Thursday, May 19, 2022



The word "ghost" is probably better known as a noun than a verb; but it is, in fact, a verb also.

                                                                        ghost /ɡōst/
                                                verb past tenseghostedpast participleghosted
  1.  1.  act as ghostwriter of (a work). 
    "His memoirs were smoothly
    ghosted by a journalist."
  2.  2.  glide smoothly and effortlessly. 
    "They ghosted up the river."

In relatively recent years, a more colloquial verb usage has also become popular:

      1.  the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without                             explanation, especially in a romantic relationship. "He was a victim of                     ghosting." 
      2.  the act of leaving a social event or engagement suddenly without saying                goodbye. "Ghosting might be the best option if we want to get home                      before midnight." (Also called French goodbye or Irish goodbye.) 

There are also some "specialty" usages of the word.... For example, painters/builders/etc. refer to inexplicable dark streaks on walls, carpets, ceilings, etc. as "ghosting."  It is also used to refer to the faint double image sometimes left in printing, or on television screens.

None of these definitions or usages, however, are the ones to which I am referring in this post.  I am referring to the intentional "fading" of certain stiches/areas of stitched and hooked pieces to make them appear old or more similar to the fading often found in antique textiles.

   {"Noel Sampler" by With Thy Needle & Thread}

Whether you choose to believe me or not, I intentionally "ghosted" several letters in the alphabet of this stitched samper so that they are barely visible in some cases.

Even though this is not an antique reproduction, I kind of like the ghosting effect.  Either that or I am too lazy to rip out all those "ghosty" letters and redo them...because this sampler is finally done...and done is better than perfection.  You decide.

This (ummm, partially) hooked rug, on the other hand, is an antique adaptation.

Well, it was intended to be; however, I did not realize that the pattern was not drawn true to the original until it was late in the game.  
In my (late-to-the-game) frustration, I was studying the photo I had of the original attempting to determine if there were elements I could change at that late point to make it at least a bit closer to the original.

(Yes, yes...I KNOW! The tails are closer together in the original, the heads and faces of the cats are different, etc., etc.  Did I not mention my late-to-the-game frustration??)

And there it was.... A ball...between the two cats!  I had not noticed it in the gazillion times I looked at that photo, and it certainly was not included in any of the many reproduction renderings of the design that I have seen...and, of course, it was NOT on the pattern I purchased.
But there it was.

So I decided to hook it.  
Not once.
Not twice.
Not even thrice. 
And, no, I didn't re-hook it that many times just so I could use the word "thrice."

I hooked it once and decided it stood out too much.... I wanted it to fade into the background like the (I am sure much-faded) original.  I wanted to "ghost" it.
So I hooked it again.
It was better....especially once I hooked some background around it.
But it was way too far to the left.  WHAT?! I finally hooked a perfect circle (trust me on that one please), but in the perfectly wrong place.

So I rehooked it again.
This time, it is too much to the right. 
But ya know what?
I don't care.  Ain't hooking it a 4th time.

Because there's no cool word for fourth.
And because I was tired of hooking circles.

So there you have it.  A "ghosted" cat ball no where near the middle of the two cats.


And since we are on the subject of ghosting, this was my most-recent read:

It's the story of a woman who meets a man with whom she falls instantly and deeply in love.  But when he leaves for a previously planned vacation, she is "ghosted"....  She is certain the relationship they had meant as much to him as to her, but he simply "disappears." 
It came to me on the recommendation from a friend, and I did enjoy it, but wouldn't say it's a "gotta-read" kind of least not in my book (get it?? 😉).
It's a feel-good read in many ways and, while not necessarily "predictable" (at least not until the end - there were several twists I didn't see coming), it was a bit too "happily-ever-after" for me, if ya know what I mean.
Yeah...I can be morose like that.

Or maybe I am just too cranky these days to believe much in happy endings.


In other news, we've been having some kind of changeling weather here in Nod.
We sort of went from winter straight to summer....
But summer was short-lived - only 2 days' worth.
In the past week, we've moved on to autumn.

{Hint: That white stuff isn't petals or blossoms....}

But, hey...we did green up nicely in those 2 days of summer.
When 3 of the 4 seasons are so short-lived here, they make the most of the time they have.

I suppose a lesson to be learned.
But I am thinking my learning banks are full.


oldgreymareprimitives said...

What was that you were saying about talent? My friend, your talents abound in so many areas. Your kitties are wonderful and for me much preferred to the orig.

Hootin' Anni said...

I like what you did with kitty ball! All the work involved makes it PURRfect. There is a book I read a long time ago Dickens' Christmas Carol (a novel) that is a great read with an ending I never saw coming. You may like it.

Love the ghosted alphabet, your beautiful walkway, AND yes, the ghost seen in the top image.

Hootin' Anni said...

Mr. Dickens and His Carol said...

