never would have had the patience to continue cross stitching that neat pattern with all those little would have been thrown in a UFO pile ! Looks great !
I Love your Santa Claus and the colors you are using !!!
Too much sadness , those poor families whose lives will never be the same's just so awful a person can even think of doing such a horrible thing .
Enjoy hooking and have a Happy Thanksgiving

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love your (finally) finished Witches of Salem.
Simple Santa doesn't look that simple to me.
Waukesha. What can one say? So sad and I read six of the critical are children. I imagine the news media will spin that he is a victim and somehow make it racial, too. Isn't that the way it works?

Olde Dame Holly said...

That Santa is going to be a showstopper when finished. Oh, the chart/pattern names! I guess they are trying to hook a hooker's attention with the "clever" names! Your witches stitchery is just lovely! ~ OW! I interrupt this comment to scream because the smallest rescue cat is biting my bad leg. No wonder people thought they were familiars! Naughty things! ~ I am amazed that your relatives were unfortunately caught up in the Salem hysteria. What an awful time, and now in modern days we have such awful times, too. But don't dwell on it! ~ Oh dear, that horrible kitty keeps biting despite my love and care for him, wretched creature ~ I hope you can keep your spirits up as the days get shorter - we are heading into a time of light Dec. 21st - hang in there.

yaya said...

I do love witches and I do love Santa so this is a win win for me! Your stitching on the witches piece looks really good and I'm glad you were able to complete it. I'm not a hooker so I cannot judge but Santa looks good to me! I saw the terrible footage of that parade and I couldn't believe it. In small town Wisconsin of all places. I pray for all those hurt and the families of those lost. It could happen anywhere. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and have a nice weekend in Nod!

Hootin' Anni said...

Your work looks terrific to me!!! I would love to have your witch piece. And the Santa...looking good!!

I have a winter/seasonal book you may enjoy. I liked it...Mr. Dickens and his Carol. A clever twist, ands very easy read. Also, have you ever read Mrs. Poe?

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Good morning Robin. So good to hear from you over on my blog. I do look forward to your comments. I wish I had more to write about and that life was 'fun' right now. I adore your projects...they are beautiful. I used to love to cross-stitch...maybe I will get back into it again some day...there are so many lovely patterns now.
There are so many tragic events lately, or maybe it is that bad stories are the only things the news concentrates on any more. I pray for all those poor people...i can't imagine what they are going through.
I am beginning to put up some decorations...fall largely went unnoticed in my decorating...just too much sorrow to get into the mood, but I am determined that Christmas will not be that way. I hope you find the ambition to do a little decorating and share it with us. May December bring you joy, friendship and warmth. Blessings...