Sunday, January 9, 2022

Marly's Minestrone & Other Stuff

I am still holed up at the lake. 
The snows have stopped so I will need to take my leave while the leaving permits.

But it is cold...wretched, burn-your-nose, make-your-eyes-water, skin-sticking, cold.

So I believe I will wait this patch out and hope for a warm-up. Just thinking of loading and packing makes my teeth chatter.  I only hope it doesn't get colder yet and those "feel like" temps become the actual temps...'cuz you know what will happen to the "feel-like" temps then.

To me, cold weather and soup go together like dandelions and daydreams (and, where I live, there is much more of the former than the latter). So soup it is. 
As a disclaimer here, I am a bit of a soup snob.  My mom made the best soups in my world.  So while I LOVE soup, I expect 2 things from them:  (1) That they be homemade; and (2) that they be good...really good.
(Throw in a hunk of good homemade crusty bread and you will have a pal for life.)

I decided to finally try Marly's (Samplers-and-Santas) "Upstate Minestrone" soup.
For some reason, I have never been a huge fan of minestrones but, oh my heck....this.minnestrone.I.LOVE!!!

An unassuming tomato and beef base, complimented by hearty Italian sausage, zucchini, cabbage, and beans, quickly and effortlessly secured it a spot in my top 5 of soups.  Added bonus:  It reheats wonderfully and, like many soups, gets better with each reheating.

You really need to try it if you're a soup person.  You can find Marly's recipe here:

It's hard to believe I have been here 2 weeks (??) already.  Time seems to evaporate here.  I did bring my hooking project along with the thought of, if not finishing it, getting close to finishing it.
But I haven't even put it on my rug frame.
This is where I left off:

{"Simple Santa" by Therese Shick.  Sorry for the wonky photo but it is laying on the top of a curved trunk and I was too lazy to move it.}

I did start a new stitch:
{"Noel Sampler" by Brenda Gervais - With Thy Needle & Thread}

It was a gift from my sister-in-law and I am joining her in a "stitch-along."  Those participating stitch on this design from the 25th of each month until the month's end.  Those participating started already on December 25th (it's a Christmas sampler...get it??), but since I did not get the gift until after the new year (and since I stitch like I do most everything...slowly...) I decided I was entitled to "catch up" out of synch.

And, of course, I'm reading.

I am not certain what drew me to this book as it is not the genre to which I would typically be drawn.  I guess it goes to show how eclectic my taste can be.
It is the, unfortunately, true story of the Galvin family - a seemingly "all American" family with 12 children.  However, over time, 6 of the 12 children are diagnosed with schizophrenia.  The story interweaves the family drama and struggles (and, trust me, there IS drama and there ARE struggles) with the medical field's quest to unravel the how's and why's of the disease in the hopes of developing an effective treatment, if not cure.
I am nearing the end, though, so another reason I need to leave.

But not tonight....not tonight.

Stay safe and warm...and thank you for your companionship during my "purdah."


Saundra said...

Oh my but I shivered just looking at the weather forecast. You can bet I WILL be making that soup as the recipe looks wonderful and might be a nice diversion from my Minestrone soup. Hope you get back to NOD safely.
OH, no way in hell I'd find the mental disorders of a family an entertaining book to read. Shit, why wouldn't you hook instead of reading that?

Julia said...

I read the review on that book and must say I really feel for that family. I can't even imagine how stressful their lives must have been with so many mentally ill children and young men. Yet it's a true story. It makes one grateful for the little problems that seem so big to us.

Your soup looks and sounds delicious, especially for a cold damp day. I've taken a photo of the recipe from my iPhone and will try it for sure. Just need to buy the sausage meat and the zucchini.

My Mother and Child rug is sitting on the frame. I hooked a little bit last night but had my mind on another crochet pattern that I'm anxious to try.

With Christmas gone by, there is no rush to hook your lovely Santa but I'd be anxious to finish it. I love the swirls in the background.

I hope you make it home safely.

Take care, stay safe and well, hugs.


Prims By The Water said...

