Thursday, April 4, 2019

Child's Play

I don't remember all of my early childhood years vividly...or even remotely clearly, but I remember kindergarten.
Perhaps it is because it was the first time I really was exposed to a much larger, and very different, world than to which I had been exposed in my 5 years up until then.

Oh, I had seen and learned a great deal in those years...but never before had I been in a place that had a round fountain in the bathroom where you could make water for your hands come out by stepping on the floor.
Or a place where you could take a nap every day on your very own, bought-just-for-you, floor mat.
Nor a place where they would dim the lights at nap time and play a phonograph record with a man reading "Peter and the Wolf" in the best story-telling voice I had ever heard.

I have been thinking of that place recently...and it brought back the urge to play with scissors, paper and glue.

(Remember paper dolls?? This one is compliments of Misi from 1890 Gable House Musings)

And something else I learned in Kindergarten:
(The last three baskets are from a pattern by Cinnamon Creek)

Sometimes "simple" soothes the soul more than anything else can.


Mugwump Woolies said...

Oh my, what dear little critters! I adored paper dolls when I was little and to this day I am wild about paper. Paper wrapping , paper cards, any sort of ephemera...I seek out paper stores and while up north recently went to every paper store we passed. Papyrus is a favorite.
Have a good evening, Miss Crow,

Anonymous said...

Isn’t” it amazing how our thoughts can lead the way to something wonderful, I can only imagine the joy you felt creating these beautiful creations! I love the long ago look of them, paper dolls were one of my favourite pass times when a little girl. I don’t think it ever left me lol, I am so glad we are back visiting,

Dicky Bird said...

Oh my goodness! I love all of these! Partial to the hen obviously, however they all are so cool! I wish I could find some of those old records like that! I'd take naps now listening...tehee..."Intentional Napping" Let's make it a thing!

Winnie said...

Those are the sweetest paper critters! I love the kitties best. You know, there was no Kindergarten when I was growing up in my town, but a few years ago, when I went back to that town to visit, I stopped by the elementary school. When I went to the office and told them my story, one of the office people took me down to my first grade classroom. It was after school hours, so I could go in the room, and it was so cool because it looked so very much the same. The furniture was modern, but the windows and playground outside the door were the same. It was a wonderful visit and chance to go back and remember those early years of the 1950s into the early 1960s!

Ronda said...

I love these treasures and those sweet memories. My memories of childhood are not very vivid either. Though it amazes me the memories that I have of people, for instance, when I think of this one girl, my memory is at camp, me being impressed that she had her own glass bottle of Oil of Olay(they were glass back then). Another girl, when I think of her, it's a red polka shirt I borrowed, and making lemon bars at her home. They are not really memories at that person but an event or activity with that person. When I try remembering moments with them, nothing. The mind is a mystery.

Enjoy your day, sweet lady!!

Farm Girl said...

Oh Robin these are just beautiful. I love each and every one of them.
I love those baskets too.
You have just the right touch.
I loved your story of kindergarten. All I can say about it was it was a horrible experience that began how much I hated school. I remember when I came home and told my mom after that last day, "okay I have finished and I didn't like it so I don't want to go back next year," She said, I am so sorry but you have to go and I was six by this time, and I said " How long Mom?" and she said "for 17 more years." I thought I would die.
Then the greatest joke of all? I homeschooled my kids for 25 years!! I did school for most of my life. I think that is why I love this stage of life. :)Though I did really like teaching my own kids. Hey I just read your profile. Wow!! You were a corporate lawyer? and you have a degree in Archaeology? That is so awesome!! Now I know why you know the meaning of Spanish words. I hope you have a sunshiny day and you can start to see brown instead of white. Have a lovely day.

Doreen Frost said...

Oh my goodness, you brought me right back to kindergarten!!! I have the very same memories and I too, LOVED every minute of it.

Such lovely goodies you have made.

Thank you for the lovely memories. :) Doreen

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love your baskets!

Isobel -Argante- said...

How adorable!!!!!

Mrs. D said...

Hello Robin,

It's me--Linda--Mrs. D from 1893victorianfarmhouse. I want to be my special guest, and invite you to my open house/old sewing machines "show and tell" Saturday June 15, 2019. Since I don't have your email address, will you write to me,

Love your blog, and have it linked on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I just had to come back to thank you for your kind kind words on my blog, since google changed my comments don’t go to email so I had no way to respond to you lol, so I came here, you don’t need to publish this, I just wanted to say how happy I am to hav found you, I came to visit off and on hoping you would post , springs here right? I am so flipping glad, this was the winter we will not forget, snow snow and more snow,, but it’s melting, I hope you are well,

custom fleece blankets said...

Oh my goodness, you brought me right back to kindergarten!!! I have the very same memories and I too, LOVED every minute of it.