Saturday, June 22, 2024

Rajah's Ride, Country Sampler and the Weather in Nod no particular order....

But, let's start with Rajah's ride anyway.

In my last post I mentioned that there were a great many things going on in the background of my world that I doubted you would care to read about.
Your comments and responses were so very heart warming.
Many of the things are trivial...many are unpleasant...and most I feel would likely be "TMI."  But several of you asked specifically about Rajah's dryer ride.

Well, here goes.

Rajah has always had an affinity for hanging out in the dryer.

I have been warned (repeatedly) by well-meaning, animal-loving, friends how dangerous this can be.

I know.

After a life full of animals and pets, many years of schooling (including at the school of common sense), and too many years of experience, trust me, I KNOW.

But I NEVER leave clothes in the dryer once the cycle has ended. (On the rare occasion I have forgotten and have, I rewash the clothes and start over due to wrinkling, etc. so it's a torture I'd prefer to avoid.)
And, besides, I'd obviously notice a 20+# cat in there when I put the wet clothes in.

Except I didn't.
I had stripped the guest bed and dried things on the line, but one blanket I do in the dryer.
After several loads of washing sheets, pillowcases and protectors, mattress pads, etc., the final load was the blanket.
I tossed in the dryer, turned it on and walked away.
Thinking there was something wrong with the dryer, I walked back to the laundry room and shut down the dryer....


...opened the door...


And out from the wet folds of the blanket - a bit disoriented and even a more bit put out - crawled Rajah.

In my defense, he had not been caught napping in the dryer in a long, long, time but how I did not notice him in there I do not know.

In any event, he does not seem any worse for the wear...and he's forgiven me.

I think.

In other news, I made my (second) annual trip to Country Sampler in Spring Green. (For those unfamiliar with Country Sampler, it has no connection with the magazine publication.  It started as a quilt store and then morphed into a quilting/cross stitch store and has become a destination mecca for many stitchers worldwide.)

I wish I could say the trip was uneventful, but things in my life never quite seem to be "uneventful."  I drive an older vehicle (2016) and the gps in it has never been updated.  (It is a foreign model, and the nearest service dealer is 2-1/2 hrs away.)  What should have been a 3-hr trip ended up taking 4 hrs due to a bridge that was out.
The detour wound me through roads with hairpin turns, sharp drop-offs and absolutely no shoulders to pull over on nor any towns or civilization to speak of, with my gps constantly trying to redirect me back to the way I originally intended on taking because it wasn't picking up the detour.


After about 40 minutes, I finally came to a widening in the road with a bar and 3 houses and pulled over hoping to get some reassurance I was heading the right way.
Upon closer inspection, however, the bar had both a "for sale" and a "closed" sign.
And let's just say the houses were a bit too sketchy for even the likes of me to approach even if any of them had looked inhabited...which they didn't.

Worst of all, my phone had absolutely no network down there, so no outgoing calls or internet (including gps via phone) other than 911.

I still had a little over a quarter of a tank of gas and kept going and finally did get there. But seriously???

The time there was thoroughly enjoyable.  We stitched, we shopped, we were serenaded by a very gifted musician playing in the little park area outside the open windows of our rooms above the shop, ate homemade ice cream, and shopped and stitched some more.

The shop, of course, was full to overflowing with temptations and deliciousness -all decked out with a patriotic, summer vibe.

{Yes, I have a twin to this sweet angel girl....}

I did not purchase much...just a few pieces of linen, and some fabric - and a pattern I've wanted for some time.

And a whale...yes, I purchased a whale.

His name is Humphrey, and he will go to live at the lake...eventually.

The trip home was (blessedly) less eventful having received help researching an alternative route.

It wasn't quite as scenic as my original route or the detour but beautiful, nonetheless.  At least there were shoulders to the roads in some places.

So I am home now, playing catch up with all the background noise.

The trip inspired me to drag a few (very few) pieces of my summer/patriotic decor up from the lower level on my bi-daily trips down there to empty the dehumidifier.

{Vintage cross stitch flag}

I have heard in the news and read in posts and comments the severe heat waves many of you are enduring and lack of rain.
I truly wish I could share some of Nod with you.
I am currently wearing two sweatshirts and waiting for the next wave of storms to roll through.
We are in a flood watch right now...some areas due to get up to 4" of rain in 24 hrs. I have had to hook the hose contraption up to my sump pump pipes again - something I typically never have to do once the spring thaw is done.

Plants are drenched and drowning, but I took this photo of my roses-and-wisteria-gone-rogue before the skies opened up.

