Sunday, May 10, 2020


woolgathering: n. indulgence in aimless thought...

Emphasis on "aimless" in my case.

I have been meaning to put together a blog post for several days now, but the endless chatter in my head that usually provides more than enough fodder for ideas suddenly got very quiet.

So, today you get a bunch of in aimless thoughts LOL.  (Sorry to disappoint you hookers and wool hoarders....I bet you thought this was going to be about gathering wool.)

So, shall we get started?

Aimless Thought No. 1:  Yesterday, Saundra of Woodland Junction invited hookers to share the rug or mat of which they are most proud. As usual these days, I wasn't paying proper attention because "most proud of" morphed into "favorite" in my cluttered brain.  I commented that my favorite rug was the one I haven't hooked yet and meant that in the generic: i.e., not referring to a specific rug I plan to hook, just one of those "yet to be hooked."

In any event, I told Saundra that one did surface in my thoughts as a favorite and that I would dig it out.  Well, a promise is a promise.  Here you are Saundra:

{"Quilted Cats" design by Pat Cross}

As I said, I am not sure I am most "proud" of this rug...there is no special meaning about it, no fancy or challenging hooking involved, but it is one of my favorites that I have hooked.  It is one of the largest rugs that I've hooked and I had fun hooking it....and best yet, I still love to look at it.

It looks like it is curling because it is hung right now from a quilt hanger which does not sit flush against the wall....and it had been rolled up and stored away until I set myself up with my comment on Saundra's blog LOL.

Next up in the way of woolgathering...Aimless Thought No. 2:  My daffies:

They...and jonquils...were always my father's favorite flowers and I think of him every time I see them.  (Did you know that while all jonquils are daffodils, not all daffodils are jonquils?? Sorry....more woolgathering....) 
Anyways, as Lauren mentioned, the blooms were prolific this year.

I snapped this photo yesterday evening before it started to snow....again.

Another definition of "woolgathering" is absentmindedness. And I have a Robin who has been doing a HECK of a lot of woolgathering this spring.
Aimless Thought No. 3:  When I came back from the lake a few weeks ago, she had started 3 separate nests under the porch eaves of our house, each about a foot and a half away from the other. 
She was going crazy trying to finish all 3 nests....especially since she was skid-ish about her construction efforts whenever anyone was in the living room (which looks out on the porch).  And by "crazy" I mean CRAZY.  When she wasn't working on her 3 nests, she was trying to get in the house....any way she could.  Front door window, back patio door, laundry room window....all 3 are completely marked up with her relentless efforts.

(White marks she made on the front door glass....I had just washed it that afternoon.)

Well, one of the poundings must have knocked at least some sense into her and she finally decided to combine the 3 half-started nests into one.

Then...abandoned it in favor of a new one on this ladder by the garage.

Hello??? And, IS the same Robin. Remember....I have a LOT of time on my hands....
I have never been so embarrassed by one of my namesakes in my life.

Well, this could go on forever....there are a great many "aimless thoughts" in this head of mine.  So, I better wrap it up....
Aimless Thought No. 4:   Happy Mother's all women: those with children young or grown, those who have lost children, those who are mothers to four-legged, feathered, or scaled children, those who have had no children, but have or had a mother.  I am sure I am forgetting someone, but that is all a part of woolgathering I suppose.

My mother as a young girl

Oh...and one more aimless thought:

I actually "gathered some wool"...and yarn.  The latter to bind my Gillford runner and the former for one of those rugs I have yet to hook.


marly said...

I can see why that rug is your favorite. Nice work girl.

I sure hope a raccoon doesn't climb that ladder. What a ditzy bird. We have a yearly mud nest by the front door and a horrible mess. This year, she abandoned the eggs. Can't trust some women.

Is that an old bow saw on the wall? Have one like it from grandpa along with a huge two man saw.

Hope your mom's day was memorable. Hard to forget a masked holiday.

WoolenSails said...

I have always loved that rug design and yours is beautiful.
We have birds build nests under our porch, and last year a robin put hers on our ladder, so we took that down this year and I saw she came back and has one in the pine tree near the porch. We have some bird houses, but only a few are being used.


oldgreymareprimitives said...

wooly thoughts can sometimes be a pre-curser for a creativity burst. At least for me?

