Saturday, September 10, 2022

A Rainy Day in Nod

 A positively gloomy, dreary, kind of rainy day in Nod.
And cold.
(Have I mentioned Nod is COLD?!)

There is nothing I have to do that I want to do so
I am procrastinating...
...and looking out windows with Rajah Roo.

In furtherance of my procrastination, I decided I would try to make myself feel less guilty by posting some things I have finally finished.
It's been a many ways and for many reasons - some I stitched so long ago, I would not choose to stitch them now....that's long.
With one exception, I believe these all have been posted previously, but they were not "finally/fully" finished.

{"Winter Woods"...a design by Chessie & Me}

{"Witch Miltida"...a design by Joyce Reed...stitched eons ago...not 1887, but close.}

{"Nantucket Whaling Co."...a design by The Primitive Hare}

{"With Liberty and Justice for All"...a (free) design by Primitive Betty's...again, stitched long, long, time ago, but just fully finished}

I also finally finished hooking "Welcome Cats."

This was almost worse than giving birth, but the "reward" at the end not even close.  I do not wish to bore everyone with the saga of this rug again but, since it is not likely to ever be bound and fully finished, I will tell a brief summary and, hopefully, be done with it. (Hence, why it counts as a "finish.")
This rug is based on an antique rug and I had wanted to hook it from the very first time I saw it.

{Photo of a photo of the original antique}

  I finally located the pattern online and the nightmare journey began.
This was 10+ years ago if not more.... I was still working and had little time to hook...and I am a SLOOOW hooker.
Then WWR ("When We Remodeled") started and the rug was packed away...far, far, away.

I pulled it out years later, after the dust of WWR (somewhat) settled and was completely at a loss as to where to begin again.  It had been put away hurriedly (part of the legacy of WWR) and I had not marked which wool was intended for what.
So, it was, again, exiled to a dark, dark, place.

I finally pulled it out again this past year and was determined to finish it, but even more problems surfaced.
I had wanted to do a somewhat faithful reproduction to the original (because that was what I fell in love with) although I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a purist like Saundra (Woodland Junction is. As I started the second cat, however, I realized the pattern I purchased was far from true to the original. (I'll spare you pointing out the details.)
And, even more troubling, my hooking technique had changed considerably since I started it (and not for the better) so it began to look like two different people had hooked it.
With much muttering, I muddled through and finally finished the hooking....only to realize that, while the color plan probably is closer to the original than any reproductions I had seen, I actually now prefer the warmer, richer, colors of the reproductions of which I had seen so many.

So, I am sorely my inability to pick up on the pattern "issues" sooner, my color choices and, more importantly, my hooking.
About the only things I do like about it are the left cat's "snaggletooth"...

...and the "ghost ball" between the two cats (which is barely visible on the photo I had of the antique and completely MIA from the pattern I purchased, and which I rehooked thrice):

In any event, hopefully, that's the last you'll see or hear of it.


I realize this post is insufferably long already, but I am running far behind on my book "reports" (or have I spent to much time reading?? Don't answer that.)

Anyway, this is another thing I am "finished" with:

It is another historical fiction based on actual events during WWII and if you follow that history at all, you have likely read or seen a version of the story: A woman becomes pregnant while incarcerated in Auschwitz. 
It was ok...I didn't necessarily dislike it and it kept my attention, but I'm finished with this genre for a while.  I think I am more than satiated with the time period and subject matter at this particular point in time.  After a while, the story lines begin to blur and I'm just finished.


Finally, but not leastly, tomorrow is the 21st anniversary of the day our country lost what was left of its innocence.
We will never forget.

PS... To my blog pals from the UK and the realms: My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Queen.  What a remarkable woman she was.


acorn hollow said...

I lover your stitching and your rug looks and sounds like a true primitive! All those changes and all those issues you should finish it and truly be done with it. Put it on the floor and I do think you will like it. I also did that rug many years ago. I am very far from a purist, so the difference doesn't bother me at all. you are not hooking with the original person's hand you are hooking with yours.
I was done with that book topic several years ago I have finally picked a book back up again, but it is slow going for me.
love the picture in your heading.

Saundra said...

I feel your pain and, as you know, that was the same person who drew my Mary Comstock pattern. All great finishes ~ love the way you have the witch stitchery framed and the fish tail board with the Nantucket Whaling piece. Perhaps it would give you pleasure just to turn under the foundation of the cats, stitch it down, put it on the floor and walk on it. Also your cats could have a little fun looking down at the cats and wonder why they aren't playing with the ball.
Oh, and like Cathy I love the opening photo.

Julia said...

I'm glad that you have finally conquered the primitive kitties. Your cat won't mind that it's not a replica of the original. I bet you and Saundra will never repeat that mistake again to buy a pattern from an unknown forger.

