Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The WWR Chronicles - Part III

{In 2014, we undertook a HUGE remodel project.  During (and since) that time, several followers asked me to post photos of the remodel project (yes, really).  I never have...for the following (among other) reasons:(1) the project isn't really and truly "complete;" (2) I didn't have the sense (or time) to take good "before" photos; (3) I doubted a lot of people would be interested; (4) I really didn't know where to begin; and (5) By now, it's old news and I thought that most of those followers who had asked had long since drifted away. Well, with regard to the last point, I may be mostly correct, but there is, in fact, one faithful follower who still asks...and so begins the WWR Chronicles.  These will be divided into separate posts, and clearly labeled as such, so if you have no interest in WWR, you can pass over quickly with my blessing.  I have no idea HOW many segments there will be at this point (heck, they, like the remodel project, may never end)....but I do intend to intersperse "regular" blog posts in between the chronicles so as not to completely drive you all away. Oh...and if you're wondering what WWR stands for:  WHEN WE REMODELED)  To first-time visitors and passers-by: this is really not my typical blog fodder LOL.....}  

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Part III
{WARNING: Contains explicit, ugly, photos....viewer discretion is advised.}

Now, where was I? Oh yes...the day Henry the Handyman extricated the world's smallest toilet from the little bathroom in the teeny, tiny, house in Nod and changed the Crows' world forever....

The deed was done...there was no turning back.  Henry the Handyman left the teeny, tiny, house in Nod to return to town to purchase the (normal-sized) toilet Mama Crow WOULD have purchased days prior had it fit under the now-removed ugly counter top, and Papa Crow had flown the nest...as he was prone to do at times like this.  (The latter point will be a recurring theme in The WWR Chronicles...take note for future reference....)  This left Snow Dog to ponder why the world's smallest toilet was now outside rather than in (a thing only dogs must ponder) and left Mama Crow alone with time to think....WAY too much time to think....

As Mama Crow looked at the wallpaper, now ripped, taped and stained by a liquid toilet bowl cleaner from years ago (life lesson: don't ever use liquid toilet bowl cleaner when you have wallpapered walls unless you have an amazing aim), it screamed "Tres 80's!!" at her....  The linoleum flooring that Papa Crow had stained attempting a tub drain fix nearly leaped up at her saying "Replace me!!" The wall-to-wall mirror with its bar row of naked bulbs suddenly looked garish and like it perhaps had a former life in a house of ill-repute.  And, of course, the nauseating revolting unattractive flesh-colored counter top whimpered in naked, exposed, pain where it had been severed from its extension.  No, simply plunking in a new toilet where the old had been would never never fly....

And so it began....The little bath remodel gone rogue.  You see, the second recurring theme in the remodel experience of the Crows is that one small change inevitably would start a domino effect... Papa Crow (when he reappeared) accepted that a new counter top would be in order given that, at some point, it too had been stained by the same rogue toilet bowl cleaner, and there was now an uneven cut edge to it. But, did it pay to simply replace the counter top when the handmade vanity beneath needed much TLC? Of course not! And, you do remember that NOTHING in the teeny, tiny, house in Nod was "standard,"...so, of course, a standard sized vanity would not FIT where the old vanity stood.... In addition, replacing the entire vanity would mean new fixtures....But, alas, Henry the Handyman had yet more bad news up his chambray shirt sleeve: The fixtures could no longer be purchased in the bright brass finish that the accountant had chosen for the bathroom in the teeny, tiny, house in Nod, so the sink fixtures would no long match the shower fixtures (and as you oughta know by now....the bathroom in the teeny, tiny, house in Nod was SMALL, so, of course, one would notice that they did not match)..... And, if the bath and shower fixtures were also changed out, the shower door would need to be changed as well because....you guessed it....it was framed in the bright brass of which the tasteless accountant was apparently so fond.  So, soon, the little bathroom in the teeny, tiny, house in Nod looked like this:

And look like that it did for some time unfortunately....because, as you will come to understand, in addition to the domino effect, nothing in the Crows' world goes smoothly (Recurring Theme No. 3).  In fact, the little bath's facelift took well over a year when all was said and done.  Henry the Handyman built the custom-sized vanity, but, regrettably, he waited to build it until the counter top was ordered and scheduled for delivery (a several month process)....only to find out that they would not deliver the counter top until the vanity was installed resulting in a delay of many months.....