Saundra said...

Wow Robin, I see why Quilted Cats is a favorite as it is beautifully hooked. Thanks for sharing and think you should display it prominently in your home where everyone who enters can appreciate it too.
I thought crows were supposed to be smart? That one is a little off center me thinks.

Dicky Bird said...

Are you kidding me...woolgatherings?! O.k. you know I'm going to steal this right! It's me! Also, yes, the daffodils ... ya, mine were a no show ... all green not flowers. The tulips too. Your wool rug is awesome! We should get a group of hookers together in Wausau area. Have a great week!

diamondc said...

Robin: What a beautiful rug, I have never hooked, maybe this is a new adventure for me.
The rug is adorable with the two kitties playing.
I think many in these hard days are doing a lot of woolgathering, hopefully all will be back to normal soon.
Your Mother is beautiful child.
We have had many robins make multiple nests, if we close the curtains they will continue, they are disturbed by the activity in your home as they were in ours, finally she found a place and stayed in that nest, I look forward to seeing the babies.
Stay Healthy


acorn hollow said...

That Robin was seeing her reflection and thinking it was another bird was trying to keep it away. It happened here it is heart wrenching to her them hit the window. I love your rug and your wool gathering.

susan hemann said...

love your posts, I too have an unusual robin. Comes back every year- pecks at my front window, as if to say feed me! it comes in the am and pm but only in the spring

Rugs and Pugs said...

WOW! I learned a new word. Never heard it before and I was sure it had something to do with wool :)
Your rug is wonderful. Now why did you have it rolled up out of sight? Great colors!!!
Happy to see you had a bit of spring...before more snow. Hopefully that was the last of it???
Sweet picture of your mom.
Happy belated Mother's Day.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Robin,
It is always such a treat to visit you and read your lovely and entertaining posts!! Even though I knew what woolgathering was, I was one of those who thought your were actually WOOL GATHERING, but hey, we ALL seem to be doing quite a bit of that these days!!!
I LOVE your beautiful rug and have admired that one as I have Pat's book and would love to hook it as well!! You did a FANTASTIC JOB and I agree with Saundra that you need to display it so you can enjoy it!!
That poor robin is certainly confused and all of that banging into the glass could not have been helping her one bit!!!
The daffodils are just gorgeous and I didn't know that about jonquils! Are the ones that are white and yellow the jonquils, and the all yellow are daffodils? I just think they are such pretty and happy flower!!
Your mom's picture is so very sweet and I think you look like her!!!!
It does look like you actually DID do some WOOL GATHERING, too!!!
Before I forget, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your lovely comments about my rug!!! It really means a lot to me and I am so appreciative and humbled by all the words of kindness!!! We all sure need that right now, don't we??
Hope you are doing well, and wish I could send you a BIG PACKAGE of Arizona sunshine!!! We certainly have enough to go around and then some!!!
Take care my sweet friend and enjoy your week!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Pat said...

LOVE your rendition!!! You did a beautiful job!!! Quilted Cats has always been a favorite of mine and I hooked it almost 20 years ago.

Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day. Stay safe and healthy.

Prims By The Water said...

So love it that were aimless with your thoughts. It was very entertaining to read all of them. Your rug is amazing and look forward to seeing your next project... unless of course your mind wanders aimlessly to another one. Janice

Winnie said...

Robin, I enjoyed all of your aimless thoughts because they really felt like my life these days. Your cat rug is gorgeous and a wonderful work of art for your home. No wonder it is your favorite! Jonquels and Daffodils were always a favorite of mine. My Mom had plenty of them all scattered about in garden patches. To me, they are the true hope and balm when weather keeps trying to hang on to Winter. In Virginia, they were up in March and were such a beautiful site to see them everywhere in town. Enjoy yours!!

Snow again you say? Wow, Winter up there is hard to get rid of these days! Kinda like a bad penny that keeps showing up.

Glad to hear you are doing well and staying busy with various projects that you enjoy up there in the Land of Nod!

Happy belated Mother’s Day too!!

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