Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Flights of Angels and Turkeys...

I'm in another one of those funks.
This funk, though, is different than my other funks.
Who'd'a thunk there could be so many kinds of funks?

My "typical" funk is that I don't feel compelled in the least to pick up a needle, a hook, or anything of that ilk.
This funk, however, is, as I said, unique: I want to create and I actually pick up my needle and hook and such, and I start...but then careen quickly off the rails.

Nothing...and I mean absolutely nothing, pleases me.
The linen choice is wrong, the floss colors are wrong for the linen (and, often, both the linen and the floss are wrong), the color plan doesn't work as I thought for the hooking, the finishing technique isn't suiting me...
You name it, I will count the way it displeases me.

So, I have accomplished nothing - other than add to the land mass of the ever-expanding Isle of Misfits and Castaways.
Start over you say?
Oh, but I have...over and over and over.
Colors changed, fabrics changed, techniques changed, projects changed...until I reach "that point" - the one I call the Marly Point of Inflection:
I have gone too far to rip everything out and start over - or I have started over too many times to start over again - and I start to seriously consider a bonfire in the backyard.

I really can't remember anything I've completed in the past 6 months or more so I have little to share with you in that regard.
But...I did force myself to finish this piece even though, again, I am not pleased. 
I will not tell you how many different floss choices were started and frogged, replaced (often with ones I had already tried and ripped out), and I am still not happy but I did not want to risk weakening the linen further.

It is called "Flight of Angels" by MommaLovesYouGB, a designer from the UK.
Her original design had crowns where the angels are on mine to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's passing, but I loved the verse and stitched the modified version as a remembrance of my mom.

{Stitched on 40 count "Natural Brown" linen by Wichelt, 1 over 2, except dates, which are 1 over 1.}

The back is based on a portion of a design called "Handprint On My Heart" by Heartstring Samplery.

It's done and that's all I'm going to say.

In other "flight" news, I have been invaded by turkeys.
Flocks and herds of turkeys.
Snowdog used to keep them at bay, but now they have free and unfettered range.

This is just a small fraction of them.  
They have taken up residence in copse of pines that borders our property line, venturing out many times during the day to overwhelm the front and side yards.

It is disconcerting as I can hear them walking on the hardened snow even when I can't see and an invisible army marching endlessly to battle.

It is even more disconcerting when I absent-mindedly walk outside realizing too late they have paused their eternal march and taken up foraging operations and they then take flight...the whole company of them.

The airborne division they are not - I am certain there are not many other birds more ungainly or noisy in flight than the turkey 

And someone really should tell them they need to work on their camouflage routines.

* * * * * * * * * * *
I hope those in the grips of winter storms and bitter temps stay safe and out of harm's way.


acorn hollow said...

Oh Dear Robin, the piece you finished is a lovely tribute. Your poor energy is depleted. You need to do a cleansing a lovely smudge of sage.
That is a lot of turkeys I would not like to hear them walking I would put on some nice music or marching music lol.

Saundra said...

I no longer do stitchery so don't have that problem. However there is always the forever reverse hooking of color, changing design, etc. for my rugs. As my parents would say..."if at first you don't succeed try and try again".
No way will I be defeated by an inanimate piece of wool or color of wool; nor should you.

marly said...

Your memory pillow is very special. Even though you are not thrilled with the finish and colors, your mom would cherish the love it represents.

You are not alone in the thread and fabric fiasco. I pull them out, toss each one, create a pile, and then start over. Ordering kits would be so much easier but I doubt the contents would be to my liking. I have grown up some, I dip in dye instead of a firebox now. Baby steps. I've found that what I think will be crap, is at times quite nice once the stitching starts. Makes no sense to me.

Love those birds! So comical. When the sun hits their feathers, the iridescence makes them a little easier on the eyes.

Hootin Anni said...

Robin, I can't say anything but this...I love your work!!!

And those turkeys!! Wow. I see plenty of drumsticks.

JustGail said...

I haven't seen the turkey flock that wanders through our back yard now and then for a few months now. I guess they're off where there's more food and trees to choose from for winter.