Wishing relief to those whose who need it.


Saundra said...

Glad you reached your destination unscathed and home again safely. Love your whale and ya know what else would look good at the lake house??? You gorgeously hooked beauteous beast whale rug; just sayin'.

Julia said...

Oh, dear Robin, I felt like you were driving through the Twilite Zone there for a moment. I'm glad that you got to your destination safely and that you got home unscatted, with a beautiful whale. How could you resist? I love it.

I'm glad that Ragah is no worse for ware, after his dryer ride. He may be a little more careful next time before boarding that thumbling bus. lol...

I'm sorry, I've been missing in action. A very busy gardening time of year that leaves exhausted at the end of the day.

I just noticed the time and it's 12:31 Am. I must get off my computer and check other blogs tomorrow.

Take care. Hugs,

jabblog said...

Rajah is beautiful. I'm glad the outcome was happy. Our poor Herbert wasn't so lucky. It was many years ago, now, but the horror remains.

Nancy said...

Such a beautiful feline! Her fur is sumptuous...
Your drive reminded me of a horror movie. Glad it ended with a fantastic folk art Whale!

NMK said...

Oh your poor kitty !!! Wonder if she will jump in the dryer again after her ride ?
The whale you purchased is Awesome !!! Love how plump he is and how they made his tail curve .
Stacy Nash has so many pretty patterns . When I could cross stitch I had a few of her patterns I did .
Your roses and wisteria looked beauiful , hope they bounce back !

Prims By The Water said...

So glad Rajah is alright. I am the same way. I take everything out of the dryer right away, but I once had one of my kitties jump into my washer once. It is atop loader and thankfully I was home and heard him meowing. I dont leave that open either anymore. Lesson learned for me. Humphrey is adorable and will be perfect at the lake house. I wish you could share the pattern names for those pieces on top of the cabinet from Country Sampler. Both are something I would want to stitch. I did like what you purchased too with all of the linen and fabric. I would be in big trouble if I went there. Bob and I had a similar experience once in Southern Ohio where the GPS kept taking us to an area we knew we were not suppose to be in. We were trying to find a restaurant my sister recommended in Dayton...we finally gave up. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy Rajah is ok. Poor guy ;-( Maybe he learned a lesson...kind of like a cat will only jump on a hot stove once???
My vehicle is older than your older vehicle. But I am able to use my phone GPS to get where I want to go...usually without issue. I have not updated by car GPS, either.
CS sounds like a dangerous place $$. Humphrey is absolutely adorable and will be the perfect addition to the lake house.
I do wish you could send us some rain. We were supposed to get some today, but so far it barely wet the plants. It is much too early in the summer to have such brown grass.

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Oh my dear, so glad that Rajah Is OK that must’ve been quite the short but wild ride for him! And I am all for the excitement of an adventure road - only to see the country scenery, and animals, not for the frustration of getting turned around and in places that just may not be safe. Glad you got where you wanted to be and back home again! And Humphrey is just downright cute – I’m also loving those wooden boxes and homespun behind him – perfect - he might just have to stay right there!

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor kitty! I'm so glad you checked out the "thumping"! Your visit to Country Sampler sounds awesome. I get their newsletter and have always wanted to go there. Your roses and wisteria are so pretty! Been hot and humid here and the hydrangea and Stella d'oro lilies are more beautiful than ever! Jan in MA

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

Oh my dear girl, the thrills and spills of your life. Puss was very silly to climb into the machine and you are to take no blame for the tumbling incident. Gald you kept a cool head during your perilous journey and of course alls well that ends well. Especially when you have a Whale to keep you company on your journey homeward.

Betty said...

What a beautiful kitty! Sorry about your white knuckle ride. You got some cool stuff and lived to tell about it win win. Betty

yaya said...

GPS has led me to places that God forgot on a few occasions but I'm glad you made it there and scored some cute things. I do love the whale! Your roses are beautiful and yes we had 2 weeks of hot and no rain but we're back to more normal for Ohio weather and thankfully rain has come too. It's balloon fest here and hopefully the needed rain will not spoil the festivities so some balloons will actually be able to lift off! I'm still laughing about your poor cat and thinking how fluffy he looks! Poor guy!

marly said...

My friends use their cell phones for GPS, they don't trust their vehicles. So glad you eventually got there, I'm impressed! I drove to a mall 40 minutes from home, and we ended up in West Virginia on the way home. Wondered why the trip was so long. Another time, New York off ramps were appearing all too frequently. It's a problem.

I adore that whale!! Fabulous.

Glad the furball is not holding a grudge.