Sunday, June 5, 2022

And Just Like That It's June....


Like the roads to Nod, however, the road to summer here has had its ups and downs.

Summer, it seems, is a timid bride this year.

We have a handful of summer-like days...where we go from 50 to 90.
And then we are back to mid-60's, and very low 40's for lows.

And wind...lots of wind.
And you know how I feel about wind.

But, slowly, things are greening, and plants are blooming.

The first bridesmaid is always the always-flamboyant rhododendron.

The others follow toute de suite in a pink and purple explosion.

{Weeping Tina Crabapple}

{Volunteer Vinca growing in the patio stones}

{With a slow, cold, spring, the blooms of the lilacs were more abundant and sweeter.}

And avian coteries welcome the newcomers with bursts of song.
{Look closely...a cardinal's camouflage.}

I think this year is the year I finally will be making good on my vow to forgo annuals. Bitterly bittersweet.

It's a good thing I am easily amused by nature as my "crafting" (is that what we are still calling it these days??) mojo has gone on another walkabout apparently.
 I started stitching another larger piece, but there is no progress worth posting at this point.

I did venture to the Island of the Unfinished and was not inspired to attempt any rescues other than finishing this one little piece I had finished the stitching on a year ago:

{"1776" from the talented Marly of Samplers and Santas.}

I couldn't seem to capture the true colors (and, yes, there is some distressing to it), but they are somewhere between the above photo and the photo below.

I am not impressed with my finishing and will not point out all the likely can figure that out for yourself.... 
So, I abandoned the Island.


I think I have missed sharing a few reads with you (I've been MIA a while, no?), but I don't believe I shared this one with you yet.

This is the third book by this author I've read.  I fell in love with her debut book, "The House Between Tides," about which I previously posted.  This book, however, I am a bit equivocal about.  I enjoyed it, but it was a transparent "clone" of her first book. While I somewhat felt like I was being able to continue the reading adventure I had enjoyed in the first book, this was not a sequel of any sorts...yet the main plot and subplots were just too similar.  I actually started confusing a few things between the two books while reading.  (No comments re the ease with which that confusion thing is accomplished these days...please.)
She even used some of the same character names....but they weren't the same characters.  😧 

Anyway, do with it what you will.  If you liked The House Between Tides and would like another "fix," have at it.  I am not the one who enjoys Hallmark movies with the same repetitive themes, so I give it a "meh."


Well, I'm off to finish assembling a wheel barrow.  
Who has more fun than me?

Have a good new week ahead everyone.


Saundra said...

Woman you are entertaining even when you aren't trying. Had to chuckle with the assembly of a wheel barrow so you will do anything for a good laugh. Evidently Sarah Maine (author extraordinaire?) has the same trouble with mojo on walkabout as us hookers.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I think what is blooming in Nod is spectacular. I wish I could take beautiful photos like you do. You could probably make your kitties' litter box look!
Be proud. You "finished" a piece from last year. I have pieces from decades ago sitting in a shoe box.
I hope your wheelbarrow assembly is complete without too many curse words.

marly said...

I have sweats on again. Furnace running, way too cool for June. Love your crab tree. Most die around here as ours have, some sort of fungus stunts and drops the leaves.

Hope it warms and you get to enjoy time at the lake. Closest I am to water is the overflow in the ditch.

Hootin' Anni said...

I could NOT be able to assemble a wheel barrow!!! Directions are never written in my language!
I too am not a Hallmark fan...always "too sweet" to make it believable. And books/authors that are redundant would have me shelving them instantly.

Love all your beautiful nature you shared. Absolutely gorgeous Robin. Great finished crafting too

Laurie said...

Beautiful photos, wonderful writings and such talented beautiful creations ,,,I’m so glad I came back online to find you had posted. I’ve missed coming to visit!

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Our weather in Blighty has also been mercurial. We did snatch a wee sunny spell for the Jubilee tea party, as you saw on my blog. I've hopefully posted a link to the Platinum Trifle recipe on my blog for you. Keep your chin up m'dear. xxx

Julia said...

Saundra and Lauren already said it best with their witty comments. My comments are always so corny but they are from the bottom of my heart.
I love how you write, you have a poetic soul, I said it before and I'll say it again.

I can see that you're going to do some heavy yard work with the newly assembled wheelbarrow. That's my girl...

I always look forward to your rare posts. I know, mine are just as rare but not as interesting to read.

We have the same crazy weather here too. Mother Nature is working her magic with the spring colors too but my nose is always to the ground so I see more weeds and bugs than colors.

I love the 1776 sampler. Yeah! It's done and beautiful. Lovely photography and the countryside looks beautiful.

The only interest I seem to have in books now is all
of the religious types. Maybe it's because of the condition the world finds itself in at the moment.

Enjoy the fresh air.
Hugs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

Your flowers are just stunning. I can't even imagine such huge and beautiful Lilacs. Its always such a joy to see what you have been doing. I love that view with all of the trees and all of the green. We are so brown already. I also love your little finish. You do such awesome finishes.
Your book seems good. I do love your book reports and I like seeing what you have been doing.
Your weather is all over the place. I think its going to be one of those kind of years. Have a great week this full week of June.

acorn hollow said...

I bought 2 4 packs of annuals that is down 90percent from what I usually do. But your landscaping looks like it need no enhancement! So lovely.
I hope you did well on your wheelbarrow.
I too am in a craft funk I haven't pulled a loop in a couple of weeks yikes!
Enjoy your wonderful piece of heaven

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Oh my goodness Robin! I love your new header! How cute is that and the words are wonderful! Love all your photos and hope you will have a very happy June!

Dicky Bird said...

Yes, the Lilacs were and still are best, sweetest I've seen in years!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Just a dreamy yard- Makes mine look like a desert- oh yeah, right, it is. Sadly it is. :(

susan hemann said...

Honestly, you can turn a phrase. lol
Nothing but gardening going on here
Art projects, what art projects? No muse for some time now
I'm beginning to question whether I'm an artist at all
I went to Chicago in April and did some photography work, enlarged and framed. that's it
trying to get ready for a garage sale

Lady Locust said...

Nod certainly is a beautiful place! Did I ever share my Winkyn, Blinkyn, and Nod quilt with you? And no worries on not planting perennials - God might plant some for you. I have sunflowers and morning glories I didn't plant, but they are growing in my garden - heehee.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Robin, hope everything is well in Nod, I think it’s so beautiful there, I want to live where you are.. Cardinal's, Lilacs, magical to me… your posts are a comfort as I have mentioned before, I reread many times, I admire you so… love your stitching, love all your work really, your very talented in many things…… my life is hectic as we are moving to an apartment, gads I hate that word as Cam finds the house to much now a days. Stairs, mowing, handy work is just to much for him so we are moving on up. Lol… we will still keep the trailer at the lake so that’s what’s keeping me sane these days, love the outdoors. …. Take care my friend, June Blessings Francine.

WoolenSails said...

I have never liked wind either, but a nice light breeze, is always welcome on a warm day.
I love seeing all the blooms and green that has erupted this year. Our yard was barren when we moved in, trees around, but now we have our own trees from the ones that dropped their seed. Your little piece is wonderful.


Hill Top Post said...

Beautiful pictures. My favorite is the camouflaged cardinal - pretty tree, pretty bird. Your stitchery pieces are always winners.