Kida glad I dont live in Nod right now. That soup sounds really good and will have to try it myself. Next your Santa rug is mighty fine. Something about that reds and whites you chose makes me want to hook this one. Also what is the linen you chose for your sampler? Loving that one too! I say keep hooking and stitch slower because you do amazing work at each! Stay warm my friend and stay at the lake if need be. No sense getting stranded out it that weather. Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...
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Rugs and Pugs said...

Holy hell. That is cold...and I am whining about temps in the 20's...not negative 20's.
Loving your sampler!!! You got lots done on that. I find it hard to stitch when there is not much difference between the linen color and the shades of floss.
Santa, though untouched for a bit, is looking good. Love the movement in the background.

acorn hollow said...

I have my feet up in front of our fireplace that is cozily snapping along. That weather is on the way here for the next few days ( not quite that cold but wind chill in the minus area). Brr. We have been getting ice I would much prefer snow. your stitching and hooking are lovely.
Seems like a sad book mental health is such a mystery still. Most of my soups that are always homemade do not have a recipe I am usually a fly by the seat of my pants kind of cook, but I will take a look at this one it sounds good.

yaya said...

Seeing the word "Tomahawk" makes me smile knowing my brother is just down your road but I hate seeing those temps! We were cold on Friday but today it was rainy and 40...then colder tomorrow..what a rollercoaster! Love your fireplace and I'm actually going to make veggie soup and homemade bread for dinner tomorrow. Take care and stay warm!

Hootin Anni said...

Lordy! But, that is cold. Nope, definitely not for me. When it turns 40° here, I think it's soup weather! With those stats you have, it'd have me hibernating under layers of blankets!!
Love your work on Santa!!!

Dicky Bird said...

Yes, it's awful! As we speak, my husband is trying to start a vehicle so he can go to work. He said, "I should have plugged it in, but I was lazy" So, off he goes with my van. Well, I didn't know you were a soup snob. I'm still sharing my soup posts, either way...(wink, wink). That book sounds interesting.

NMK said...

Yikes that is Frigid !!! Hope you can go home & it will be much warmer there ??? We are freezing here today in Western ,Mass , but tonight & tomorrow will be worse . Perfect days for homemade soup !
Have fun cross stitching & hooking & reading .....Keep toasty warm !!!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I have all ingredients except for cabbage damn! That sounded perfect for today.
That book- oh my - will see if local has it

Farm Girl said...

Hello Robin,
I think it sounds just wonderful to be at the lake. How nice I think, I would like to try it one time in my life. I love the rug you are working on, I love that red.
Your counted cross stitch is wonderful and you are off to a good start.
What a scary book!!! The sounds like wonderful soup. I cannot make a good soup to save my life. I hope that you have a wonderful time there.
Its so nice to see a post from you.

Hill Top Post said...

Thankfully you have a warm fire, hearty soups, books to read, and plenty of stitches to be made. and, a beautiful view through the windows. Enjoy!

WoolenSails said...

That is a lot of snow. We got a good amount but now it is just cold.
Your rug is beautiful, well worth a finish. I love minestrone, always make it from scratch and great in the winter.


Olde Dame Holly said...

Cold weather; no! I can't abide it. Nature doesn't care what I can and can't abide, however. Of course, here, if it is drops below 60, everyone starts yowling and whining (the people, not the stoic, sensible animals). When I lived in Houston, I would smile to see the fur coats come out when the temp dropped to 55. It was a "thing" at the time to trail them behind one, with one hand, at the grocery store. OIL BOOM DAYS! I like the look of that soup. I got Chicken Gnocchi at Olive Garden the other day. ONE GNOCCHI, all alone in a sea of chicken bits and broth. *sigh* May your troubles be as light! Stay warm! Love the Santy.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Crikey, never been that cold. Makes our chilly nights positively balmy. That soup looks so warming and nourishing. I have never added sausage to a soup but it does take it up to another level. In the past it would have made sense to chuck in anything that needed using up and actually still makes sense now. Another reason not to over fill your plate then leftovers make another delicious meal.

marly said...

Glad you liked the soup. Why am I no longer getting notice of your posts? Does my aversion to frigid temps block notifications from Nod?

Your hooked Santa is wonderful! Please be careful, safe, and warm.

Unknown said...

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