Saturday, February 18, 2023

I'm Here...

...and so is the funk.

Hence, there is little noteworthy to share with you and, further hence, why long time, no post.

Thinking a change of scenery might be the antidote, I took a road trip with the Cat down the road (i.e., Cathy Stephan from Red Barn Rugs).  
I spent 2-1/2 days hooking with 4 incredibly talented artists thinking, surely, I would find at least a morsel of mojo but, no...I just ended up feeling like the red-headed stepsister.

I think, therefore, that the hooking project I started at the workshop in January is going to be banished to the Isle of the Unfinished (which is growing as quickly as the Isle of Misfits and Castaways) and I will pick up my needle for a bit - although my stitching mojo hasn't fared much better than my hooking mojo of late.

I did finish the hooking on my Simple Santa.

The above photo is reading washed-out on my screen, but the colors are, in person, more vibrant. 

Now I have a whole year to get it bound.  😬

In other news, this little guy has given me several scares. 
He had 2 emergency surgical procedures within 8 days of each other.

It was the same issue he had surgery for almost 2 years ago:
He gets a blockage in his colon and starts shutting down.
He had been on medications previously and put on a prescription diet -
but, apparently, neither worked.
Given that it had reoccurred so quickly this last time, they are concerned that his colon is not working properly.  Unfortunately, the only permanent "fix" is a specialized surgery in which they remove the non-functioning portion of his colon.
It is not a common procedure and would require many pre-surgery tests.
For now, he is on yet another medication (fun times for a cat with claws).

While my mojo is out on its walkabout, I continue to read - books were my first love and they never abandon me.
I have fallen woefully behind on my posting of recent reads, but will attempt to get back to it soon.  But, in the meantime, I treated myself to this:

{"Records of the Salem Witch Hunt," Bernard Rosenthal editor}

It is a comprehensive record of all the legal documents pertaining to the Salem witch trials, in chronological order.  I had been holding out in the hopes of some day getting the hardcover version, but it is no longer available except on the secondary market at crazy prices.
(The paperback version is just shy of 1000 pages, so the hardcover version is in two volumes.)
Since it will be used primarily as a reference book, I suppose it doesn't matter - and I will feel less guilty should I be unable to resist making notes.

Of all the documents within the covers of this book, I was humbled to see that the editor chose a portion of my grandmother's petition as the preface page.

Hope all is well in your worlds.
Thoughts and prayers to the residents of Palestine.
I can't even imagine.


Julia said...

I think that book is the perfect book for you with all the documentation of the witch hunt. I can understand your interest since your ancestor's grandmother was executed. It's so tragic that it happened.

Oh, your poor little guy with gorgeous eyes and fur. He reminds me of my Leo cat. He had long fluffy marmalade fur and had the same beautiful look. I hope that the vet can help him with the blockage. I just hate it when a pet is sick.

I must say that your Santa rug is amazingly beautiful. I love the background. It really makes your Santa stand out. I so hope that you get your Mojo to hook again. I'm still struggling with whipping my Madonna of the Street. I've only managed to whip two sides so far.

Take care, only 30 days to spring...
Hugs, Julia

Heritage Hall said...

Oh my, your simple Santa can hold its own with the other
4 incredibly talented artists,the ground design is perfection for the subject. Aww, so sorry about your
beautiful cat...hoping some solution can be found... Also
sorry about your funk, but so many are experiencing the
deflation of this oddly dark and frigid Winter...Be patient
"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" just around
the corner...hold on...

Saundra said...

Your Santa is simply delightful and don't think the background looks washed out at all. Love the swirling snow background.
Poor Rajah, do you think the long hair and licking has anything to do with the colon issue? Could a simple trimming of the gorgeous hair and monitoring be a better and less invasive way to see?
Guess you realize decades of our families' history does not define us today, nor should you carry that burden. Unless you want to be an advocate for all the mistreatment of tortured past and her demise. But that is a huge amount of baggage to carry on ones back.

Hill Top Post said...

Simple Santa is such a delight! I also love the background. I am sure you brought home lots of happy memories from the Red Barn. Sometimes I long for a group to hang out with from time to time, Spring is coming, even to your cold cold land ofNod. Reading seems the perfect way to spend these last days of winter.

