Saturday, April 1, 2023

Tell Me Again...


....why do I live in Nod?
I know full well it could be much worse - my heart hurts for those suffering in the aftermath of the tornadoes and other storms down south but, all the same, I am winter weary.
(And, unfortunately, our turn at tornado season will come as well.)

I am (desperately) trying to focus on the promise of spring.

Since I can't shut out the view of white out my windows, I tried distracting myself by pulling a few of my favorite bunnies out of hiding.
(Ok, truth? I'm also avoiding doing taxes....)

All but one of the bunnies in the below photo are antique/vintage German candy containers.
These are one of my favorite things.  Ever.

But I like other bunnies too....

{Spun Cotton Bunny Baby}

And pussy willows....(not real...too cold and too much snow here yet.)

I've also started on some more spring-like projects and, yes, located my wayward hook.
This is "Early Bird" - an adaptation of a Lori Brechlin/Notforgotten design by Kris Miller.

(The colors look a bit washed out here - they're better in person.)


And books...well, there's really no season to them.  I don't think I'll ever catch up with sharing them all, but I will again try to include a recent read in posts again.

"The Museum of Extraordinary Things" by Alice Hoffman was a most satisfying read.  I know I once said I'm not much for love stories, but this one had so many other things going on that I could really forget it was, in reality, a love story too.
The protagonist, Coralie, performs as a mermaid in her father's "museum," (i.e., a Coney Island freak show).  She meets a young Russian immigrant who has photographed the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and becomes tangled up in a young worker's disappearance.

It is part love story, part mystery, and part history but so artfully told it casts a spell that is hard to resist.  I was especially impressed with the accuracy of the author's depiction of early 1900's New York.
And, yes, I will be reading more of this author.


Hoping things aren't quite as white where you are.


Julia said...

Hi Robin, I'm sorry that you are being kept hostage by Mr. Winter. When he is going to get the hint it's Spring and he's no longer welcome?
We had a miserable wet day and it's cold and damp but the snow is melting slowly. We still have mountains of dirty snowbanks everywhere.

I love your elegant antique German bunny collection. I love bunnies too but haven't anything of great value. I did lose some in the last flood and I can't remember what bunnies survived. Your bouquet of pussy willow is lovely. They really say Spring.
I'm so glad that you started hooking again. I love that Early Bird pattern and the colors. For some reason, I'm not a fan of bright colors.

I read the reviews about that book and it does sound like an attention grabber from the start. My kind of books. It has to draw me in from the start or I quickly lose interest.

I hope little princess Mia is doing well. I'm hoping for some updated photos soon.
Take care and may you get warm sunshine to melt all that snow.

acorn hollow said...

We came home in a raging snow storm last night. But I got to suck up the sunshine for a couple of weeks. I haven't read Alice Hoffman in many years. Make me want to find her books again.
Love your bunnies I need to get out the few decorations I have.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I am in love with the early bird. Always had a thing for birds - real and imagined.

I think you need to hook a cover for your house. Keep all that winter at bay.

jabblog said...

I do like all your bunnies. There's something so cheering about them.
Your hook work is very attractive.

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

You have such charming collections and you create little vignettes so artfully. I have to stop myself from dashing over to Ebay world to buy similar treaures. I'm trying not to buy pretties at the moment as we think we may well move next year, although I did make a ceramic purchase yeaterday, I think you will approve of it. I will add it to my next blog post. xx

Saundra said...

What a wonderful collection of German made bunnies and the wood carving and art work is wonderful too. Must say you have lost the knack for hooking a rug as your loops are perfectly even. You've accomplished quite a lot on the piece too . That early bird robin will welcome in spring for you soon.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Somehow I just knew when I saw your blog post title what you were going to say...but I had no idea just how bad it was in Nod! Yes, my hear also breaks for those who have lost everything in the horrific tornadoes. I don't know how one recovers from such a loss.
You have the most wonderful collections and your vignettes are perfection.
I do LOVE your latest hooking project and you are off to a great start. Me thinks your mojo has returned.
Hook on!!!

Hill Top Post said...

Those bunnies would bring joy to any home. I have memories of chocolate bunnies my mom used to make using an old mold. One of my big worries right now, since I am already planting gardens, is selecting plants that bunnies won't eat. :~/ I love the new rug!

Hootin Anni said...

I was hoping for a small note on Mia. Will wait patiently...hope all is well with her.
That hook work is magnificent Robin!! Love the colors even tho you say they're muted in photo.

Weather has been torture for most of America...flooding in CA. tornadoes in the central part of usa...everlasting snow up north, and here ..severe drought.
Those figurines for Easter/spring are darling. Vintage & beautiful. I also like the rabbit painting on the wall...
Hope to see a post soon of the newest of the crow clan!!!

NMK said...

Your collection of Bunnies are just beautiful !
Love your hooking project and hope Spring comes soon to Nod !!!

yaya said...

Oh yes, my brother said you all got about 2 feet of the white stuff. I'm so sorry and sure hope Spring will arrive. We've had a mild winter and I think any big snow could be out of the picture although now that I wrote this I might have jinxed us! I love, love the bunnies! So cute! I can't believe Easter is upon us. Have a good week and get those taxes done. I just sent ours to the accountant yesterday.

marly said...

So sorry you aren't getting a break from winter's white. Has to be maddening. Maybe spring will be brief and you'll have an extended summer. And a tax extension too.

Not a bunny person, spring decorating never appealed to me. That door. That door! Love everything about it.

Waiting for Mia updates gram!

WoolenSails said...

It's hard when winter won't let go. We have had more rain this year and it looks like a warm week will be coming up. You have a wonderful collection of bunnies. I hope your weather warms up soon so. you can enjoy getting out.


Primitive Stars said...

Morning Robin, I feel so bad for you as it’s been a very long winter and know the feeling. We were hit with a snow storm yesterday, will Spring ever come? .. I love your candy containers, love bunny’s anyway and those make me happy. Sweet rug your hooking too, we need some spring that’s for sure…. Take care, always close at heart,Francine P.S. Happy Easter.

Hootin Anni said...

Happy Easter Robin!