Sunday, February 10, 2019

Rest in Piece(s)

Between bouts of -50 to -60 degree windchills, and a bit of freezing rain, it has been snowing here in Nod....
  Snowing a LOT. 
 We had 8" this past Tuesday, another 8+" Thursday, 7-10" today, and an even more "major" storm coming our way tomorrow night with significantly "more" accumulations.  (That's all the farther I looked folks....someone told me, though, there is another one coming later in the week as well...)

My social director  Papa Crow has been in Quebec for the better part of a week now, and although I got out for a bit yesterday, I have been mostly left to my own devices here in the Twilight Zone of Never Never Land (I mean really....I am excited if I see a snowplow go past as it is the ONLY traffic here in Nod these days...and that is a big "if" by the way.)

Except the midst of the storm, a UPS truck stopped in the middle (at least I THINK it was the middle...who knows? It wasn't plowed) of the road outside our house...and honked his horn....

...and HONKED his horn.

After realizing there was, in fact, life in Nod, it slowly dawned on me that this UPS driver was attempting to get my attention.  So, while he continues to HONK his horn, I bundle up.... After all, I wasn't going out there in my pajamas.
After donning my 6 layers of outerwear, I stepped out on the front porch...and froze.
(Not literally, mind you....that hadn't gotten to me quite yet....but figuratively....)
Because you see, with Papa Crow gone, no one had shoveled the walk or plowed the driveway.
The driveway that is made of stamped concrete and that gets incredibly slippery even WITHOUT 2" of ice and 8" of snow.
And because,  just over a year ago, I took a tumble down our staircase and broke my tibia and tore my ACL and VMO (another post, another time), leading to a very unstable knee. 
And because,  my back was deciding whether it wanted to be completely "out" or just partially out, yet still painfully bothersome (yet another post,  yet another time).  In any event, both knees began to quiver...and not from the subartic temperature.

But the UPS man continued to honk.

So, out to the road I ventured slipped and slid....

And the UPS man continued to honk.
(You can't see that I am TRYING to get there? You can't, like, maybe pretend to be a gentleman and meet me halfway????)

I did make it there (and back, thankfully) unscathed.  However, I was not of a sunny disposition when I got there....if you get my "drift" (yes, pun intended).

He said they were working under "EC" ("Emergency Conditions") and, therefore, did not want to chance our driveway. 

And you know what the real kicker is???
The package wasn't even FOR me.

Like I said, rest in piece(s)......

(Ok...just kidding....this is NOT really the UPS guy's head.... It's a project I have been meaning to do since several Halloweens ago.... Yeah, you could say I'm a bit stir crazy about now.  ;-) )


Farm Girl said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe he just honked. I am glad you are okay.
What a ton of snow! I can't even imagine. Well stay safe.

Prims By The Water said...

Glad you are alright Robin...but what a crummy UPS driver. Laughed at the guy in the jar. Hoping for Spring. Janice

marly said...

Is that the UPS guy's head?

I love my UPS men. Sorry you had to trudge through that snow. Even more sorry that you have that much of it. Good grief. How do the pets survive? Hope you don't need to get out! Someone with a plow can make a lot of $$$. My Jason has a plow with salt and I am sure the huge bill to drive to Nod would be well worth it. Shall I call him? Can I can I?

Mugwump Woolies said...

Glad you are back inside, safe and sound. Our UPS guys would put that fellow to shame. Ours has been known to bring large packages right into the living room. I do miss seeing a beautiful snowfall. However, I don't miss seeing it hang around for days and days...or weeks and weeks. Brrrrr.
Take care, my feathered friend,

susan hemann said...

I would report him! I have called about mine. I also went on Twitter to complain.

Dicky Bird said...

Robin, it was nice seeing you Saturday at the antique show. Now, if we do get that snow later in the week and you can't make it to "town" to pick up your piece...I'll keep it here for you. I have had to cancel multiple client appointments this past 3 weeks! I like to hibernate, but for real this is going to be another week from....well, I don't think this is from there!

Ms Peppercorn said...

I now have three blogs I totally ❤️! Yours, Marly’s, and Coni’s. Thank you for the effort it takes to put out The Cranky Crow.

Heritage Hall said...

Unbelievable! Shame on him......

Rugs and Pugs said...

Is that a cornbib room in your yard? So jealous.
You really need to be a writer. You spin a great
Hopefully the next package will be for you!

Winnie said...

Robin, I feel for you up there in Nod buried under so much snow and ice!! From a Florida perspective, you are BRAVE! I cannot imagine dealing with all that you have had these past weeks. You northerners have a grit and tenacity that is to be reckoned with in this day and age!! And please take care of that knee and back. Oh how We would all miss you terribly if you could not continue your blog!! I do love your humor and I wonder if I could be so stoic. After all, being buried out in Nod for what looks like endless days, requires a pioneer strategy to get on with things. Make Coffee and Carry On!

Thank-you for checking in as I was wondering how all was faring up there in Nod. You know your Halloween UPS joke makes me think maybe endless snow days could be a good reason to get a jump on Halloween stitching or crafting. I mean why not? Some of us out here in blogland can't wait for Fall and Halloween 2019! I am a hopeless enthusiast of all things October and I even live in a state where October means the height of Hurricane season and there isn't a colored leaf anywhere! Did I mention I keep a bag of Pumpkin Spice coffee in my freezer for those days when I absolutely MUST retreat into my fantasy of Halloween? Hehehe, Nod isn't the only place where minds are avoiding reality with other passions and busy hands! LOL!!