Your remembrance piece is lovely. I too have had a bit of a funk going on regarding sewing & stitching since I finished that king-size quilt for DS & SO. I hope it passes soon, for both of us.

Julia said...

Dear Robin, take the "k" out of the "funk" and have more fun is what came to mind. Winter is always a difficult period and it looks like we will have 6 more weeks of winter. I hope you'll pick up your needle or hook as your work is really first-class.

I love, love your memorial tribute for your mom. It's so beautiful and endearing. You should be very pleased that you made that with your own hands. I love how you finished around the edges. It's very effective and feminine.

I sympathize with you about the wild turkeys but if worse comes to worst, you won't starve if you have a gun, lol...

I've started my countdown to spring. Still, 46 days left.
Take care and stay warm. Hugs.

NMK said...

Your Memory Pillow is beautiful ....
I know that Funk need to get with a good friend & go to some antique shops or any pretty shop , have a delicious lunch & then start all over the next day ! If that doesn't work bake cookies & eat a whole bunch ! That cures my Funks !!!
We have those goofy Turkeys in our back yard at times ....they really aren't graceful at all & their droppings are nasty !
Spring can't come soon enough !!! Good Luck !!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

The tribute to your mom is lovely. Don't sell yourself short, please?
I have never seen so many wild turkeys. Ever. I think in all the wild turkeys I have seen in my life, they would not add up to what is in your yard!!!

Prims By The Water said...

I have not seen wild turkeys in awhile Maybe it is because we have Tundra now. The cats would freak out when they ran past the house gobbling away. Your tribute stitchery for your mom is just precious. How did you do the finish around the piece. It caught my eye as well. Dont feel bad, I have not hooked on my rug in almost a year. Janice

Hill Top Post said...

What a beautiful piece you have stitched on 40 count linen! wow! And I thought 30- count was small! I love the angels. I think you need a new Snow Dog.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Indeed you are being too hard on yourself. Your work is always lovely and there is no one setting a time table for you to do or create anything. I do understand the funk- you know I do- I just purge and organize instead.

I view the turkeys as a gift from nature. I would LOVE to have any kind of nature feel that safe to visit in my yard. The night I had the Canada geese fly overhead I was too excited to sleep.

I would love to have nature period ANYWHERE close by. Seriously concrete and desert landscaping just doesn't cut it. <3

Lady Locust said...

First, are you an Aries? Second, as I was reading this I was thinking maybe you just need to dance around and sing "Funky Town" to get your creative juices all stirred up 😂

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon sweet Robin, your loving pillow to you mama is so sweet and heartfelt, , I love it so. As for a funk I’m in one too, can’t shake it. We are In a deep freeze here, winter be damned… thank goodness February came, a little light at the end of the tunnel. Sure hope you will shake your funk soon, my heart aches for you…. Those turkeys are really something, great pictures of them you took. We use to have about 20 at our other home come right in the yard and leave deposits all over, never said thank you as not the deposits I like….. please take care of yourself, thinking of you, Big Hugs Francine.

Dicky Bird said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom.
Your pictures of the turkeys make your "land of Nod" look like Narnia, with snow and frost on the needles. If you do decide to make a burn pile, let me pick before you light it. ahaha

yaya said...

Robin, that pillow is lovely! I love the colors and you did a great job. You've had a tough winter up in Nod and Cathy is right...a little sage could help. All those turkeys! They are not the smartest bird around and once I had one fly by me and was so low that I thought he would hit me. Taking a walk in the Creepy Woods one morning I heard a crash and looked and saw this dumb turkey that had fallen out of the tree. Made me laugh for sure! Hang in there friend, Spring is coming and hopefully your funk will leave with the last of the snow.

jabblog said...

I'm sure it's not funny, but your photographs of flocks of turkeys really made me smile. They're such large birds. It seems ridiculous that they should roam freely.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Oh my! That's a lot if turkeys. Fascinating though. They can be nasty birds. Stay safe.
Funk. Have you tried a piece of do whatever fabric where you just stitch whatever?
I scribble when everything is in a funk.