 Then, the company in France from which Mama Crow ordered the vanity drawer pulls unexpectedly shut down for a 3-month hiatus....and when the pulls finally did arrive, they were not the pewter finish she had ordered but.....you guessed it, the tasteless accountant's bright brass finish that Mama Crow was told was no longer available! 

The tub fixtures could not be ordered in the same configuration as they had been in (another unique touch by the accountant) and so had to be jimmy-rigged (because Papa Crow insisted that the tile in the shower NOT be replaced since it had been redone only a few years prior after Little Crow put his hand through the old tile while showering....) (Did I mention that the accountant was not such a great builder??)

 The light fixture ordered to replace the brothel kinky original light came in the wrong finish and was returned twice before Mama Crow gave up and had it painted. 

 (The counter top that was ultimately delivered was not the color Mama Crow had received samples of and ordered either, but at this point, Mama Crow decided to be a bit more like her cousins, the ducks...and let it roll off her back.)

 Many of the design and color choices were dictated by pre-existing choices in the room (i.e., the shower tile color dictated the flooring color, which dictated the wall color; the stained wood ceiling, doors and trim, dictated the vanity finish, etc.) (Take note....Recurring Theme No. 4).  


But, in then end, Mama Crow was fairly pleased with it (more likely just relieved to have it FINISHED). 

And I bet you're thinking that's it....the end of The WWR Chronicles.... But oh, you would be so very, very, wrong....It truly was only the beginning....

{To Be Continued....}


marly said...

Oh do I love that vanity. All looks great in the tiny bath of Nod. Just like my tiny bath of PA!

Prims By The Water said...

Ohmy there's more? I think it looks good Robin. I love the tobacco rack with the antique mirrors, and your bottle collection in the medicine cabinet. Janice

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

We could be remodeling/projects sisters! There are others out there who share my pain! That vanity is to die for, and the lighting fixture is beautiful. The end result was so worth all the challenges.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Looks just perfect - and it doesn't look that tiny to me.
You definitely have a knack for writing.
Hugs ET :)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Sweet Crow, wow!!!! Opening a can of worms there but well worth the terrible headache I think. Vanity, lighting, all look beautiful. I'm so intreged by your story telling, can't wait for more.Hugs Francine.

bayrayschild said...


P.S. You are one heck of a writer and I'm loving your bathroom finishes!


Dicky Bird said...

More to come, Yay! Love the bathroom - especially the custom cabinet.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Robin,
A man would not even blink with all you had going on, but being a woman........I marvel at your sanity!!! It really turned out beautifully the the vanity is FANTASTIC!! You are a gifted story teller and I do believe a book should be on your "to do" list!!
Can't wait for the next "installment!"
Hope you are staying warm, my friend!
Heart Hugs to you~

Farm Girl said...

Robin that is a beautiful bathroom!!! I love every single thing about it and those pulls and vanity are just perfect. What a great job!!! I like the flooring just as much and the walls are wonderful.
I have a bathroom remodel in the near future and I am afraid of it.
Keep up your story, I love each and every one.
Have a wonderful day in the cold land of Nod.

Cindi said...

Oh my goodness I think I would have gone insane! I do love the way it looks!! Amazing job. Can't wait for more.

HomeSpunPrims said...

I feel your frustration in how things went in the redo of your bathroom but to my eyes it looks so wonderful! I guess sometimes we just have to laugh when things don't go the way we planned.....or we would be crying all the time! Lori

Seasons Time said...

Looking good