Hootin Anni said...

Maybe a shot of Spring & colorful flowers can relieve some of your doldrums.
Your hooked Santa is truly delightful. Artistic and perfect in every way!
Poor kitty. I hope the vet can solve the problem!!

And the reference book?!! What a find! I bet it's full of detailed info, and helpful in learning more.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Your beautiful puss is a maine coon cat I think, he looks very fine and fancy. So sorry to read he has health problems they must weigh heavy on you especially after losing Snow Dog so recently. Pets are family and it pains greatly when they are unwell. Keep your chin up and Spring will be upon us soon blowing away the fogs and fugs. I love the sound of your dystopian craft islands, very funny.

jabblog said...

What a fascinating family history you must have.
The Santa is beautiful, very regal.
It's such a worry when our pets are ill. We lost two dogs in two months last year and one of our cats diced with death several times but seems to be stable now.
The drear days of February are nearly over. Lighter, longer days lift the spirit.

Prims By The Water said...

I sure hope your sweet kitty gets better. I cannot imagine you losing another precious family member. When you started telling us about the book, I knew it would have a more deeper meaning for you. Such a sad part of our history, and even though not as well known as Salem, there was a lady hung here in Michigan for being a witch. Stay warm my friend! Janice

Farm Girl said...

I think your rug is lovely. How nice to just be able to go down the street and hook with friends. Bliss in my way of thinking.
I am so sorry about your kitty. What a beautiful cat though. I love that you found that in that book.
I am glad you wrote a blog. Its true isn't it the more time away, the harder to write a blog.
I keep telling myself, just write about what is and has been going on.
But why? Right. Some of it is so sad that I just don't want to bring people down.
I totally get what you are saying in your blog.
Since we have has an amazing winter, none of those pretty blooms are happening around here yet. Yay for winter. Though, I think our winter might look like your spring.
I hope you have a lovely day. I am on my way to Home Depot. I love Home Depot.
by for now,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Simple Santa is simply amazing. LOVE the background!
Continued prayers for Rajah. I hope he is doing well.
How cool about the book's preface!!! I don't read often (argh!) but did actually just finish a book. If I start to read, nothing else gets done, and I have a hard enough time as it is accomplishing anything.

marly said...

Santa is simply fabulous. I think he's one of your best works.

Sorry about the furball, hope this new medication works as intended. Stress just won't leave you will it!

I'm curious (or nosy) how you feel when reading about those trials. How old was your ancestor at her death? She already had children I assume. I know you've mentioned her but my mind is more of a sieve than a trap.

Hope you have a peaceful week and the sun shines, even briefly!

yaya said...

I'm sorry you're in a funk. Winter can take a toll on us. We've had more Spring like weather this February but it makes me think March might come to bite us in the bum! I love that Santa! The colors are perfect. Your poor kitty. So much to go through for that little beauty. I hope the meds work so no surgery. What a fantastic book and your relative's entry is heartbreaking but so awesome to have her words and pleading for the others wrongly accused. I wish you could take a trip to someplace warm and sunny to help brighten your spirit. Hang in there up in Nod...tomorrow is another day!

NMK said...

Hope you get your MoJo back .....hooking at Red Barn must be amazing ! She has beautiful patterns .
I Love your Santa ....your colors look beautiful !
Hope you Kitty will be ok ...take care

acorn hollow said...

What a treasure that book is!
So sorry your sweet kitty is having health issues. I hope it all settles down.
I love your Santa you do such wonderful work. The days are getting longer and while we have gotten cold again we have had such a warm winter.
I hope we have the loveliest summer ever! Because I will be retired yahoo lol.

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Robin, I’m so sorry to hear your still in your funk, hope you feel better soon…I have cabin fever as ole man winter still hanging around and it’s cold but at least the days are getting longer…..Hope the medication works on your beautiful kitty, that’s something else….I love the Santa, he is beautiful, you are so talented…. Great book for you though heartbreaking too.I love to curl up with a good read and get lost… take care my friend, love and bear hugs,Francine.

Dicky Bird said...

You know, I knew you liked the Salem Witch information, but I just now learned why. How awful and amazing that you know this about your family and that her quote is in this book. Cat's with claws...eeek! The rug looks amazing!