Monday, July 11, 2022

Playing With Angels...


Now that I no longer am baby bird-sitting Bébé, I have more time to do other things.

But...nothing seems to be getting done.
If I wait, however, until something does get done, then no blog posts would get done either.
A Catch-21.
(Not really a Catch-22, but close...very close.)

So, here's a quick recap of what I've been doing...(other than Bébé-sitting).

I finally fully finished Centennial Eagles. Wow - did I drag this out or what?  I started it and stitched one eagle, then left it sit for a long, long, time.
I eventually pulled it back out and finished the other eagle, but then put it aside again as I wasn't sure how I wanted to finish it.
I have limited wall space (too many stupid windows) and was set on a flat finish (3/4ths of a yard of fabric "set on") but then decided that it was really too large for a flat finish.
Thought of just backing it in that fabric I had bought for the flat finish, but wasn't completely convinced I wanted that since, after all that time, I wasn't sure I even liked the fabric I had gotten.
So one rainy Saturday, I decided to do a simple turned-under hem.

The hand stitching (sans counting) was soothing,
And done is good.
And you will never have to look at it again...I promise.

And since I was (briefly) in a patriotic state of mind, I stitched up (and, actually, also fully finished) this little God Bless America tuck.  It is a modification of a freebie pattern from years ago by The Nebby Needle (Bonny Woomer).

{The two smaller tucks in front are older...}

I also started a large Halloween piece I have been wanting to do for some time - Halloween at Hollowberry Farms by Stacy Nash.

{My apologies for all the wrinkles...I don't have a large frame/hoop and this fabric is a hot wrinkle-prone mess.}

But YIKES...that border about did me in and it isn't even half done.
Talk about monotony.  Edgar, I know know how you can love borders as much as you do LOL.

So that got put aside.
(Can you say "AADD" ??)

From there, I moved on to One For The Crow, a With Thy Needle & Thread design.
(This is actually the smaller of two pinkeeps in the pattern. And, yes, I do intend to do the other...sometime...soon...maybe?)

Now that, too, resides in the unfinished pile.  
(Hey, 2 "out" warrants 2 "in," no?)

And now, Welcome Cats is back on my hooking frame.
(AADD is real...and so is the struggle.)

Frankly, that's all it is: Back on the frame - not much further along since you last saw it.


The one thing I do not seem to have any difficulty finishing is books and I am remiss in my "recent reads report," that it will take me a while (if ever) to catch up. 

I finished this one several weeks ago...and it took some willpower to, in fact, "finish" it.  It was some kind of "intense"...not in the action department, but in the head department.  I was hopelessly out of my element on the geopolitical front here.  
It is the (true) story of Abdel Kader Haidara's (and other dedicated archivists') mission to preserve and rescue tens of thousands of ancient Islamic and secular manuscripts first from the trunks and earthen safe rooms of pastoralists and farmers and later from the even more ravaging destruction of war and the rise of Al Qaeda. 

I have to admit that even the tedious Securities & Exchange Commission regulations did not hurt my head as much as this book sometimes did. 
I'm not ashamed to admit that I knew little of this history...or of the geography or culture.  And there is a great deal of detail packed in this book.
I think, though, it was the names that frustrated me the most.  
Everyone has at least 3 unpronounceable names that I struggled to keep straight. is a world out there I knew absolutely nothing about. And the beauty of these manuscripts is absolutely amazing. (No, it's not an illustrated book, but I had to do some research you know.)
And, yes, there is a real place called Timbuktu.  At least that part I knew.
Would I recommend it? Ummm...well??  Not unless you are very strange like me.


As for other things I have been doing...well, you know - watching the clouds in the sky, falling in rabbit holes (sometimes literally), and spying on the moon dancing with the fog at 2 in the morning.

Oh and, yeah...I play with angels.


oldgreymareprimitives said...

You make me wish I could still cross stitch, but alas the fingers don't work like they should. I had to sew a slew of buttons on this old duster over the weekend that has been buttonless for years. What would have taken me 20 minutes before took me over an hour.
Of course I never achieved the expertise you have. Loving the kitty rug also.

And you say you're not getting it done HA! I dispute that notion. :D

Hootin Anni said...

You, dear Robin, are so highly skilled! I love each piece you have shared! My favorite of course is the black cats!
That book you read and your review is a winner ...makes me wanna read it, but if you stumbled over their names, I'm sure I'd want to throw it thru one of your many windows before I finished!