Goodness your cat mat is amazing! You’re nailing the antique look. I also love the ghosting in the cross stitch piece. It stands to reason why you’d use the technique to instantly age it but I’d certainly never thought of that. If we have another hot summer I may have to pick up the needle again.

acorn hollow said...

your stitching is perfect, and I love the ghosting. I think you should think about the original person who hooked that rug. Do you think he or she did that ball so many times to get it just perfect? My thought is no just relax and enjoy the process. You are doing a wonderful job on that rug.
We have had all the seasons here also. We were in the 90s over the weekend and headed back into them this weekend. Not my favorite weather! But then we went to the high 30's and rain lots and lots of rain. On our highest mountain it snowed yesterday. While I am not looking forward to winter I would like a nice normal summer with dry days not humid and gentle breezes. (I fear the winter heating bill this year)
have a wonderful day

Karen said...

I am going to try ghosting. But before I leave to ghost, can you tell me what rug hooking frame you use? I am getting a beginner kit and now I need a frame. You have this rug hooking perfected if you can do a circle!

Linda said...

Very enjoyable post. Thank you!

Saundra said...

All your posts are enjoyable! I empathize with you on a pattern not drawn like the original antique. That is what I'm dealing with on the Mary Comstock rug I purchased. Love that you added the ball but really, did you have to hook it three times? As Cathy said, bet the woman didn't over think the first time she hooked that circle and bet hers wasn't as perfectly round as yours.

yaya said...

I'm probably the only blogger here who isn't a hooker but I do enjoy seeing what all my talented hooker blog buddies create and I think your rug is perfect! You have followed me long enough to know how I love ghostly stories and strange things but hope not to be "ghosted" by anyone! You asked me a couple of questions about my last post so here's the answers: What's a BTO? Well, it's a version of a popular sandwich..BLT. Jack doesn't like lettuce on his sandwiches so he always has bacon, tomato, and onion on his! (silly boy!) The pork roast became lunches in many forms over the week! Have a good weekend in Nod and hopefully summer has not ghosted you up North!

Julia said...

I'm learning something new today. Ghosting...

Your meticulous work always comes through and it's always perfection. Yes, even if the ball isn't centered to the perfect center, I think it's more authentic than the original if you ask me.

I love your sampler and the ghostly alphabet. It definitely makes the piece look more sweet and quiet.
You did a fantastic job. I hope that you'll show it again when you get it framed.

I have felt ghosted many times but didn't know it was called ghosting. lol...

Our weather is still hot and cold. We had frost warning for Wednesday but being so close to the river, we had no frost but it got very cold that I had to bring all my seedlings inside for the night.

Take care,
Hugs, Julia

NMK said...

Ghosting ....loved learning all about that ! Love your sampler & your hooking project ....your colors in both pieces are so soft & pretty .
We have had the same crazy weather ! Will be 9o & Humid all weekend & then in the 70's all next week ....will be stuck inside trying to keep cool this weekend .

Prims By The Water said...

After reading your ghosted post, I realized one of my antique samplers the letters are ghosting themselves...fading. I love love love your sampler and also like the idea of ghosting the letters too! And that hooked cat rug, I would have stopped at re-hooking thrice myself. I think it look purrfect anyway! We have gone straight to Summer here too. Hope you have a nice weekend! Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

I do believe your sampler is just charming...and your Welcome are your own worst critic. I think they are just fine...coming from a non-purist!

marly said...

What a gorgeous view you have.

I am so out of it, I thought the ball was Saturn on a cloud. Your hooking is very nice, uniform with nice movement. Barely notice that the ball is not perfectly centered, which no respectable cat would agree to.

The sampler is wonderful. Just in case you change your ghostly mind, you can always very lightly touch the stitches with a fine brush that has Ranger archival ink (pad) applied. Can slightly darken, shade, accent, so much easier than dye for those very small areas we think twice about. Sepia is reddish brown and I use Coffee the most. But it doesn't need a thing, perfect as is.

Thunder boomer just rocked the house.

susan hemann said...

I'm not sure what season we are in here in Ohio, we went from winter to summer to fall and then back again
one day it's 89 the next 55
my old body is suffering shock

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Crow, I adore the Welcome Cat mat ball and all, you are very talented my friend….The sampler is beautiful as well with the ghostly stitches, amazing work… for the weather, thumbs down here, where oh where is Spring? Finally some warm sunshine yesterday, I was soaking it all in…. Take care, Monday Blessings Francine.

Farm Girl said...

I always love seeing your hand work. I love your sampler and your kitty rug is beautiful. I love seeing the green of your yard, even with the hail visible. We will hit 105 on Wednesday.
Summer will be here and we will have summer until November. EEK!!
I think your book sounds interesting and I really love seeing what you are reading.
I have been painting again, and redoing the house some more. Redoing the garden too, so my blog and my blog visiting sadly suffers.
Have a nice week,

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Don't be too hard on yourself my girl, your kitty cats are fantastic. It's the soul in the work not the accuarcy to a pattern that matters. I'm pretty impressed with everything you do and would be happy to have your work in my home. Hope you get a bit more sunshine soon. x

Laurie said...

Ghosted is a word I’ve just recently heard and you’ve explained it’s varied means perfectly for me. Your hooking is beautiful and I admire your dedication. I’ve been a way from the internet a long time , I’ve just recently acquired enough eye sight to return, your photos are lovely as always, I hope you are well, Laurie from Canada,

Dicky Bird said...

I will say I love you "thrice" - oh, that was funny. Not that you had to redo it, but that you "had" to redo it....Hugs!!