Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Lull Between Storms...

 The sun is dancing off the icicles making a fairy-tale light, but the light and the allure are deceiving.  

We are just digging out from a major storm that dropped ~15" of snow Wednesday afternoon and Thursday (ALL day Thursday)...and another 3-4" on Friday.

The ubiquitous turkeys who aren't graceful enough to fly to a tree for left-over fruit and seeds are left scavenging the gravel in the drive. (And they seem none to happy about it.  Then again, turkeys never seem to be happy.)

And there is another storm moving in tonight - this one promising to bring more snow...and ice. 

Yup, that's exactly what I'm thinking.

Storms, like pregnancy, bring out a nesting instinct in me...which, inevitably, leads to comfort food.

The consumate comfort food - mac n' cheese...on the decadent side.
 Then I made some bordelaise sauce and the smell of it simmering all day was like a blanket wrapped around me.

The wait was so worth it.
{Pommes Alligot, Asparagus, and Strip Steaks with Sauce Bordelaise}

And I baked some bread...

...and cheesecake.
{It may look a bit "naked"...I did add homemade caramel topping and fresh whipped cream eventually...but couldn't resist a taste test. Trust me, no one would have missed the caramel and whipped cream.}

If the storms keep coming, I will need a new wardrobe.

Nesting, at least for me, also involves some sort of handwork. Since my hooking mojo is still on its walkabout, I took solace in my needle and thread.

I think I am pleased with both the linen and floss choices on this piece.
Perhaps the fog is beginning to lift?

And since no proper hibernation is complete without a book, of course, I've been reading.

This author is new to me, but she captivated me with this tale with her beautiful and melodic prose.
The tale begins with a little girl who is brought into an ancient inn on the river Thames on a dark midsummer's night, most surely dead.
But, by magic or miracle, she lives.
Three families stand at the ready to claim her as their own but, she being mute and amnesic, cannot explain what happened or to whom she belongs.
The book is a mix of fiction and fairy-tale - of just the right kind in "my book."
I enjoyed it more than I initially thought I would, and its messages, like many rivers, run deeper than one first believes.

Lulls are a good thing....


Saundra said...

A question for your other degree in top level CHEF? What a perfect presentation that plate presents. The bread tho tempting would be put aside by me so I could indulge and eat a larger slice than you cut from that scrumptious looking New York style Cheesecake. I'm reacting like Pavlov's dog just looking at the photo.
Sorry, can't get into the book I'm still looking at the cheesecake.

Julia said...

Oh my, oh my. You are making me drool like Pavlov's dog too. I think having all that snow has been good for you. Look at the feast you created. It looks like you resurrected. I'm so glad for you. What a great presentation. A true chef...

Me I'm just so plain. We celebrated our 57th Wedding Anniversary today and I made Saundra's soup. We both loved it. I don't think I could ever manage to create such a feast as you did. I like to get out of the kitchen fast. lol...

Oh, I bet that the puss wants some too who can blame him. I love that photo. Did you share?

I like the cross stitch too.
Stay warm and enjoy the food.


Hootin Anni said...

Gimme a good book, a warm cozy fire and a piece of warm home baked bread and I'm your friend forever!!!!

Hootin Anni said...

Ps...forgot the sun kissed icicles!!! Stellar, photography.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Is there anything you don't excel at? That food looks amazing, and I said, mac 'n cheese and cheesecake are my two favorites. Unlike Saundra, I would eat both a huge hunk of bread slathered in butter and the cheesecake.
Sweet cross stitch ;-)

Hill Top Post said...

There are so many Wows here! So much snow. Wonderful food - the looks of which is killing me. Why I would bobsled in there, if only I could, for a slice of your mouth-watering cheesecake. And, I think Kitty's picture should be an emoji for WOW! I love it! Your stitching is perfect -pattern, color, and all...

Prims By The Water said...

Well we have had another ice storm today. Still freezing rain and not suppose to stop until the wee morning. We do have a fire going just in case we lose power...but fingers crossed we don't. Your dinner looked scrumptious! I can smell and taste it from here. Hopefully the next storm is not so bad and here's hoping you keep your moo. Do love the colors for your stitching project. Janice

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Robin, the sun kissed icicles are magical, so pretty. Nasty the storms keep coming for you but your cooking , baking made my mouth water. Can’t beat the fresh baked bread, man I am a lover of bread, I would sit and eat the whole loaf.Also cheesecake, well Mac and cheese too, I’m done… Nothing like curling up with a good book, looks rather interesting that one. Hope your feeling better, out of your funk though it’s hard with the weather like that..I’m loving the longer daylight and that February is almost over, bring on March…. Love the colours of your stitching, you are very talented, me not so much…. Wishing you a good night, Live and Hugs Francine.

yaya said...

Oh my Robin, your food looks amazing! I think food network will knocking on your door! I too love to bake when it's cold outdoors. I made a little feast for my son and daughter-in-law today that had me also baking some delish bread. Thankfully I was able to shuffle leftovers home with them! We may get some snow on Friday but I'm more into the Spring mojo since we've had mild weather so far. Stay nice and warm and cozy until all that white stuff floats away. That book looks like one I would enjoy also!

Farm Girl said...

What wonderful looking food. I love that you are nesting. We have been having your kind of weather. It really has been nice to have to stay inside and just work with my hands.
We have another big storm coming in too.
This has been such a nice real winter.
I can't believe its March tomorrow.

NMK said...

Your little gazebo looks so beautiful with the icicles. ! Enough snow already !!! Spring is only a few weeks away . We got our first big snow storm overnight , only 6" , nothing compared to all you have gotten . Hope that's it !! Your sampler is so pretty .
Your comfort food looks Amazing !!!! That cheesecake would be my Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner !!!!
Hope you don't get any more snow !!!!

Lady Locust said...

Good food, a little stitching, a snug home, and a good book ~ ah, life is good :-)

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Looks like you're making the most of being snowed in, good on you. Delicious food and a good book, can't be bad. I too have read Once Upon a River and thoroughly enjoyed it.

marly said...

So sorry about your weather and snow. But look what you created because of it! Oh my goodness that cheesecake and all else is divine. So do we get the recipe? And your property, even covered in snow, offers a peaceful view. And on top of that, stitching! Ya boy, I have hopes that the fog is lifting.