Keep playing with angels

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Looks to me like you have been extremely busy. I hope you're not crumpled in a heap in the corner. Lovely stitch work, I particularly favour the cats, I do love a black cat.

Linda said...

I loved reading about what you've been up to. I recently bought a blanket ladder on which I have displayed my unfinished pieces. I love displaying them and it should be a good motivator to finish them.

acorn hollow said...

I need to pick up my needle again while it is not cross stitching. My poor eyes just can't take it. I am embroidering again.
The books do sound intense I am summer reading fun books that is all my brain can handle right now I think

Saundra said...

So your baby birdie is grown and left the nest, you're such a good sitter. Is the Eagles stitchery too big to be a tuck with others? I forget if you mentioned dimensions or not but would be nice there too.
Am sure I was awake at 2 a.m. but wasn't looking at the moon ~ just trying to go back to sleep.
I feel your pain with the Welcome Cats! I think it is beautiful but understand your frustration.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am loving all the cross stitch, but especially the Centennial Eagles. Is that a Tina Woltman pattern? Last I checked, her picture trail was closed. She had so many wonderful patterns.
Congrats on finishing a book that was so difficult to get through.
Welcome Cats...LOVE it!

Tina said...

I love your Centennial Eagles! I love reading your posts. Thanks for inspiring me. :-)

Julia said...

Thanks for the update on what you've been up to. You are getting things done and it looks like you've been busy.

I'll pass on the book with the difficult names to pronounce but it sounds very intriguing. I'm a realist and I like real stories.

I'm loving that welcome mat with the cats. Now is the time to get at it again until you have to put it down again for a little rest. It's ok to play with angels. I used to paint angels in my ceramic shop years ago and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Enjoy the summer weather. I'm having an amazing summer and this year, it's been cooler than years ago. I'm loving it.
Hugs, Julia

WoolenSails said...

Those are beautiful pieces and beautiful work. I haven't doing any samplers in years, but sometimes I get tempted for an easy lap project.


yaya said...

So much stitching, so little time! You have accomplished a lot! I love all your work because I have no talent in that department. You had me at a Halloween project! I've read a few books this summer...stories about WWII but with working again part time I'm finding myself a bit behind in that department. I love that final pic you beautiful! We've had some pretty nice summer days and nights and usually by now I'm getting that "I can't wait until Fall feeling" but so far I'm just happy enjoying this season. Have a good week and keep being creative!

Janice Hebert said...

It's late, and I've got to go to bed but I just wanted to say how awesome that picture at the end of your post Just wow. I'm going to have to look at it again in the morning. Take care, think of you often. Jan in MA

Jennie in GA said...

Looks as if you have been plenty busy to me. Your starts and finishes look great and a rug back on the frame is an achievement in itself. That book would be a no go for me, but I admire you for plowing through to a finish. If I could photograph things like you, I might just do a blog post. That pic of the moon is quite a beauty. Happy summer.

Primitive Stars said...
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Primitive Stars said...

Evening Sweet Crow, you sure have been busy stitching, I love them all, adore pin keeps, wish I had some of your talent… Love the picture of the moon, it pulled me in, many a night I’ll sit moon gazing as it keeps me company…. Nothing exciting here, packing packing and more packing as the date is fast approaching to move. I am digging in my heels but will go quietly as I have to. …. Had the need to visit you as you are like a comforting blanket keeping me warm and safe, can’t explain it but you do…..enjoy the rest of summer, Sunday Blessings Francine.

susan hemann said...

love your projects! I too, alas, cannot get started because I constantly get side-lined

I loved the book, I have some knowledge of the culture and geography. But the names!!! they trip me up every time. I started making a list of the names and a brief synopsis of the characters. It helps.

I started making a large flower press 2 years ago and am finally at the stage of painting flowers on it. It has sat on my table for two weeks.

Farm Girl said...

I love that Cat Rug!! So much it got capital letters! All of your patriotic pinkeeps are lovely too. I just bought that Stacy Nash, like I need another one like a hole in the head. Just got back from Tucson. Even being hot here like 110, it isn't ever as hot as the desert southwest.
I love your posts. They always make me laugh. Though the book sounds interesting, I might pass.
I hope you have a great week!