Sunday, February 4, 2024

Hooking on the Lane


Yes, I'm here...whether I want to be or not.
Truth be told, most days I don't want to be.

That aside, and in an effort to distract myself from the endless picking up of pieces, a few weeks ago I imposed upon the resident hooker down the lane and attended one of the popular Red Barn Rugs workshops.

Unfortunately, I was neglectful in taking photos of the rugs most of the attendees were working on. In fact, I managed only to take photos of my table neighbor, Marilyn (a/k/a "Bad" Marilyn) Denning,'s rug:

While I didn't get a photo of what the other Marilyn (a/k/a "Good Marilyn") (Becker) was working on, I did get this photo of the masterpiece she recently completed of her great granddaughter:

So, the rest of the following photos are just random photos around Cathy's house and studio of a fraction of her rugs:

{This is one of Cathy's very newest designs called "Amelia."}

{I know I've shown "Ol' Jack" before, but since he was peeking through the doorway in the last photo, he deserves to be shown again...}

{Sorry for the blur!}

And my favorite:

Lastly, and only because I know Saundra (of Woodland Junction) would bug me if I didn't, here is the stag rug I was half-heartedly working on.  It is a design by Homespun Prims by Lori.

Yes, it is the same rug I started almost exactly a year ago in the last workshop I went to.  However, I decided I did not like the wool I chose for the stag and ripped it out and started over....only to rip that out and go back to the original wool...which I am still not sure I am happy with.

Such is my life these days.

Maybe I should stick with stitching.


Linda said...

The Great Granddaughter is phenomenal. I usually don't like any type of people stitched but this one is just beautiful.
My heart goes out to you. I don't know what thou have been through but I sense such sadness.

Saundra said...

Yup, the stag looks like a winner to me and you'd be right, I would bug you, lol. All lovely rugs, the blue and white resting on the back of the sofa looks like it was a crochet piece with the beading technique. The granddaughter is beautiful and am sure it was hooked in narrow cut which I'll never do again. Kudos to her for the fine work.
Am proud of you for getting out gurlfren!

Julia said...

It feels good to see a post from you. The stag looks great to me and I see nothing wrong with the wool you chose.
I'm so glad that you pushed yourself out the door and went hooking down the road. Wow! Some great detailed rugs. The little granddaughter rug looks wonderful as as well as all the other rugs.
Some talented rug hookers in your area.

I'm so behind with my hooking and I need to dye some more skin color wool to continue hooking the faces. At the moment, I'm concentrating on other business issues that I need to pay attention to. I started that rug a long time ago so you are not alone in dragging behind. Take care of yourself. You are important to us.

Hill Top Post said...

You ladies never fail to amaze me with your beautiful rugs! Wow! I think it is fine to rip out and begin again and again until one is happy with the task at hand. I do!

marly said...

I don't hook, so my opinion is useless. But I give it freely anyway. The stag is handsome, love the wool. Maybe you'll be happy with your choice when more of the rug is worked? Hope so.

Glad you enjoyed the outing with the Marilyns.

jabblog said...

Beautiful rugs and it's nice to work alongside others. Too much time inside one's own head isn't always helpful.

susan hemann said...

Oh my, those rugs are stunning! I love the one you do too. Also the black and cream one. Years ago I started rug hooking and took a class, but it just wasn't for me. I have arthritis in my hands so the repetitive nature of the craft left my hands sore. Last summer I parted with my supplies. I still am upset about it because my frame was handmade by someone I know.

I have been so cranky lately. I understand your present mood.
I'm starting the #100dayproject again this year, hoping it will help me feel like I have a purpose. Last year I drew circular designs every day. It was fun. But I quit after 39 days. This time I'm doing crazy quilt dresden plates, but I'm not going to assemble them traditionally. We shall see.

Write me anytime you need to talk. I'm here for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin. It’s lovely to see your post. You’re strong to get out and do. And your mat is cool. Thank you for the show too. I agree, the one above the couch is spectacular

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh how I would love to go hooking down your lane!!!
That great granddaughter rug is beyond amazing. That is true talent.
Love all of Cathy's rugs!!!
And yours. You, of course, are your own worst critic. It is looking good, ET. How funny there is a "good" Marilyn and a "bad" Marilyn.

Anonymous said...

So happy you are moving on. Take it slow. My heart goes out to you. You dont know me but you are on my mind daily. I would hope my making hobbies would help me thru the darkness.

Cindy Huxtable.

NMK said...

Wow , I Love Cathy's rugs and the colors she uses are just so pretty . So happy you live close enough to go to her studio , has to be so inspiring and just good to be surrounds by such very talented hookers. The Baby is just incredible ! Love your Stag and the colors look so nice to me ! Have Fun hooking and hope you can get together with this talented group again soon .

Prims By The Water said...

OMG that baby rug looks like a photograph. What an amazing job and a precious keepsake memory. I think your rug looks mice. Are you turning into another Saundra who is your own worst enemy. ;-) Enjoyed perusing the rugs you were able to take a pic of. Wonderful hookers out there and so glad you made the trip down the lane to attend. Janice

Anonymous said...

There you are! Missed your postings ~
I myself am negligent on more-often posts, but am working on that…I wish I could have been with you at Red Barn, I would have loved seeing all of this rugs in person and meeting everyone too ♥️♥️♥️ ~ Lori from Notforgotten Farm

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Robin, thought I would come check in on you and you made my heart happy with a post. I feel your heartache and understand all to well but glad you ventured out…. sweet kitty peeking and what wonderful rugs. I wish I could be a better hooker but I’m not, guess if I kept trying but I don’t… Such talent and beautiful design and that Granddaughter one is so sweet…. Take Care sweet friend, love you bunches, Francine.

Nancy said...

I am happy that you went back out into the World. I liken it to getting back on that horse that threw you. Important. No need to push beyond what you feel. But creating takes you out of yourself, and into a positive place.

Dicky Bird said...

Yes, Cathy has amazing things in her home, including the rugs!

yaya said...

Robin, I'm so glad you took off out the door to hook with friends but also that you posted all those beautiful rugs for us to see. I love the one with the little girl. Could be a photo! I'm always amazed at the different patterns and colors folks choose. I'll look forward to your finished project! I hope some sunshine has found you in Nod and even though winter is still here, a taste of spring brings hope. Take care friend! You've got this!

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Beautiful rugs. I think I'm in need of some gorgeous large wool rugs, so nice underfoot. And look so good on old floorbaords.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Love all the rugs, especially Ol' Jack! Never tire of it, it's such a strong design and for me, it brings up such strong memories and feelings of long-ago times. I like your stag. Maybe the original wool will start looking more appealing to you as you continue? I know it's very hard. You are wise to just keep on keepin' on. Just continue on. It is very hard. Even just doing the motions is so difficult. But it's like a rip-tide, swim with it for awhile and hang on until you get carried out of it and back on some kind of familiar land.

Donna said...

A wonderful selection of beautiful rugs. The granddaughter rug/portrait was pulling at my heart strings. How lucky are you to live so close to Red Barn Rugs!

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Absolutely gorgeous rugs!!! I have one on the go that I must get working on. Have a wonderful day.