Monday, January 23, 2023

Oh, The Things That Can Be Hooked!

 Oh, the things that can be 3 Marilyn's, 2 Mary's, a Kim, a Pat, a Cat and a Crow....

Well, by the Crow, not so much.
I was there for the food and entertainment.

Where's "there?"
"There" is "the farm"...
a/k/a "Red Barn Rugs"...
...You know, that place just down the lane here in Nod.

More specifically, a three-day hooking workshop hosted (hostessed?) by
Cathy (proprietress and mistress of the red barn at the farm) and
attended by some very talented hookers.

I have no clue how I ended up in this group.
Talk about over-achievers.


Let's start with the three Marilyns...

{A hooked rendition by ("Good"*) Marilyn of her grandson, Meisha.  Hooked in threads.  Ok, not really...but a 3-cut is pretty much the same IMO.}

{("Good") Marilyn's reindeer}

{("Bad"*) Marilyn's contemporary abstract...also hooked in threads.}

{("Bad") Marilyn's punch needle and hooked combination.}

{("Other"*) Marilyn's turkeys...her original design, of course.}

{Black Squirrels...another of "Other" Marilyn's originals.}

And moving on to the Mary's (ok...a Mary and a Mary Jo...but still.)

{Mary's "Pumpkin Runner" (with (awesome) creative liberties taken).}

{Mary Jo's "Turkey Tyme" (a Red Barn Rugs pattern).}

"The Kim:"

{Kim's "The Gleaners"...another Red Barn Rugs pattern.}

And "The Pat:"

{Pat's "Flower Power" red truck.}

And the Cat and the Crow?
Well, that amazing "Barn Owl" in the first photo is Cat's and her original Red Barn Rug design.

The Crow?
The Crow got nothing accomplished.

Like I said, I was there for the food and the entertainment....
Whether to partake of the entertainment or provide it is something I am still trying to figure out.  🤔

(*The "good," "bad," and "other" descriptors for the 3 Marilyn's was NOT my doing...they were designated as such long before I came into their lair.  But, they fit...oh, they fit.)


Julia said...

Oh, I like that beautiful owl rug. I can't think of a better way to spend some time than to be with a group of hookers, rug hookers, that is. Wow, so many very large rugs. These women are ambitious with their projects. I'm glad I'm not the only one hooking with threads. lol... I think my favorite rug is the row of skinny legs reindeers. All the rugs are lovely as well.

I have a hooking meeting this evening but I have nothing to work on as I finished my Madonna of The Street last night. I need to dye some yarn to whip the edges so it will have to wait.

Take care and stay warm.

acorn hollow said...

OH what a joyful group of rugs!!!! Lucky you getting to suck up all that color and all that talent. and to just be with others. I am so happy to see this post.

Hootin Anni said...

Their work is impressive...the entertainment & food sounds like a winner too!!!

oldgreymare said...

Holy crap or Holy toledo! I am blown away by the talent! Also very glad you got out into the world with friends.

I know what a great gal you are to spend time with <3

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Robin, oh my the talent of those hookers! What amazing rugs, I’m in awe. I think that would be so much fun getting together with the gals, I also would have been there for the food and entertainment as I’m no hooker. I’ve tried and failed terribly, I’ll just have to buy them….. happy you went, thank you for sharing the wonderful rugs, love and hugs, Francine.

Prims By The Water said...

Some really huge rugs. Oh lord, I have trouble doing little ones. Quite the hooking ladies for sure. If I had been there, it would be for the food and entertainment as well. It always amazes me how talented folks are. I wish I could find a club here near me to join...maybe I would hook more. Any hoot, thanks for sharing some awesome talent.,, just not a fan of abstract myself. Janice

marly said...

The Crow did accomplish something. Something greater than creations by hands. And I feel pretty damn good about it.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Me thinks you are holding back on us!!!
So much talent....and Cathy can hook any cut to perfection.

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful rugs and it is fun to be inspired by others, no matter their skill level.


Hill Top Post said...

No doubt a fun group to hang out with. The rugs are amazing. I would love to see the gleaners when finished.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Such joyous work. I think Marilyn's turkeys is my favourite, the colours are so vibrant. I suspect you entertained them all. x

NMK said...

Wow !!! Gorgeous hooking and patterns !!! There is nothing better than hooking with friends !!! I just meet some really fun hookers & we have been meeting twice a month , it has been Wonderful !!!! Cathy's designs are beautiful ! Would Love to meet her one day too !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

yaya said...

I'm behind on your post! I think those are all super rugs and what a fun time to spend with like minded folks and throw in food and win! I like those pumpkins and the owl is super cool too. Looks like the real one we have here! Just a little info for brother who lives near you is putting his house on the market again. A few health issues have come up and he decided it was going to be sold no matter what. Have a good weekend Robin!

Dicky Bird said...

I love Cathy and Red Barn Rugs. I wish I would have known about it, as I can be quite entertaining especially if you feed me...ahaha! Cathy is a great cook too! So many beautiful rugs! Good job ladies!