With all the pain and frustration you endured it still looks good and your cat will be so selfishly happy to have his own cat mat made by you.

A somber day it was on 9/11 and nothing ever was the same again.
Although I'm not a monarchist, I admire the queen very much and she stated that she lived her life according to the teaching of Christ. What a long career in serving her country and the Commonwealth. May she rest in peace. She will be a tough act to follow.
I've been under the weather with bronchitis all week and lost my voice for three days and it's still squeaky today but at least, it looks like the infection is clearing up. No fun not being able to yell at my husband who is partly deaf. lol.

I can't believe that your Maple tree is already changing colors. It looks like we are up for a harsh winter. I'M NOT READY...

Take care, Hugs

Julia said...

I got so hooked on the cats that I forgot to mention how perfect your stitchery is. I'm sending you some sunshine.

NMK said...

All of your stitcheries are Wonderful ! I Love your Kitty Cat rug !!! The colors are so soft and pretty , hope you can bind it & use it too !!!
My Mother In Law was an English gal , she would have been heart broken if she were still alive to see the Queen pass....what a life she lead !
The 21st anniversary ....just never ever will forget ...It was amazing how we were so proud to hang our American Flags on our houses .

Hootin Anni said...

Are you kidding me?!? I love the kitty hook work. Frame it, you will soon admire your hard work and diligence!!! I know I'd be ever so proud. I too have to agree with you on the subject of Auschwitz (curious to read lot, I am)...but after dozens of books, the stories tend to bleed together. Of course, I really like your witch Matilda.

Hill Top Post said...

There's something about gloomy days that I like. I am ready for a few...a few, I said! :~) This is a lovely post. So many pretty stitches. The Whaling Co. is my favorite; wondering why that appeals to me so much. There's that DNA thing popping up again.

Prims By The Water said...

So love the frame on the Winter stitchery, even though I am not ready for that four letter word, nor the other four letter word cold like you already have in Nod. Your other finishes are grand as well! I hope when I finally bring out my rug to pull a few loops I remember where I put all that wool too. I have re-arranged. Hope it warms up a bit for you. Janice

yaya said...

I love your new header pic..very cool! I'm not a crafter, hooker or sewing person so I think all your finished projects are wonderful..even the cats! I haven't read that book yet but will have to give it a go. It was rainy here today but kind of humid. I think the cooler air is coming from Nod here tomorrow! I actually made chili today and pumpkin bread. I hope the sun shines soon up north my friend!

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I think it is all lovely and you're being too hard on yourself. so stop that :D

I am praying for cold- you know why
It's so amazing how we're all in the same world and all living such different lives.

Dicky Bird said...

I like it! All of your projects are wonderful. Only the artist sees the flaws, the rest of us see the beauty.

Farm Girl said...

I just love all of your finishes!! I love your kitty cat rug!! You do such awesome work. How nice it would be to have rain, and cold. It was 115 last week, every day was around 110 to 112. I really felt like I was going to loose my mind. My goodness.
It was even too hot to hook.
I will be so glad when it cools off again, maybe my brain will work again.
So nice to see your lovely posts.

marly said...

I feel sad about your disappointment in the cats. We can't see what you do in person, I think any issues on a primitive style add to its charm. But its yours, not mine. Maybe one day you'll come to enjoy it and forgive what it put you through! I hope so. As someone that is way too particular about color and such, I should not talk. But I am. So there.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You can send us some of your rain, but now with my foot, I am unable to mow when the grass grows. ARGH!!! I don't dare walk on my uneven yard.
All your finishes are lovely and I truly LOVE your Welcome Cats. Stop beating yourself up over it and just enjoy the finish.
I, for one, will NEVER FORGET!!! May God bless and save the America we know and love!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Crow, soggy, cold day here too this A.M, suits my mood lately but visiting you soothes my soul…. I adore your work, so talented you are, the cat rug is prim perfection to me even though I know the woe’s it brought you, your to hard on yourself my friend….. I’ll never forget that fateful day on Sept. 11th and the Queen will surely be missed, an incredible lady she was….. take care, always enjoy my time with you, September Blessings Francine.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Good morning Robin....I just managed to get on Blogger this morning, to check on posts and do a post myself. It used to be an every morning occurrence....sad it is not still. I always enjoy seeing your projects, which are lovely. I think sometimes we see all the wee imperfections that others cannot see. Your work is beautiful!

August was so hot here, and no rain, but September has been cool and raining and dreary. There are a few days here and there, but I guess I just have to face the fact that Summer is over.....hoping for a beautiful Indian Summer in October.

Take care and keep plugging along. It's okay to procrastinate some days...we cannot be wonder women all the time! Blessings from my lil neck of the woods.....

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...
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