Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The WWR Chronicles ~ Part II

{In 2014, we undertook a HUGE remodel project.  During (and since) that time, several followers asked me to post photos of the remodel project (yes, really).  I never have...for the following (among other) reasons:(1) the project isn't really and truly "complete;" (2) I didn't have the sense (or time) to take good "before" photos; (3) I doubted a lot of people would be interested; (4) I really didn't know where to begin; and (5) By now, it's old news and I thought that most of those followers who had asked had long since drifted away. Well, with regard to the last point, I may be mostly correct, but there is, in fact, one faithful follower who still asks...and so begins the WWR Chronicles.  These will be divided into separate posts, and clearly labeled as such, so if you have no interest in WWR, you can pass over quickly with my blessing.  I have no idea HOW many segments there will be at this point (heck, they, like the remodel project, may never end)....but I do intend to intersperse "regular" blog posts in between the chronicles so as not to completely drive you all away. Oh...and if you're wondering what WWR stands for:  WHEN WE REMODELED)  To first-time visitors and passers-by: this is really not my typical blog fodder LOL.....}  

For Part I of The WWR Chronicles, click on the following link:  The WWR Chronicles ~ Part I

Part II
{WARNING: Contains explicit, ugly, photos....viewer discretion is advised.}

Yes....the day the toilet broke in the little house was an remarkable day...as it marked the beginning of changes that no one...and especially not the Crows....could have ever anticipated.

  You see, the little house had been originally built by an accountant....who, by all accounts, was a very fine accountant indeed...but, ummm, not so much a builder.  It's not that his workmanship was not commendable, but things were not necessarily built according to "code," and, by no means were things "standard."  Whenever the Crows needed to replace something (such as windows, doors, etc.), they learned that it was a "custom" size and had to be essentially built to order (which, to be fair, led in part to Papa's Crow reluctance to change anything in the little house).

And so it was with the toilet.  Somehow, the accountant had found the world's smallest toilet to put in the little house's little (and only) bathroom.  To add insult to injury, the accountant then installed a nauseating revolting unattractive flesh-colored countertop around the sink and over the top of world's smallest toilet, and above that, a wall to wall mirror with a bar of naked bulb lights.  After serving nobly for 30+ years, however, the day came when the world's smallest toilet flushed its last load, and gave up the ghost.  Refusing to believe that it could not be fixed, Papa Crow summoned three separate plumbers. Alas, each and every one confirmed the fact that whatever malady had afflicted the little toilet was irreversible, the damage irreparable and the toilet terminal. 

Mama Crow was promptly dispatched to find a replacement....but quickly surmised that the toilets for sale in the 3 stores she visited seemed somewhat "large" by comparison to the little toilet in the little house.  She came home and explained her dilemma to Papa Crow, who found this unbelievable, and who, the following day, armed with measurements, went himself to find a replacement.  However, he, too, came home toilet-less.  But Papa Crow was not one to give up easily...especially since the thought of being toiletless was less than pleasant...and the following day, he sent Mama Crow back out shopping...this time accompanied by Henry, the handyman from Nod.  Alas....the two of them fared no better than the previous days. 

In the following days, Henry the Handyman also scoured resources online looking for a toilet that would fit under the ugly countertop that extended over the toilet...but came to realize that the little house's toilet had not only been the world's smallest toilet, its kind was apparently now extinct.  So Henry returned to the little house with a saw, a crowbar (no pun intended) and several other "serious" looking tools and did something that changed life as they knew it for the Crows.

Henry the Handyman cut the ugly flesh-colored countertop and removed the portion that extended over the toilet...and then removed the world's smallest toilet from the little bathroom in the little, teeny, tiny, house in Nod.

And that was that...it was gone.

{To Be Continued....}


bayrayschild said...

More, more...I'll be with you till the end!

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Sweet Crow, oh I'm hanging on to the edge of my seat, not the toilet seat, lol.. Love this, your kitty's are so pretty...please keep posting, Hugs Francine.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

I LOVE mysteries...waiting for 'The End'...Curiously & impatiently...I'm still here.
Thanks & have a Happy New Year while I wait,

Trudy Locke said...

LOL! having a great time reading your saga. Having been through several home renovations, I do empathize!

Prims By The Water said...

Was Mama Crow glad that the little toilet from Nod was extinct by all accounts? ;-) or will there be more to this story...like remodeling the entire bathroom? Janice

marly said...

Excuse me, all this information is prompting a trip to my bathroom.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Dear Robin,
I truly think you should write a book about your remodeling experiences!!! You are such a talented writer and I kept wishing the computer had a "page turning app" so I could continue the story!!
I am looking forward to the next installment, my friend!
Heart Hugs~

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I can only image what it is like to going toilet shopping and come home toilet-less! You have me hooked!

Dicky Bird said...

Robin, I love how you are telling this story - even your clever follower's comments - lol! Can't wait to read more.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You should become a storyteller!
Hugs :)

Farm Girl said...

This is great!!! I can't wait to read more. I loved it and I was enthralled. Not to mention, what on earth did you do with your only toilet out of commission in the land of Nod?

Cindi said...

Please go faste...please go faster!!! Love your story and love that you are back blogging...please don' disappear!!

Seasons Time said...

Story telling it's best

Raymond Homestead said...

Oh Robin, you are so good with words! This just cracked me up, it's a book I didn't want to put down! Looking forward to the sequel!

Anna University said...
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Karen said...

Ha ha!!! I just knew a hammer and saw and tools would be involved and since I love a good stool, um, tool story I enjoyed myself thoroughly with tales from the House of Nod.

Karen said...

Oh, in case you were wondering I am a nurse and tales of stools and tools come with this profession!