Tuesday, July 26, 2022

My Familiars

fa-mil-iar  /fǝ'milyǝr/  noun  plural noun: familiars
1.  a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal.
"her familiars were her two little griffons nested in her skirts."
2.  a close friend or associate.

While it has, on occasion, been said of me that I keep familiars of the animal kind, this post is not about such gossipry.

{Asiatic "Landini" Lilies...or not. They may be my "Blacklist" Lilies...I confuse those two.}

This is about lilies: Those steadfast perennials that return so faithfully each year and I welcome them as I would an old, familiar, friend whom I haven't seen for a year.

{Hyperion Daylily}

{"Nettie's Pride" Asiatic Lily}

After such a long absence, I confess that I have forgotten how very beautiful they are.

{"Pink Luxury Lace" Daylily}

{Another Hyperion Daylily, albeit smaller. This one almost reminds me of  daffy.}

So many different faces, but all so familiar.
(My "famililies???)

{"Stargazer" Asiatic Lily}

And then there is this wonderful familiar.  He is, indeed, of the animal kind, and he is, indeed, a close friend.
A very, very, close friend.

{Do you see the orb by the tree? It was so solid it gave me pause.  It almost seemed that Snowdog saw it too.}

My precious Snowdog is struggling these days, but today he is celebrating his 13th birthday.  Well, I am celebrating his 13th birthday.
He got a new bunny (one of his very favorite familiars) and lots of snacks...and maybe pizza is on the menu for dinner.


While we are on the subject of familiars, I recently finished up The Familiars by Stacey Halls.

It is a historical novel set in 1612 Lancaster, England amid the all-too-true atrocities of the Pendle witch trials. (Yes, before Salem, there was Pendle.)
While it fits squarely within one of my most loved genres, it was somewhat unique in that the main protagonist, Fleetwood Shuttleworth, and other main characters were real people and the novel does an uncanny job at weaving the story around very factual aspects of their lives.

 (Of course I had to go research the "real" people and places and was surprised at the accuracy of some details.  The fictional details, however, are so very plausible, that it makes one wonder how close to actual history they might be.  It also gave me a glimpse into what may have become of the fictional Fleetwood.)

In short...totally loved it and would definitely recommend it.


Ok, off to see about that pizza.  And maybe a doggie sundae later.

I love that dog.


Saundra said...

That is such a strong orb I'd say it was a definite familiar in Snowdog's family. Thirteen is a very long life for a larger dog. Hope Snowdog got his sundae.

Julia said...

Oh, how I love your post today. Daylilies are right up my alley but your charming stone path is so perfect. Nothing here to compare with that. Even your mulch is the real deal...
That's why you're a lawyer and I'm a lowly farmer. Oh I know, farming is a noble profession, but sometimes, the grass is greener on the other side. Right?

I wish you lived closer, I's add to your daylily collection. I have more than I need or care to care for.

That is definitely a strong orb on the tree. Did it come with the book? It sounds like I would enjoy this sort of book ( if only I had time to read.) Can you believe I'm already harvesting broccoli and cauliflowers like crazy and pickling cucumbers?
You gotta pickle when the cucumbers come along.

Happy Birthday to that beautiful snowdog. Such a handsome dude.

WoolenSails said...

Your gardens are beautiful and your pup is beautiful. It is hard when they get older.


Hill Top Post said...

There’s a lot to love about this post. Your lilies are beautiful for sure, but I couldn’t help feasting my eyes on that wonderful brick walkway and other special features such as the water pump. Happy birthday to Snow Dog! He’s so handsome!

Hootin Anni said...

Wow...happy happy birthday to a most handsome snow dog!! (We had a husky years ago named Kemosabe). Love the day lilies. And to be sure, would love the book!! Making note of it

By the way been meaning to tell you how I love your cranky crow header!!

acorn hollow said...

wow your lilies are just lovely! They are like old friends that come to visit each summer.
Happy Birthday Snow Dog. Our niece has a snow dog too she is in complete love with who just turned 8. She is already worrying about the length of his life.
Your snow dog looks happy, maybe the orb is a guarding angel dog.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful space. Snowdog is a precious boy. We had a malmute/shepherd, she was the best dog. Happy Birthday to your furrbaby.

NMK said...

Just a beautiful walkway & gorgeous Daylilies !!! I Love those too !!! That Orb is pretty amazing too !!!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Snowdog!!! Eat lots of goodies.

I think this book will go on my "when I retire book list"

Happy Day, Tina Grace

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Many happy returns to Snowdog. I hope you both enjoyed the birthday pizza.

Farm Girl said...

Your flowers and gardens are incredible. You are a very hard worker. Happy birthday to Snow dog. He is a beautiful dog. My heart goes out to you.
Your book looks really interesting. I don't know where you find them.
Sending prayers for you and your familiar. That was how I thought of my dog, Sasha.

yaya said...

Your lilies are so beautiful! I have a few but not as lovely as some of yours! My sister went to a park near her home that had many beautiful gardens. One of the gardens was a witches garden! It had lots of herbs used for healing or perhaps a spell or two? Ha! I thought it was a cute idea. Happy Birthday to sweet Snow Dog! I hope he had a wonderful birthday and will celebrate a few more. Enjoy that pizza!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

All is so beautiful and snowdog is lucky to have you and you him. Happy Birthday to your pup. Every year together with our fur babies is a gift...every day really. My Walter is my friend, therapist and cheerleader.

The yard is exquisite - so jealous. We finally had a good storm tonight with heavy rain. All over my totally fried plants. : (

Prims By The Water said...

Happy Birthday Snowdog! You are as gorgeous as ever. I know your momma takes great care of you! When I had day lilies at my old house, I use to take the stamen from one and rub on another and the next year had a new color lily. I loved mixing and matching. Yours are beautiful too! Janice

marly said...

I'm sure that handsome boy had a nice birthday celebrating with his favorite friend. What a great photo. And beautiful tree.

Your property is so nice, show us more please!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your brick walkway is simply beautiful! So many wonderful lilies, but Nettie's Pride is most unusual.
Belated birthday greeting to Snowdog. Molly sends pug hugs ;-)

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Happy Birthday to Snow Dog. I love all of your lillies. Just bought 3 red ones and have to get them planted. Your gardens look beautiful. Have a great weekend.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Sweet Crow, your Lillies are so beautiful, they are all so pretty and your gardens are amazing … …Snow dog is as beautiful as ever, happy belated birthday sweet boy, hope you enjoyed your pizza. That orb is really something, wow! … Your home is wonderful, love that brick walkway is so beautiful too….. take care my friend, I’m bumbling along here, trying to make it home sweet home.. Wednesday Blessings Francine.